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Dover Books on Mathematics : Numerical Analysis Books List

Dover Books on Mathematics : Numerical Analysis Books List  (20)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Numerical Analysis Books List  (link)

Analysis of Numerical Methods, Isaacson, Keller  (unfree)

Applied Analysis, Lanczos  (unfree)

Applied Analysis by the Hilbert Space Method : An Introduction with Applications to the Wave, Heat, and Schrödinger Equations, Holland  (unfree)

Applied Iterative Methods, Hageman, Young  (unfree)

Complex Analysis in Banach Spaces, Mujica  (unfree)

Counterexamples in Analysis, Gelbaum, Olmsted  (unfree)

Elementary Theory and Application of Numerical Analysis, Miller et al  (unfree)

First Course in Numerical Analysis, Ralston, Rabinowitz  (unfree)

Foundations of Analysis, Belding, Mitchell  (unfree)

Interpolation, Steffensen  (unfree)

Introduction to Applied Numerical Analysis, Hamming  (unfree)

Introduction to Numerical Analysis, Hildebrand  (unfree)

Introductory Numerical Analysis,  Pettofrezzo  (unfree)

Iterative Solution of Large Linear Systems, Young  (unfree)

Methods of Numerical Integration, Davis, Rabinowitz  (unfree)

Numerical Methods, Dahlquist, Björck  (unfree)

Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers, Hamming  (unfree)

Recursive Analysis, Goodstein  (unfree)

Square Summable Power Series, de Branges  (unfree)

A Survey of Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 1, Gregory, Young  (unfree)

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