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Dover Books on Mathematics : Probability and Statistics

Dover Books on Mathematics : Probability and Statistics Books List (63)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Probability and Statistics Books List  (link)

Applied Matrix Algebra in the Statistical Sciences, Basilevsky  (unfree)

Applied Multivariate Analysis : Using Bayesian and Frequentist Methods of Inference, Press  (unfree)

Applied Probability Models with Optimization Applications, Ross  (unfree)

Attacking Probability & Statistics Problems, Kahn  (unfree)

Basic Probability Theory, Ash  (unfree)

Beginning Statistics with Data Analysis, Rourke et al  (unfree)

Branching Processes, Athreya, Ney  (unfree)

Catastrophe Theory and its Applications, Poston, Stewart  (unfree)

Chance, Luck and Statistics, Levinson  (unfree)

Concepts of Probability Theory, Pfeiffer  (unfree)

Counterexamples in Probability, Stoyanov  (unfree)

Dynamic Probabilistic Systems, Vol. I, Markov Models, Howard  (unfree)

Dynamic Probabilistic Systems, Vol. II, Semi-Markov and Decision Processes, Howard  (unfree)

An Elementary Introduction to the Theory of Probability, Gnedenko, Khinchin  (unfree)

Elements of the Theory of Markov Processes and their Applications, Bharucha-Reid  (unfree)

Experimental Statistics, Natrella  (unfree)

Fifty Challenging Problems in Probability with Solutions, Mosteller  (unfree)

Finite Markov Processes and their Applications, Iosifescu  (unfree)

Foundations of Probability, Renyi  (unfree)

The Foundations of Statistics, Savage  (unfree)

Foundations of Stochastic Analysis, Rao  (unfree)

Gaussian Processes, Function Theory, and the Inverse Spectral Problem, Dym, McKean  (unfree)

Good Thinking : The Foundations of Probability and its Applications, Good  (unfree)

A Graduate Course in Probability, Tucker  (unfree)

Harmonic Analysis and the Theory of Probability, Bochner  (unfree)

How to Gamble If You Must : Inequalities for Stochastic Processes, Sudderth et al  (unfree)

Individual Choice Behavior, A Theoretical Analysis, Luce  (unfree)

Integration, Measure and Probability, Pitt  (unfree)

Introduction to Probability, Freund  (unfree)

Introduction to Probability Theory with Contemporary Applications, Helms  (unfree)

An Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes, Melsa, Sage  (unfree)

Introduction to Statistical Inference, Keeping  (unfree)

Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Cinlar  (unfree)

Lectures on the Coupling Method, Lindvall  (unfree)

The Logic of Chance, Venn  (unfree)

Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Statistics, Khinchin  (unfree)

Mathematical Methods in the Theory of Queuing, Quenouille et al  (unfree)

Monte Carlo Principles and Neutron Transport Problems, Spanier, Gelbard  (unfree)

The Nature of Statistics, Wallis, Roberts  (unfree)

Outline of Basic Statistics : Dictionary & Formulas, Freund, Williams  (unfree)

A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities, Laplace  (unfree)

Practical Statistics Simply Explained, Langley  (unfree)

Principles of Statistics, Bulmer  (unfree)

Probabilistic Metric Spaces, Schweizer, Sklar  (unfree)

Probability Theory, Renyi  (unfree)

Probability Theory : A Concise Course, Rozanov  (unfree)

Probability, Statistics and Truth, von Mises  (unfree)

Probability : An Introduction,  Goldberg  (unfree)

Problems in Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics and Theory of Random Functions, Sveshnikov  (unfree)

Sequential Analysis, Wald  (unfree)

Some Theory of Sampling, Deming  (unfree)

Stationary and Related Stochastic Processes : Sample Function Properties and Their Applications, Cramér, Leadbetter  (unfree)

Statistical Adjustment of Data, Deming  (unfree)

The Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data, Mandel  (unfree)

Statistical Inference, Rohatgi  (unfree)

Statistical Inference : A Concise Course, Ash  (unfree)

Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control, Shewhart  (unfree)

Statistical and Inductive Probabilities, Leblanc  (unfree)

Statistics Manual, Crow et al  (unfree)

Statistics of Extremes, Gumbel  (unfree)

Stochastic Processes, Parzen  (unfree)

The Subjectivity of Scientists and the Bayesian Approach, Press, Tanur  (unfree)

Theory of Markov Processes, Dynkin  (unfree)

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