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Dover Books on Mathematics : Real and Complex Analysis Books List

Dover Books on Mathematics : Real and Complex Analysis Books List  (76)

Dover Books on Mathematics : Real and Complex Analysis Books List  (link)

Analytic Inequalities, Kazarinoff  (unfree)

Applied Algebra and Functional Analysis, Michel, Herget  (unfree)

Applied Complex Variables, Dettman  (unfree)

Applied Functional Analysis, Griffel  (unfree)

Applied Nonstandard Analysis, Davis  (unfree)

Approximate Calculation of Integrals, Krylov, Stroud  (unfree)

Approximation of Elliptic Boundary-Value Problems, Aubin  (unfree)

Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals, Bleistein  (unfree)

Attacking Problems in Logarithms and Exponential Functions, Kahn  (unfree)

Banach Spaces of Analytic Functions, Hoffman  (unfree)

Basic Methods of Linear Functional Analysis, Pryce  (unfree)

A Brief Introduction to Theta Functions, Bellman  (unfree)

A Collection of Problems on Complex Analysis, Aramanovich et al  (unfree)

Complex Analysis with Applications, Silverman  (unfree)

Complex Integration and Cauchy’s Theorem, Watson  (unfree)

Complex Variable Methods in Elasticity, England  (unfree)

Complex Variables : Harmonic and Analytic Functions, Flanigan  (unfree)

Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers, Paliouras  (unfree)

Complex Variables, Fisher  (unfree)

Complex Variables, Ash, Novinger  (unfree)

The Concept of a Riemann Surface, Weyl  (unfree)

Conformal Mapping, Nehari  (unfree)

Conformal Mapping on Riemann Surfaces, Cohn  (unfree)

Constructive Real Analysis, Goldstein  (unfree)

The Convolution Transform, Hirschman, Widder  (unfree)

Elementary Functional Analysis, Shilov  (unfree)

Elementary Real and Complex Analysis, Shilov  (unfree)

Elementary Theory of Analytic Functions of One or Several Complex Variables, Cartan  (unfree)

Elements of the Theory of Functions, Knopp, Bagemihl  (unfree)

Elements of the Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis, Kolmogorov, Fomin  (unfree)

A First Course in Functional Analysis, Davis  (unfree)

A First Look at Numerical Functional Analysis, Sawyer  (unfree)

Foundations of Mathematical Analysis, Johnsonbaugh, Pfaffenberger   (unfree)

Foundations of Modern Analysis, Friedman  (unfree)

Function Theory on Planar Domains : A Second Course in Complex Analysis, Fisher  (unfree)

Functional Analysis, Bachman, Narici  (unfree)

Functional Analysis, Riesz, Sz.-Nagy  (unfree)

Functional Analysis : Theory and Applications, Edwards  (unfree)

Functionals of Finite Riemann Surfaces, Schiffer, Spencer  (unfree)

The Gamma Function, Artin, Butler  (unfree)

General Theory of Functions and Integration, Taylor  (unfree)

Infinite Sequences and Series, Knopp  (unfree)

Integral, Measure and Derivative : A Unified Approach, Shilov, Gurevich  (unfree)

Intermediate Mathematical Analysis, Labarre  (unfree)

Introduction to Abstract Analysis, Goldstein, Rosenbaum  (unfree)

Introduction to Analysis, Rosenlicht  (unfree)

Introduction to Bessel Functions, Bowman  (unfree)

An Introduction to Orthogonal Polynomials, Chihara  (unfree)

Introduction to Real Analysis, Schramm  (unfree)

Introductory Complex Analysis, Silverman  (unfree)

Introductory Real Analysis, Silverman et al  (unfree)

Invariant Subspaces, Radjavi, Rosenthal  (unfree)

Lectures on Functional Equations and their Applications, Aczel  (unfree)

Lectures on Integral Equations, Widom  (unfree)

Lectures on Measure & Integration, Widom  (unfree)

Linear Analysis and Representation Theory, Gaal  (unfree)

Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Deimling  (unfree)

Nonstandard Analysis, Robert  (unfree)

Nonstandard Methods in Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Physics, Høegh-Krohn et al  (unfree)

Problem Book in the Theory of Functions, Knopp  (unfree)

The Radon Transform and Some of its Applications, Deans  (unfree)

Real Analysis, McShane, Botts  (unfree)

Real Analysis, Haaser, Sullivan  (unfree)

Real Analysis, Klambauer  (unfree)

Real Variables with Basic Metric Space Topology, Ash  (unfree)

Real-Variable Methods in Harmonic Analysis, Torchinsky  (unfree)

The Riemann Zeta-Function: Theory and Applications, Ivic  (unfree)

The Schwarz Lemma, Dineen  (unfree)

Selected Topics in the Classical Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable, Heins  (unfree)

A Short Course in Automorphic Functions, Lehner  (unfree)

Special Functions & their Applications, Lebedev, Silverman  (unfree)

Special Functions for Scientists and Engineers, Bell  (unfree)

Theory of Approximations, Achieser  (unfree)

The Theory of Functions of Real Variables, Graves  (unfree)

Theory of Functions of a Real Variable, Natanson, Boron  (unfree)

Theory of Functions, Parts I and II, Knopp  (unfree)

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