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Dover Books on Physics : Classical Mechanics Book List

Dover Books on Physics : Classical Mechanics Book List  (15)

Dover Books on Physics : Classical Mechanics Book List  (link)

NOTE : The Classical Mechanics list supplied by Dover is very wrong headed, as you will see by clicking the link just above, so I copied the classical mechanics books from the Dover General Physics list into this list.

The Analytical Foundations of Celestial Mechanics, Wintner  (unfree)

Classical Dynamics, Greenwood  (unfree)

Classical Mechanics, Corben, Stehle  (unfree)

Continuum Mechanics, Spencer  (unfree)

Continuum Mechanics: Concise Theory and Problems, Chadwick  (unfree)

Dynamics, Goodman, Warner  (unfree)

An Elementary Survey of Celestial Mechanics, Ryabov, Yankovsky  (unfree)

An Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity, Atkin, Fox  (unfree)

Matter and Motion, Maxwell  (unfree)

Mechanics, Den Hartog  (unfree)

Random Vibrations : Theory and Practice, Ortiz et al   (unfree)

Theoretical Mechanics of Particles and Continua, Fetter, Walecka  (unfree)

Theories of Figures of Celestial Bodies, Jardetzky  (unfree)

Theory of Linear Physical Systems: Theory of physical systems from the viewpoint of classical dynamics, including Fourier Methods, Guillemin  (unfree)

The Variational Principles of Mechanics, Lanczos  (unfree)

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