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Dover Books on Recreational Math (DBRM)

Dover Books on Recreational Math (DBRM)

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101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic, Wylie  (unfree)

Alice in Puzzle-Land, Smullyan  (unfree)

Amusements in Mathematics, Dudeney  (unfree)

Another Fine Math You’Ve Got Me Into…, Stewart  (unfree)

Book of Curious and Interesting Puzzles, Wells  (unfree)

Brain Busters! Mind-Stretching Puzzles in Math and Logic, Clarke  (unfree)

The Canterbury Puzzles, Dudeney  (unfree)

Challenging Mathematical Teasers, Hunter  (unfree)

The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, Smullyan  (unfree)

Codes, Puzzles, and Conspiracy, Shasha  (unfree)

The Complete Book of Holograms: How They Work and How to Make Them, Kasper  (unfree)

Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles, Gardner  (unfree)

Entertaining Mathematical Teasers and How to Solve Them, Hunter  (unfree)

The Lady or the Tiger? and Other Logic Puzzles Including a Mathematical Novel that Features Gödel’s Great Discovery, Smullyan  (unfree)

Leonardo’s Mirror & Other Puzzles, Moscovich  (unfree)

Lewis Carroll’s Games and Puzzles, Carroll  (unfree)

Loopy Logic Problems & Other Puzzles, Moscovich  (unfree)

Magic Cubes: New Recreations, Benson  (unfree)

The Master Book of Mathematical Recreations, Schuh  (unfree)

Mathemagic: Magic, Puzzles and Games with Numbers, Heath  (unfree)

Mathematical Bafflers, Dunn  (unfree)

Mathematical Brain Benders, Barr  (unfree)

Mathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles, Frohlichstein  (unfree)

Mathematical Magic, Simon  (unfree)

Mathematical Quickies: 270 Stimulating Problems with Solutions, Trigg  (unfree)

Mathematical Recreations, Kraitchik  (unfree)

Mathematical Recreations and Essays, Rouse Ball  (unfree)

Mathematical Snapshots, Steinhaus  (unfree)

Mathematics and Chess, Petkovic  (unfree)

Mathematics, Magic and Mystery, Gardner  (unfree)

Mathographics, Dixon  (unfree)

Mental Gymnastics: Recreational Mathematics Puzzles, Hess  (unfree)

The Monty Hall Problem and Other Puzzles, Moscovich  (unfree)

More Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd, Gardner  (unfree)

The Moscow Puzzles, Kordemsky  (unfree)

My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles, Gardner  (unfree)

My Best Puzzles in Logic and Reasoning, Phillips  (unfree)

Pillow Problems and a Tangled Tale, Carroll  (unfree)

Professor Hoffmann’s Best Math and Logic Puzzles, Hoffmann  (unfree)

Puzzles and Games in Logic and Reasoning, Badger  (unfree)

Puzzles in Math and Logic, Friedland  (unfree)

The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecco, Shasha  (unfree)

The Pyrgic Puzzler, Maslanka  (unfree)

Recreations in the Theory of Numbers: The Queen of Mathematics Entertains, Beiler  (unfree)

Rediscovered Lewis Carroll Puzzles, Carroll  (unfree)

Riddles in Mathematics, Northrop  (unfree)

Sam Loyd’s Book of Tangrams, Loyd  (unfree)

Satan, Cantor, and Infinity and Other Mind-Boggling Puzzles, Smullyan  (unfree)

Symbolic Logic and the Game of Logic, Carroll  (unfree)

Tangrams: 330 Puzzles, Read  (unfree)

Test Your Logic, Summers  (unfree)

What is the Name of this Book?, Smullyan  (unfree)

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