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Economic Theories of my Grandfather

Economic Theories

of my Grandfather


I have two books written by my grandfather (father’s father) on economic themes, money, credit, banking, ethics, etc.

In August of 2018 I will migrate to Australia to live, after 12 years in the Chinese political shithole. I will donate the remainder of my paper library to my Chinese city library so that all of China can read and borrow them.

I thought it would not be a good idea to donate these 2 books without first scanning them, and giving them to the world to read. They deal with topics that are of importance to us all, so deserve to be preserved for the planet.

Not all of the pieces in these 2 books were written by “LG” i.e. my grandfather. Some were written by his medical doctor sister “MC” who must have been a very bright woman to have mastered both economic theory and medicine. I remember my father referring to her affectionately as “Auntie Doc.”

I hope you will find the ideas in these two books interesting.

I suspect I take after my grandfather genetically more than I do with my father. LG and I are both sages. We both like writing books and playing with ideas. Enjoy!

Book 1a  (link)

Book 1b  (link)

Book2a  (link)

Book2b  (link)


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