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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer relates my experiences using as the preferred MGTOW/masculist video hosting company. It gives the pros and the cons of and makes some comments and recommendations.

It is obvious to most MGTOWs and masculists that JewTube is no longer the MGTOW/masculist video hosting company of preference, because YouTube censors, demonetizes, desubscribes, etc our videos, so we need to migrate to another hosting company. My preference is for, that I recommend to other MGTOWs/Masculists for the following reasons.

The main reason is that advertises explicitly that it offers freedom of speech. On its front page, in large letters, it broadcasts “Take Back Your Internet Freedom”. You can’t be more explicit than that, so it is likely that will overtake YouTube as the video hosting company of preference for those social/political groups whose opinions are being censored by JewTube.

The next big plus, from my own experience is that as a result of not censoring the content of MGTOWs/Masculists, the hit count on my “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” videos is about 5 TIMES GREATER on than it is on YouTube.

So, I’m currently uploading my nearly 300 Masculist/MGTOW videos to, which brings me to one of the negative features of, because not everything with is wine and roses. There are some down sides as well, compared to YouTube.

My biggest frustration with is the fact that it is still in beta test mode. Its software is not yet mature, with all the bugs ironed out, with all the features suppled, to adequately cater to users’ needs. YouTube’s software on the other hand, is superb. It is polished, mature, user friendly, and very effective.’s software has major features still missing, that need to be added, before it can be described as being mature.

For example, when I try to upload a video to, the upload speed is often painfully slow, which increases the risk that my VPN connection (from China) to is broken.

If that happens when I’m uploading to YouTube, then when I re-upload, the uploading recommences at the point of interruption, not from scratch, whereas with it recommences from scratch, which is maddening and a huge waste of time.

I’ve emailed to work on this problem, which to my mind is their biggest. I suppose because Minds’ is a much smaller organization than the giant YouTube, that has less computer resources, so their upload speeds are much lower, and they don’t yet store a partial upload to overcome the above problem, checking that an upload has not been partially uploaded in the past, and if it has, to then recommence the uploading from the point of interruption.

Despite the above objections, on balance, I have decided to use, because of their freedom of speech. I have heard an hour long interview of’s CEO, Bill Ottman, on the internet, and he seems genuinely honest about his desire to offer freedom of speech.

My huge question about him is “Is he Jewish?” I ask this obvious and critical question because to anyone informed about the Jewish Illuminati and their dictatorship of the US and increasingly the world, the Jewish Illuminati cannot allow a video hosting company to have true freedom of speech, because if they do, then will outgrow YouTube because everyone will want to migrate to a video hosting platform that allows them freedom of speech.

Such a free speech platform, then becomes extremely dangerous to the Jewish elite, because if there are millions of people like me who have educated themselves about the massive crimes against humanity committed by the Jewish banksters and their Illuminati, will learn a powerful hatred against them and push to see them sent to the Hague to be prosecuted for their massive crimes against humanity, and see them executed from those crimes.

The Jewish banksters, particularly the Rothschilds, who are behind the Illuminati, are the greatest criminals against humanity in history. They are indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 200 million people last century. They were the principals in the engineering of the two world wars. They caused the great depression. They committed the greatest holocaust in history (i.e. the 66 million white Christian Russians in the Russian revolution, murdered by the Jewish communists, funded by Schiff, the NY Jewish bankster, to rob the Czar’s gold, which he succeeded in doing.)

The Jewish banksters’ have debt enslaved and are destroying whole continents, the US, Europe, Japan, with their paper fiat currency debt note Ponzi schemes. They have destroyed democracies, by having control of the central banks and printing money out of thin air to bribe the politicians to do what the banksters want.

They have assassinated 6 US presidents, 4 successfully, 2 almost, when these presidents threatened to strip these Jewish banksters of their power to create money. They inflate the currency, destroying people savings. They impose “hate speech laws” designed to suppress criticism of them by people like me.

They sponsor groups to generate “divide and conquer” strategies, e.g. to cause friction between blacks and white, between WASPs and other cultures, between men and women, to distract people’s attention from being robbed of half of their federal taxes, that go straight into the pockets of these Jewish banksters, etc. The FED, the IRS, the ADL, and the FBI were all set up by the Rothschilds in the same year in the US.

The Jewish elite own the sources of ideas given to the public, i.e. Hollywood, the news distribution services (e.g. Reuters, AP, etc), the 6 major news companies in the US, the media networks, publishing, so are able to control people’s minds.

Anyone, including ordinary Jews (who, by the way, were pushed out of Germany by a Jewish Zionist funded Hitler, who was shipping large numbers of Jews to Palestine under the Nazi flag via the Transfer or Havara Agreement), who is informed of these massive crimes against humanity, learns a hatred of the Jewish banksters.

These Jewish banksters abused ordinary Jews as much as they did the goy. They funded Hitler to push Jews out of Germany to Palestine (that they owned) to fulfil their dream of ruling the earth with their capitol in Jerusalem.

If there were millions of us, like me, who have a real hatred for these Jewish banksters and their massive crimes against humanity, then there would be an American pogrom. These Jewish bankster vermin, would be sent to The Hague, i.e. the International Criminal Court, or, simply butchered.

The Jewish banksters know this, so they have no choice but to control those outlets which offer the public freedom of speech. A few years ago, I was as much a “goy baby” as anyone else (i.e. being so brainwashed by a Jewish controlled media elite, that I believed it was taboo to criticize Jews, which from hindsight, I now see as being as silly as a taboo to criticize Albanians.)

A few years ago, thanks to the internet, I learned of the massive crimes committed against humanity by these hated Jewish banksters and their cronies. If video hosting sites remain on the internet which can do to millions, what they did to me, then it is only a question of time before these Jewish bankster vermin are murdered or executed legally. Their crimes against humanity are so massive, they deserve to die.

So, in light of all of the above, I see the takeover of by the Jewish Illuminati as inevitable. There are two ways this can be done. Either Ottman is not a Jew (or is a Jew, but is NOT a member of the Jewish Illuminati) then he will be bought out by the Illuminati, or he is a Jew and is playing a puppet role by the Illuminati, i.e. pretending to offer freedom of speech initially, and will later turn his coat.

YouTube used to offer freedom of speech and was then bought by Jewish controlled Google. Google is a prominent member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) the real shadow government of the US, with the Jewish banksters pulling the strings.

So for the next few years, if Ottman is not a Jew, or even if he is, and is NOT yet under the control of the Jewish Illuminati, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I will finish uploading all my Masculist/MGTOW videos (nearly 300 at current count) to and benefit from the (temporary?) few years of freedom of speech that offers. If does get bought by the Illuminati, or Ottman himself turns into a Jewish Illuminati figure himself, then I will curse him and create a mirror site of my masculist/MGTOW videos on some other platform.

Since there are so many people around the world, who demand freedom of speech, there is obviously a market for such video hosting sites, so there will be new platform companies popping up all the time. If one of them gets Jewed by the Illuminati, and blocks their freedom of speech, then users who demand freedom of speech will punish these censoring video hosters, and copy their videos to another hosting site that does offer freedom of speech.

So for the moment, Ottman’s appears to offer freedom of speech, so I will continue to use it, to benefit from its freedom of speech, and as a result of that, get a 5 times (roughly) greater hit rate, which is nice. is still in beta test phase, so it will keep improving. It will implement the recommendations I made, and its service to users will become mature and polished in time. That is to be expected. Once that happens, it is then likely there will be a stampede of users to, as people fed up with JewTube censorship will prefer

As part of this stampede, this “going viral,” I recommend to members of the MGTOW/Masculist movements, to upload their videos to to establish it as the video hostage company of preference for the MGTOW/Masculist movements.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

(YouTube channels) “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” “de Garis Essays”



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