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There is a lot of truth in the quip that “Men evolved to manipulate the world, and women evolved to manipulate men.”

Women evolved to be dependent, i.e. parasitic, on men. When prehuman babies’ brains doubled in size over a mere million years, this caused a huge problem for women. It meant their birth canal had to increase in size to allow passage of the baby’s head, but a larger birth canal put more stress on the hip bone, which would be fatal if it broke.

So evolution solved this problem by having the baby be born prematurely, so that its head growth continued after the birth. But a prematurely born baby was useless and utterly dependent on its mother for survival, which in turn meant that women, who were constantly pregnant or obliged to remain close to their infants, were not free to hunt the way many other female mammals can, e.g. the large cat family.

So how did women get their meat, their protein? They got it from men. But why would men want to give their hard chased meat to women?

Again evolution found a way around this problem, by making the human female the sexiest of mammals. Human females do not have a fraction of their menstrual month, in which they are “in heat” like a dog or monkey, because they are “always in heat.” A human female can sex any time, all days of the month, thus being able to bribe men with sex. “Give me some of your meat for me and my babies, and I’ll give you some cunt.”

Thus women are all, in a manner of speaking “hookers.” They evolved to be prostitutes, and their psychology, their attitudes, their behaviors towards men also evolved accordingly. Women evolved to manipulate men to give women protein and resources.

It is interesting for me to watch young mothers, with young babies strolling in the park where I routinely take my math books to study. The older women largely ignore me. To them I’m the odd stranger who does weird things, like sits in a camp chair, that no Chinese ever does, and reads advanced mathematics, that no Chinese ever does.

BUT, the young mothers are a different story. I can sense their instincts switch on when they see a single male, and from their Chinese perspective, a western (and therefore rich in their eyes) male, who reads advanced math, so must be very smart, and therefore affluent. They smile in my direction, and hover around, trying to catch my attention and make me give them eye contact, which I don’t do.

I’m a masculist, and may go MGTOW once I get a green card (if my current bad tempered wife does not get over her menopausal(?) moodiness.) I have had my consciousness raised, both by masculist ideas (e.g. that women must be FIPs, or they rot on the shelf) and my MGTOW consciousness raised (e.g. that women don’t love men, they love men’s exploitability and will coldly dump a man if he loses his exploitability.)

I consider it highly likely, that within just a few years, MGTOW and masculist ideas will be as commonly and widely known as feminist ideas in society. These MGTOW/masculist ideas will change the way men behave towards women,. and that in turn will change the way women interact with men.

The title of this flyer focuses on how women will react towards men, when men see women for what women truly are, namely parasites on men, using men for women’s own gain, so that women could increase their chances of survival and for their children in a premodern world.

It is now clear to most men that marriage has become toxic, thanks to the takeover of the divorce courts by the fluffie feminists. Roughly one married man in four in the US will be financially massacred in a divorce, losing his kids, his house,  paying child support and alimony to his fluffie ex wife.

So, roughly one married woman in four is utterly callous towards her ex husband, showing clearly, what women really think of men.

Men are learning of this reality, and are shedding their delusions of “women loving men.”

They see women with a much higher degree of suspicion now. They have taken the “red pill” as the MGTOWs say, i.e. they have learned that “women don’t love men, they love men’s exploitability.” So a growing majority if men are now cynical of women, and are conscious of women’s true natures, i.e. women’s view of men as checkbooks, as exploitable, as disposable, so they are adapting to women’s nature.

Such men usually utterly refuse to have relationships with fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off a man’s money, who do not bother to obtain a FIP (financially independent person) education so that they can be a FIP as an adult.

Fluffies are coming under increasing pressure from men and society, both financial and moral.

In the US today, 70% of young men under 35 REFUSE TO MARRY AND HAVE KIDS, due to the toxicity of the divorce courts. These young men are also increasingly aware of MGTOW/masculist ideas and react appropriately towards women. These men expect women to be FIPs, otherwise they will be ignored. Men will refuse to have relationships with them, even twaytwef relationships. (Twaytweffing is the “2A2F” (2 apartment, 2 FIPs) lifestyle, where a FIP male and FIP female have their own apartments and have a relationship, giving each other some companionship and regular sex.) When the relationship fails, as most do, the two of them simply return to their own apartments, cost free, no divorce, because no marriage, no alimony, because the woman is a FIP, no child payments, because no kids.

In other words, from the female perspective, men have become a lot more “uncontrollable.” Men have become much better informed as to women’s true nature, thanks largely to the internet and men’s interest groups which educate each other regarding women’s nature.

Women have to adapt to this new male reality. They are increasingly feeling the moral pressure on them. “Get off your fat parasitic arse, you fluffie bitch, and become a FIP, or continue to rot on the shelf to extinction.” You could say that to some extent, the tables have been reversed. It is now men controlling women, forcing them to become FIPs, or they will not only NOT have a baby, they wont even get a man. They will lead miserable lonely lives being manless, loveless, childless and poor, supporting themselves on their meagre fluffie income.

In the US today, about 40% of women over 40 live alone. A fair proportion of them are being punished by men, who refuse to have relationships with them. These single older women often did not bother to become FIPs, so are now seen as “femina non grata” (i.e. undesirable women, in many senses of the term undesirable.)

As more and more men see women as genetically programmed parasites, they will put pressure on women to behave in ways that do NOT exploit men, and will punish women if they do not behave as desired by men. This is changing the whole sexual ecology of behavior and expectations between women and men.

When the sexbots come within a decade, this ecology will undergo a radical change. Suddenly, women will lose their chief bargaining chip, i.e. the power of their vaginas. They will not be able to bribe men with their sexuality, in return for men’s money. Men will prefer to sex their bots, which will do a better job than most women can. Men’s bots will be beautiful, curvy, creamy and grippy, and highly desirable. Women will then have to compete much harder not only amongst themselves, for the attention of men, but they will have to compete with men’s sexbots. This will cause major shifts in women’s attitudes towards men.

Women will have to become a LOT nicer to men. The divorce court injustices will need to be removed. Men will need to be given the Parer (paternity rejection right). Women will have to become FIPs. Education will be revolutionized as nearly all women feel the strong moral pressure to study FIP majors, to become a FIP adult. Women’s self expectations will change. They will learn to pull their weight financially and take responsibility for their own lives, and not expect to have some man do that for them. Women will have to grow up and become adults.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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