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I googled two questions “What percentage of female 12th grade high school students study calculus?” and “What percentage of female college students study STEM fields?” I did this to see if any progress has been made over the past decade or more with women getting off their fluffie parasitic bums and learning to pull their own financial weight by becoming FIPs (financially independent persons) by studying career competent majors at college (e.g. STEM fields) that will get them a diploma that the economy values because their studies give them real skills that the market place pays good salaries for.

Here are the links for the two sites whose statistics I will first summarize and then discuss in this flyer.

For high school (in the US) :

For college (in the US) :


For high schoolers, the following percentages of 12th grade students studied the following subjects, according to gender, (in 2009), rounded to the nearest digit.


Algebra II (M 74%) (F 78%)

Precalculus/analysis (M 34%) (F 37%)

Calculus (M 17%) (F 17%)


Advanced Biology (M 39%) (F 50%)

Chemistry (M 67%) (F 72%)

Physics (M 41%) (F 36%)

Engineering(M 6%) (F 1%)


Engineering/Science Techs (M 10%) (F 2%)

Health Science/Techs (M 6%) (F13%)

Computer/Info Science (M 24%) (14%)


So females outscored males in algebra II, precalculus, advanced biology,

chemistry, health science/techs.

Males outscored females in physics, engineering, engineering/science techs, computer/info science.

Comments :

The fact that young women are now studying math at rates much the same as men is a very encouraging sign. It will enable them to keep doors open at college to enter STEM fields. But there are still gaps between the male and female percentages, in engineering and computer science.  Physics percentages were about the same, as with chemistry. So women are studying the basic prerequisites for STEM field entry at college, i.e. math, physics and chemistry at roughly equal levels, so that gives female college fresher students equal chances to enter a STEM field at college. The next issue, is do they want to? See the next set of percentages.


Over the years from 2004 to 2014, the percentage of college students studying STEM fields has increased, and the percentage of students studying social sciences and psychology has decreased.

STEM Field Bachelor Degrees Percentages (M 40%) (F 29%) i.e. 40% of males earned a STEM field bachelor degree, and 30% roughly of females.

However, in a typical computer science class there will be (M 80%) (F 20%) i.e. 4 times as many males as females. So women are lagging badly here.


This is also encouraging for the future of wiping out fluffies. Young women are studying STEM majors at about ¾ of the rate of males. This can be improved, but it is currently not bad. Computer science, a hot area, well paid and in demand in the market place, is a weak point for females, so they should make more effort to get into computer science courses at college. In the 00s I was a computer science professor in China, teaching masters level students. About a third of my classes were comprised of female students.

Relevance to MGTOW/Masculism

From the above statistics, it looks as though the battle to FIPify women has been three quarters won. Women are studying STEM fields at about three quarters the rate as males. Hopefully in a decade or so, the percentages will be roughly equal, the way they are now (roughly speaking) in math, physics and chemistry at 12th grade high school.

So, these stats are heartwarming to the MGTOWs/masculists who are pushing women to be FIPs as the solution to men’s lib problems. With most women FIPs, men will be less likely to be financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts. With most women FIPs, the Parer (paternity rejection right) is more likely to be legislated, because more women will be able to afford raising their kid on their own. With most women FIPs, the gender politicians will be less likely to think “Oh the poor little fluffie, she needs to be paid for by some big bad manslave ex-husband!”

Masculists particularly are very conscious that pushing women to be FIPs is pretty much the panacea to men’s lib problems. So many of the problems that oppress men will evaporate once nearly all women are FIPs. For women to be FIPs, they need to study career competent majors at high school, and college. The above statistics show that young people are doing that at about equal rates across the two genders. That is heartening for masculists/MGTOWs.

So does this mean that the fluffie is on the way out? It looks that way. But it will take a few decades for these young women to work their way through the pipeline. By the time they reach their 30s, i.e. nearly two decades from now, they will be much more likely to be FIPs, and hence capable of pulling their weight financially.

In the meantime, MGTOWs and masculists need to keep up the moral pressure on women to be FIPs, because even if most women do become FIPs, if the social expectation that men exist to pay for women to have babies in middle class houses that men/husbands pay for, remains unchanged, then the FIPication of women, will not be very useful to men. So masculists/MGTOWs need to continue pressuring women morally to be FIPs, pointing the finger at fluffies and accusing them of being immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, who will be punished by not getting a man, and hence will rot on the shelf to extinction, manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and increasingly shunned by a society that is ever more FIP in its philosophy, and expectation of women.

What is currently happening in US high schools and colleges is a necessary condition for the liberation of men from the manslave role to women, but it is not sufficient. MGTOWs/masculists still need to educate society, women, the journalists, the gender politicians, etc that now that women can work (thanks to the contraceptive pill) they MUST work, anything else is parasitism off the labor of men. Women have a moral obligation to get off their parasitic fat bums and become FIPs or be punished. It is the role of the MGTOW/masculist philosophy to provide the motive for the punishment. To get the punishment actually delivered to millions of fluffies, we need millions/billions of MGTOWs/masculists who have had their masculist consciousness raised, who are angry at fluffies and want to punish them.

When millions of fluffies see that they are being spat at by men, they will change their tune. They will tell their daughters, “Be FIP, or be manless!” “No calculus, no baby” “Fluffies rot on the shelf!” Parents and teachers need to scare young women, that if they don’t pull their weight financially, and become FIP, they will pay a very heavy price. They will be rejected by men.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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