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The more I think about the coming industry of sexbots for men, the more profound I see its impact to be. It will be revolutionary. This flyer is about just how revolutionary this industry will be.

I think I speak for millions of men when I say that women are alien beings to men. They are female aliens, so I coined the term “femaliens”. I wondered if this term had already been coined before, so I googled it and found that the movie industry had used it in another context, i.e. that some alien (i.e. E.T.) in the form of a seductive female had come to earth and done horrible things to men whom she seduced.

That’s not the meaning I give to a “femalien”. I give it a more psychological meaning, i.e. that women’s brains and psychology are so different from men’s, that men find women alien, ununderstandable, and decide to just write them off, i.e. to refuse to interact with them. They are FEMALE ALIENS.

I’ve had this feeling with women most of my life. When I was 18 my own mother behaved in ways that generated my contempt. She was born in 1918, I was born in 1947, so that made her 29 when I was born, so she was 47 when I was 18, so maybe she was going through an early menopause, before the days of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) that relieve the symptoms of menopause, i.e. hot flushes, mood swings, fatigue, irritability, etc.

At the age of 18, and decades before the internet, I was oblivious to what my mother was going through. All I saw was an utterly hysterical, emotional, irrational female behaving in a way that I sneered at, being a very rational, logical, mathematical kind of youth. I remember my father, who was a lot brighter than my mother having a talk to me about my attitude towards my own mother. I told him, I had no respect for my mother at all, and that it would only be a few months before I was out of the house and off to university, so that the problem was not worth wasting a ton of energy on. My father agreed and asked me to keep my negative feelings towards my mother to myself more.

Interestingly, when my mother died at age 68 (my current age) my father chose to live alone from then on, i.e. he went MGTOW a generation before the term was invented.

When I was in my early 20s, i.e. in the late 60s and early 70s. the second wave of feminism got off the ground, and that really excited me. As a teenager at school I had been appalled at the intellectual vapidity of the mothers of my friends at the private school I went to. They struck me as being utterly boring, empty headed, ignorables. I wanted nothing to do with them.

I have a little sister, 8 years younger than me, who was as bright as I was, and I played a big brother/father role to her. She was fun to be with and learned readily. When I returned from the UK for her wedding in 1979 when she was 24, I was disappointed how she had turned out to be as an adult female, i.e. a typical upper middle class, uncurious, unintellectual Australian female, the type of woman I would never have as a friend. I suspect that her husband, who shared my contempt for Australia’s anti-intellectuality, left her for that reason and headed off to the UK and later the US.

So, you can see why I was so excited by 2nd wave feminism, having seen my own mother and sister become female intellectual zombies, not reading thought provoking books, just wallowing in physical activities. I reasoned that they would be my anti-model, i.e. the type of woman, I would NOT want to have anything to do with.

I became an avid male feminist. I thought that feminism would make women “interesting” meaning that I would be able to share my mind with women, that they would be interested in my intellectual passions. Haa! The naivety of youth! A half century later, I have come full circle. I have the same contempt for female minds now as I had growing up in the doldrums of Australian suburbia. Every time, I visit Australia, I feel a third of my brain cells switch off, due to the intellectual poverty of the culture.

In 1971, I moved to London and got caught up in the excitement of the early women’s lib movement. I liked the ideas and really hoped this new ideology would change women into thinking, rational, stimulating beings who had their own ideas and enjoyed playing with them. Haa! Again, the naivety of youth!

In practice, all my adult life, I have NEVER been able to share my mind with a female. It took decades for my own intrinsic ability to manifest itself. (With no false modesty) I think it is fair to say that I am world class in terms of being an AI (artificial intelligence) futurist with my doctrine of the Artilect War that I think is coming. There were no females in this species dominance debate. It was entirely male.

As an AI researcher I would go to world conferences, where not only were there no female speakers, but often no females even in the audience. Women are just not interested in, nor good at the topics that impassioned me, and still do, namely Pure Math, Math Physics and Philosophy. I’ve always looked on women’s minds as childlike.

If somehow I had sole responsibility for raising an infant, I would be so bored by the constant attention it demanded, I would probably do what Rousseau did, and give it to an orphanage and probably for the same reason. Rousseau and I want to concentrate on ideas, not entertaining a cretin toddler.

I observe that women seem to be happiest when they are dealing with small children. To be good at that, you would need to have a childlike mind, so as not to be paralytically bored by the imbecility of the infant, whose brain is not even half grown.

So, I don’t take women’s brains seriously. I note that men are smarter than women at the top end of the IQ scale. Males have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, so the morons and the genii are male. Men win 99% of the science Nobel prizes. Women don’t have men’s testosterone levels, so are less aggressive, less ambitious, less curious, less dogged, less persistent at finishing demanding tasks.

In short, I and millions of other men (perhaps for different reasons) look on women as aliens, female aliens, femaliens.

So, given the above as background, what on earth is going to happen when the sexbot industry becomes really huge in less than a decade?

Most young men want to deal with women, not so much because of women’s minds, or the lack of them, but because of women’s vaginas. Males have evolved to want to penis women. This was the evolutionary solution to generating the next generation.

BUT, if the sexbots do a better job of fucking men that women can, then women’s femalien nature will cause men to change their attitudes towards women. The sexbots will be beautiful, curvy, creamy, grippy, and highly desirable. Most women will just not be able to compete, so women’s ace card for getting men’s attention and especially men’s money to help pay for her kids, will become worthless.

I see women, and especially the feminist movement, fighting the sexbot industry with everything they have got, because it will be so profoundly threatening to them. With men ignoring women in droves, women will be forced to become FIPs (financially independent persons) which women, given that they are much lazier than men on the whole, will be strongly against. But, to no avail. The sexbot manufacturers will push hard against a potential ban on their manufacture, and men will push hard for their sale.

So I see there will be no stopping the rise and rise of the sexbot, and women will then go into deep crisis.

They will lose their current status. Millions of men are like me. They see women as femaliens, and the only reason they deal with women, is to get their penises into them, but within a decade there will be a better alternative, so who needs women? Men will prefer to fuck their bots and will increasingly ignore women. Women will have to fend for themselves.

What effect will this scenario have on the population size? Obviously the birth rate will plummet. What will governments do? They will probably tax men more so that women can be paid to stay at home and have babies. Sperm donors will be given new rights (old rights) that they will NOT be slammed with paternity suits, so as to encourage men to donate their sperm, unlike today in many countries where they are open to unwanted paternity suits from donee women.

But, the government cannot push the tax burden on men too much, because being MGTOWs and masculists, they are living alone or having serial relationships, so can uproot themselves much more easily and move to another country if the “bachelor tax” becomes excessive.

Governments will be forced to menfair the gender laws. All women will become FIPs or be shunned by society. No man will go near them. Fluffies will rot on the shelf to extinction. Even FIP women will feel the enormous sexual competition from the sexbots and will have to make a lot more effort to be sexually attractive, slim, curvy, fit, and will be forced to be NICE to men, who can so easily reject them in favor of their sexbots, if ever the woman is stupid enough to start nagging, become irrational, hysterical, boring. Life will become a lot more demanding on women. They will really have to “woman up” or they will be “botted” i.e. made redundant by a sexbot.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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