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In the 70s I was an avid male feminist, buying lots of feminist books to learn about gender roles (called sex roles in those days.) In today’s world, 4 decades later, that brand of feminism would be called 2nd wave feminism, in which women were pushing for removal of obstacles that John Stuart Mill’s lover and later wife (Mrs. Taylor) was complaining about. Western women in the 1800s were treated as children, as cattle, as possessions without rights, without property, etc. They were mere adjuncts to men.

That side of 2nd wave feminism, I get (i.e. I understand their view point.) My beef (i.e. complaint — (tangent comment starting — I’ve lived in 7 countries, so I’m very conscious of the fact that most of the people reading these comments are non native English speakers, for whom English language idioms can often be mystifying) is with 3rd wave feminism that strikes me as having many similarities with religion, so I’ll devote this comment to those similarities.

Firstly, so much of 3rd wave feminism is just plain dumb. Its more about making women, ordinary women, feel good. 3rd wave feminism teaches women that they are powerful, that they can do whatever they want, that they can be anyone they want. This 3rd wave feminist message is powerfully ego boosting to young ordinary women, so not surprisingly they lap it up (i.e. like a kitten with milk). But what 3rd wave feminism tells women is to a large extent, just isscienate fairy PC bullshit. 3wf doesn’t teach women the reality, that men outperform women on virtually anything at the top end of the performance scale, e.g. men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, and a 3-4 IQ point higher average IQ than women, that men win 99% of the science Nobel prizes etc.

So a lot of 3wf is just ego boosting garbage, that makes no sense when examined scientifically, i.e. checking its claims against empirical reality.

Religion is like this too. Many religions promise life after death. What a wonderfully comforting delusion. Religions make you feel good, because you’re told that there is some big daddy guy in the sky who LOVES you. Isn’t that great ! Nobody else may love you on this earth, but no matter, Grod loves you. Glod loves you. Gwod loves you. Humanity has invented over 100,000 different Grods over the millennia, say the cultural anthropologists.

3wf preaches that men are to blame for all women’s problems, so that middle browed feminists don’t have to face up to the difficult task of overcoming THEIR OWN limitations that cause their own problems. This is similar in nature to the Roman Catholic confession. You go to a priest, and his Gwod will “forgive” your sins, i.e. your guilt feelings, so that you can continue your bad behavior for a week until the next confession session. Both 3wf and RC remove responsibility from their believers. 3wfs and RCs are not expected to solve their own problems. Their beliefs do that for them, so they are nice to have. They permit one to be existentially irresponsible, and lazy.

3wf is simplistic, aimed at simple, peaker minds. (Peakers are people of average ability, who lie in the peak of the Bell curve.) As 2nd wave feminism (2wf) spread from the sages (intellectuals) of the late 60s to the female masses of today, of course its main ideas got simplified so that simple minds could grasp them. 3wf tells women, “You are powerful, you are great, you are drooled over by men, you are superior to men now, you can be anything you want. You can blame your problems on men. You are not responsible. You can live off men’s labor. Let the men do the work for you. You have a vagina that they crave, so use it girl! Go for it! Go girl!”

There is a bit of truth in this of course, otherwise even peaker females would sense the bullshit, but there is a lot of bullshit as well.

SO, sage masculists need to prick this 3wf isscienate (= ignorant of science) fairy (= living in a fairyland, believing without evidence) PC bullshit bubble. 3wf needs to be discredited the way religion was, by a sustained attack by sage masculists, who ridicule it to death.

This task will be harder in the US than in Europe, because Europe has government media which broadcasts programs aimed at all 3 major IQ groups, the subs, the peakers and the supes, whereas the US broadcast media aims only at the peakers, so the sages don’t get the opportunity to say sage things on the broadcast media in the US. The result is that Americans are not brow beaten and slapped down for their mindless middle class beliefs the way European peakers are. In Europe, peakers are actually afraid of sage intellectual attacks. These peakers do not want to have their egos smashed by sages far smarter and knowledgeable than they are. In the US, this slapping down barely exists, so it is not surprising that two thirds of Americans are still religious, and 40% of them think the earth is less than 10,000 years old.

With such American middle class mindlessness and lack of a strong sage based slapping down of peakery, it will take more of an effort for American sages to slap down 3wf isscienate fairy PC bullshit, but the task has to be done, otherwise American men continue to be the victims of American 3wf bullshit and legal abuse. Look at the damage 3wf has done to men in the American divorce courts.

To remove the fluffie feminist dominance of the divorce courts, belief in 3wf needs to be destroyed, the way belief in negro slavery, or witchcraft was destroyed. The isscienate aspects of 3wf needs to be utterly discredited, and that is the task of the sage masculists/MGTOWs. Women need to be made conscious that a lot of 3wf is like religion, i.e. it is fantasy, and not based on reality. 3wf tells women what women want to hear. It doesn’t tell them the truth. 3wf is a sop to the egos of women, not a blast of reality to women’s brains.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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