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Dear Howard Dare,

I don’t agree with you at all on your view that its not a good idea to push women to study STEM (science tech engineering and math.) The core political idea of the masculists is that so many of men’s gender issues would be solved if women FIPped up, i.e. became FIPs (financially independent persons). Manslavery would be wiped out, the Parer (paternity rejection right) would be brought in, men would respect women more, because women would not be such parasites on men, etc.

Men have the power to  FORCE women to FIPup, or be manless, to rot on the shelf to extinction, because most men are socialized and educated to be FIP. A fluffie (a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money) can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave. But 2/3 of young men now in the western countries refuse to be manslaves, and put powerful moral pressure on women to FIP up, or be punished by not getting a man.

It may be more difficult for women to study STEM and the professions (e.g. medicine, dentistry law, architecture, etc) than it is for men, but tough. Men refuse to be manslaves to women, so women have to FIPup or die out. It is a moral question we are talking about. Women are expected by masculists to be EMO FIPs (equal moral obligations FIPs) i.e. masculists expect women to think that women have a moral obligation to be FIPs, and not be fluffies.

If women find it more difficult to study STEM, or the professions than men, then they will simply have to make more effort, because they DONT HAVE ANY CHOICE. They cant continue to parasite off men’s money, as fluffies, because the supply of manslaves is drying up due to the influence of MGTOW and masculist ideas on men.

The Soviets put strong pressure on women to be scientists and engineers, and were very successful. There were large numbers of female scientists and engineers in the USSR. This shows that it can be done.

Women are human beings that have a human brain (admittedly with 10 billion fewer neurons in it than a man’s brain) but still, a human brain, that is capable of learning, of adapting, so women are capable of adapting to the demands of men, who demand that women get off their fat parasitic arses and FIPup, i.e. become adult, responsible, career competent FIPs, if they want a relationship with a man. Women are capable of doing this so are being pushed to do it by the masculists – “Be FIP or be manless!” is the masculist slogan to women.

To liberate men from manslavery, which is the primary political goal of the masculists for this century and worldwide, necessitates the FIPping of women. The masculists talk about the creation of a FIP Society, in which both sexes, especially women, are socialized and educated to be FIP. Young women are now waking up that there is a desperate shortage of men who are prepared to be manslaved, less than a third of young men under 35 in the western countries. In a decade that figure will probably be under 10%.

So women are scared. They know that a crisis in on their hands. Men refuse to be manslaves, so if a woman wants any attention from a man, and not be spat at as an immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin fluffie, she HAS to be a FIP, she has to be a responsible, career competent, adult minded FIP. She has to. The alternative for her is to be a fluffie, and hence poor, manless, loveless, sexless, childless and increasingly spat at by a society that is more informed of MGTOW/masculist ideas every month.

I hope you find the above ideas convincing. Women must FIPup or rot on the shelf. Fluffies will be ignored to death. Masculists and MGTOWs will only have relationships with FIP women, and totally ignore the fluffies, treating them as vermin, a fate that they deserve. We men have the power to FORCE women to FIPup, and we are using it now.

To spell this out in a logical form,

to free men from manslavery, —> force women to FIPup

if all women become FIPs –> fluffies die out

if fluffies die out –> men are not manslaved, because FIP women pull their own financial weight

if all women are FIPs, the Parer (paternity rejection right) can be brought in, because women are FIPs and can afford to raise their own kid, on their own

The concept of a FIP is critical to the masculists. It is a core idea to the creation of a FIP Society, that the masculists really push for. Creating a FIP Society, will involve many social, and legal changes. For example, primary schools will need to have an equal number of male and female teachers, the divorce laws will need to be made menfair (e.g. alimony thrown out, custody of kids made joint by default, the owner of the house keeps, it, etc, the Parer will be brought in, women will be forced to stop dumping on men on the media, which will instruct boys that men are the superior sex because we outperform women at the top end of the scale on nearly anything measurable. Boys need their confidence restored, by being told that men win 99% of the science Nobel prizes, all the major math prizes, the philosophers are men, the composers are men, the creators are men, the inventors are men, the builders are men, etc.

There is now such a massive backlash by men against the fluffie feminist hypocrites, and their takeover of the divorce courts,  that women will be forced to FIPup or be punished by being manless. Most women will be very conscious of this moral pressure on them, and will learn to make a lot more effort to FIPup, because they will be terrified of being manless and treated as a fluffie, i.e. as an immoral, parasitic, manslaving fluffie, hated by men, and totally ignored, ignored to death.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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