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A fluffie crapper is a lazy woman who studies fluffie crap at high school or college instead of a FIP (financially independent person) major. In other words, she studies the “soft option” because its intellectually less demanding, compared to the “hard option” of math and the sciences, that would give her entry to a FIP major department at university, so that she can end up with a degree in one of the professions (e.g. medicine, dentistry, architecture, law, etc.) or one of the techs (e.g. computer science, engineering, math, physics, chemistry, geology, etc.) which will allow her to earn a higher salary after graduation because the economy values such knowledge more than a fluffie crap major (e.g. sociology, psychology, history, languages, English literature, philosophy, arts, anthropology, etc.)

I’ve been using the term “fluffie crap” for quite a while. A few days ago I wondered what I would call women who study fluffie crap and the obvious suggestion came to mind – “fluffie crapper.” As soon as I thought of it, I laughed because of its obvious humor and it’s so derogatory. For non native English speakers, a “crapper” is US slang for a toilet, or a person who shits. To crap is to take a shit. To talk crap, is to say something that is not true, or makes no sense. A fluffie crapper has connotations of being a fluffie shitter, or just a fluffie shit (i.e. a fluffie arsehole – a very negative disliked person).

Masculism is essentially the 21st century equivalent of 19th century abolitionism in the US. Abolitionism was the ideology of northern Americans against negro slavery. These abolitionists felt so strongly against the custom of negro slavery in the south, that eventually there was a civil war based on this issue. Masculists feel the same way about the manslavery of fluffies and have a hatred of fluffies in the same the way that negro slaves had against the Simon Legrees of the south. (Simon Legree was a brutal slave owning character in the famous novel of Harriet Beecher Stowe “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”  When President Lincoln met her, he said “So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war.”

Masculists piss on fluffies, treating them as immoral, parasitic, lazy, manslaving vermin and do not give them the time of day. Masculists and MGTOWs avoid fluffies like the plague. A fluffie by definition is a traditional female who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money. She is lazy because she thinks that in her 30s when her biological clock is ticking hard, she will be able to live off the money of some robot male manslave, who will pay for the middle class house that she lives in to raise her kids in.

But, with the divorce courts dominated by fluffie feminists, now massacring about one in four married men in the US, the toxicity of marriage is now seen by most young men as too high, so 70% of young men in the US under 35, refuse to marry and have kids. So the supply of robot male manslaves is drying up. MGTOW/masculist ideas are now spreading exponentially, so by 2018, it is likely that nearly everyone will be familiar with them, so that the percentage of men who are prepared to become manslaves to fluffies will be under 10%. This in turn will wipe out fluffies.

Hopefully, this state of affairs will soon be with us, but we (i.e. we men, we men who refuse to be manslaved by fluffie vermin) need to wipe out the mentality of fluffies, i.e. the expectation that fluffies have of being able to live off the labor of men, of manslaves, of robot males.

A humorous, derogatory label for such women would be very useful and powerful, so once the term “fluffie crapper” had occurred to me, I was very happy with it, and I hope it will catch on. I’m a great believer in the power of labels. A good label is a good meme, and can spread like a virus, “infecting” many others, until everyone has the meme.

Imagine some high school masculist/MGTOW who wishes to express his condescension towards his female classmates who make the decision at 16 to study fluffie crap, i.e. the soft option, and therefore lock themselves into being fluffies in their 30s because they will be unable to have a FIP major education, and therefore, almost inevitably, they will become poor fluffies, and therefore manslavers.

In other words, with this chain of logic, a fluffie crapper is expecting to be a manslaver. She may not be conscious that she is expecting some manslave to pay for her, but that is what will happen. So it is one of the major tasks of masculists/MGTOWs to educate her that that is what she is – i.e. a fluffie crapper, a future fluffie, a future manslaver, and therefore she will be severely punished by men, nearly all men, as the main ideas of masculism/MGTOW spread and spread as they are now doing.

Masculists, more so that MGTOWs, are highly MORALISTIC. They put enormous moral pressure on fluffies, and hit them with vicious verbal rhetoric. “You fluffie crapper bitches! You lazy, immoral, exploitative parasites! Shift your arses! Woman up! Study the hard option! Use your brains! Don’t take the easy way out! Be responsible! Be adult! Study a FIP major, so that you can be become a FIP as an adult, and not manslave some robot male! Pull your weight, you fluffie crapper vermin!”

If the term “fluffie crapper” catches on, high school masculists/MGTOWs will have a powerful verbal weapon to hurl at the fluffie crappers, shaming them to woman up, scaring them, that if they don’t study a FIP major, then they will be severely punished. They will be manless, loveless, maybe sexless, babyless, poor and shunned increasingly by society at large. Even other women will become convinced of the immorality of fluffiedom and put moral pressure on fluffies to FIPup.

So, here is a new label, that masculists/MGTOWs can use to ratchet up the moral pressure on fluffies, to shame and scare them into becoming FIPs. Imagine a few years from now, a 16 year old high school male saying to a female class mate with whom he is somewhat of a friend. “You chose the soft option???!!!! You’re a fluffie crapper!!! You expect some manslave to pay for you, you fluffie, you parasite. I’ve really lost my respect for you now. I used to like you before but now I just see you as the enemy, a type of female to be avoided. I will tell my male friends that you are a fluffie crapper, and you will from now on, probably have a hard time finding a date. There are few guys left in the class who do not despise fluffie crappers. Your social life is dead now. Jesus Christ, its hard for me to imagine. You’re a fluffie crapper, a fluffie crapper! Do you want to commit social suicide and be hated by all the males. You’re a future manslaver. You’re immoral. You expect to be a parasite. The more I think about what you have done, the greater my contempt, so piss off. I don’t want to speak to you ever again, you fluffie crapper bitch, you vermin!”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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