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I have two kids from my first marriage, a boy and a girl, now both doctors, and nearing 40. I haven’t had any contact with them (to or from) for two decades. Effectively I have lost them. Why? When I was 35, my wife gave me an ultimatum to return to her Australian roots with her, or I would stay alone in my beloved, but her hated, Europe. I did go back with her just in case I had been wrong about Australia, my first country, where I grew up. I hated Australia, for its anti-intellectualism, its body oriented mindlessness. I felt in my early 20s that I would have to get out of it, and migrate to a large population, old world country, such as the UK, to benefit from a large self-sustaining intellectual upper class that valued intellectuality highly.

I found that in the UK. A few years later, I had the idea that I could migrate to a cosmopolitan city, such as Brussels, and benefit from several superior cultures (i.e. French and German). In the 70s I set myself up in Brussels with its international cable TV, and got fluent in French and German so as to be able to absorb the cultural riches of these two world class cultures, comparable with the UK’s. The Germans are world class in philosophy, science, engineering, music, literature, etc. The French are the most sophisticated culture on the planet, world known for their art, literature, philosophy, fashion, perfumes, sculpture, etc. I benefitted mightily from becoming a quadrilingual multi (cultured person). It greatly enrichened my intellectual and cultural life.

My first wife, an Australian, withered in Brussels and eventually after living 11 years in Europe (the UK and Belgium) decided to return to Australia, giving me an ultimatum. After 3 days back in Australia, being by then quadrilingual, I found Australia oppressive, an intellectual living death, so six months later, after saving a bit, I returned alone to my beloved Europe, to live my own life, and not have it dictated to by a bloody female. The kids stayed with her, at 4 and 6 years old.

In the early 80s I was heavily into the European masculist movement, getting 100s of times on the media teaching masculist ideas in English, French, German and Dutch, to the masses. We lobbied the European parliament and got them to change the Women Rights Committee to the Gender Rights Committee with as many men in the committee devoted to men’s gender issues as women on women’s gender issues.

When I returned to Europe, I expected my ex-wife to pay for the kids, since I would get no benefit from them, given my two kids would be living on the polar opposite side of the earth, and totally out of my sight, and hence out of my mind. As a masculist I expect women to be FIPs (financially independent persons). A divorced FIP woman with kids has one less parasite to worry about, i.e. her spouse. A traditional husband had himself, his kids, AND a parasitic fluffie wife to pay for. A FIP divorced woman thus has an easier time of it financially than the traditional husband.

But my first wife was a fluffie crapper (i.e. she studied fluffie crap at high school, and hence was excluded from studying STEM type subjects at university. When I first met her she was a nurse, with the intelligence capable of being a doctor but lacked the ambition or even the idea of becoming a doctor. To have studied medicine she would have needed math (i.e. calculus) and the sciences, since after all medicine is supposed to be a science.

I remember being with her at a career counselling session at London University, where the councilor told her she could not study  X, Y, Z, S, T, U, V, W, etc, a long list, because effectively she was a fluffie crapper. All she could study that was mildly interesting to her was philosophy, so 4 years later she graduated with an economically useless philosophy degree and hence was unable to be a FIP, because she was a fluffie crapper, a career incompetent. She was brought up to expect, unconsciously, that some man, some manslaver would pay for her to have kids.

When the shit hit the fan for her, i.e. after I left, and went back to my beloved Europe, she only had her nursing skills to pay the bills, and nurses in Australia in the 80s were poorly paid, since the nurses did not unionize strongly and push for higher wages. So they were exploited and ignored, and poorly paid.

At heart, she was probably a real fluffie, expecting deeply that a husband SHOULD PAY FOR HER WHEN SHE HAS KIDS. I can imagine her resentment grew and grew, as well as her desperation. She may have been a fluffie, a fluffie crapper and rather poor, but she was not passive and stupid. Within 3 years of me leaving her, she had paired off with her ex-boyfriend, the boyfriend before me, who was 15 years older than her and a surgeon, earning a good salary, so would be a good sexploitable manslave for her. He was still single, so he agreed to pay for her and her two kids, who grew up to be doctors like him.

Now, why is there no contact between me and my two kids? I read somewhere (I tend to remember an interesting statistic, but not remember its source) a couple of years back that in the US, when a divorced husband has kids, and the divorced wife gets custody of them, then in 90% of cases, the father has lost contact with his kids after 5 years – 90%!

I’m wondering why my kids have not contacted me for such a long time. I used to send them unilateral emails for quite a few years, but eventually stopped bothering, because they were adults, and if they chose not to reply, then fuck em. I stopped contacting them about two decades ago.

I can’t be sure, because I have no contact with them, and I don’t know what my ex first wife taught them. But I can imagine it went something like this –“Your father cares so little about you, that he’s not prepared to help pay for you!” I can bet what she DID NOT SAY was “I took his kids away from him, so why should he pay for kids who will never be part of his life, living on the other side of the earth? I should be a FIP so I can afford to pay for the kids if I take them away from him.”

Since fluffie divorced women get custody of the kids in about 90% of cases in the US, these women are in a monopoly position to brainwash their kids about what she feels about the ex-husband. So many of these women are fluffies at heart and expect men to pay for women. They were raised that way, they probably evolved that way (i.e. female sex in exchange for male protein) so feel deeply bitter when her manslave walks away from her and her kids.

MGTOWs/masculists have a lot of work to do, to reeducate women not to be fluffie crappers, to become FIPs, and to expect to pull their weight financially and not parasite off the money of a man. This deeply ingrained attitude that women have that men exist to pay for women will need to be beaten out of them with harsh treatment. The prime political goal of the masculists (who are far more political than the passive MGTOWs who simply passively walk away individually from marriage and paternity) is to wipe out fluffiedom, by wiping out fluffies, by having nothing to do with them, not even sexing them, as punishment for being fluffies, i.e. immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, to be wiped out. Manslavery is slavery, slavery is a war issue, and the masculists are at war against the fluffies and the fluffie feminists.

The fluffies are bad enough, because they expect men to be manslaves to them. The fluffie feminists are in fact worse, because of their hypocrisy. Fluffie feminists want their cake and to eat it too. They want equal rights with men, but want men to stay manslaves to them, paying for them to have children in a middle class house that the manslave pays for, and then a decade later to steal it from him, plus child payments and alimony via the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system, that is such a massive gender injustice against men, that it spawned the MGTOW movement of men who reuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves.

When fluffie divorcees with the kids brainwash them with their fluffie attitudes, the kids then miss out. They lose their father, and the father loses his kids, and the world is psychologically poorer for it. I try from time to time to see if I can get news about my kids on the internet, but the problem is that they are so unfamous, that there is virtually nothing there to be found, especially with my daughter, so I don’t even know how many kids they both have. I assume my kids absorbed the attitudes of my ex first wife and decided as adults not to contact me because I “don’t care about them.” I do care about them. I’m just not prepared to pay for them. I expect women to be FIPs, and if they take the kids then they pay.

When the gender politicians are finally forced by the MGTOW/masculist crashing of the population, to menfair the gender laws, then custody of the kids will automatically be JOINT, so in most cases, the father is not separated from his kids. In my case I went back to my intellectual roots (Europe) and my ex first wife chose to live the rest of her life in Australia, so the kids had to be separated from one of their parents. By moving back to Europe I was spared being financially massacred in the Australian divorce courts, thank god.

There is a war going on concerning traditional attitudes towards men, seeing them as manslaves to pay for women to have kids. If society doesn’t wake up that young men are angrily rebelling against that form of slavery, then whole populations will be wiped out. Women especially have to change their tune. THEY MUST BECOME FIPs or be punished, by being manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, and shunned by a society increasingly sympathetic to MGTOW/masculist ideas.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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