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 Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


To most people, male or female, who know nothing about masculism, describing the majority of women as hatable criminals, seems exaggerated, so this flyer aims to spell out just why masculists see fluffies as hatable and as criminals.

I begin with a bit of a story. Each day, as part of my daily routine, I take several books to a local Burger King and eat an ice cream, while working, usually annotating my paper library, and then move on to a nearby tea exposition building, 6 stories tall, with tea rooms for the Chinese upper middle class, with appropriate ancient Chinese background music.

I usually take the elevator to look at the newly opened tea rooms, to see their progress. In many of these tea rooms there will be no customers, only a solitary young woman employee, who avoids boredom by looking vapidly at her internet phone.

I see daily this handful of young women, in their early twenties, with their dead-end, lowly paid, shit jobs. They look bored, dulled, ambitionless, with low IQ, and probably only a high school level education, certainly no university education. No female university graduate would accept such a low paid shit job.

Sometimes I think to myself, trying to imagine the life of such women, and what their aspirations are. What do they hope their futures will be? These average Janes, have no career ambition. They have selected themselves for the shit jobs they have, and make no effort to get a better education, to improve their job and career prospects. They stare out into space, bored, fingering their cell phones, counting away the hours, until they can go home.

If I could tap into their minds and ask them, “How do you see yourself in 10 years?” I guess most of them would answer, “Married, with a kid or two.”

“Do you hope to have an apartment and a car when you are married?”

“That would be nice. I hope my husband can afford these things.”

“Why do you say that, rather than saying I hope I can afford these things?”

Such a question would not occur to such a woman. She has been brain washed all her life that her boring life she lives in her early 20s is just treading water, waiting for some man, some prince, to rescue her from her boring existence, her poor, ambitionless existence, by giving her an apartment, a car, so that she can have two kids and profit from the lower middle class lifestyle that he provides her.

At this stage, I think, “My god, China desperately needs masculism, so that men can be freed from man slavery, from the gender role expectations of Chinese fluffies, of which this woman is a classic example.”

This woman is ambitionless, just waiting to have her two kids, and have the apartment she raises them in, paid for by the efforts of some man, who has been brainwashed all his young life, that that is his role in life, to be a manslave to a female, so that she can raise her two kids on his labor, his money.

Admittedly, in China, a man is much better off than in western countries, because China has no organized feminism. Chinese divorce courts have not been taken over by hated western feminazis, but are run by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) laws, created mostly by men, since the large majority of the lawmaking CCP members are male.

In China, if there is a divorce and the mother of the kids is a real fluffie with a low salary, much less than the divorcing husband’s then custody of the kids usually goes to the husband, because he has the money to pay for their upkeep.

Also, if a Chinese man owned something before the marriage, he gets to keep it after the divorce, which is often not the case in western countries, so that western fluffies are given the right to steal their ex-husband’s possessions that he had before the marriage.

Despite Chinese men having it better than western men in the divorce court, Chinese men are still manslaves to Chinese women. There is no masculist nor MGTOW movements in China, because there is no social movement of any kind in China. The brutally repressive Chinese government does not allow any private organization, because it fears such organizations, as threats to the CCP’s monopoly power.

With no men’s movement in China, Chinese men who don’t have a VPN (virtual private network) to get round the CCP’s censorship of western internet sites, and don’t have a good understanding of verbal English, are locked into their provincial Chinese intellectual world, so are not open to the flood of ideas that are to be found on the western internet and hence are not influenced by them.

As a result, these benighted, provincially minded Chinese men, remain stuck in their traditional gender roles as manslaves to fluffie females, working for them, paying for them, but at least they get to keep their kids, unlike in the west, where divorcing fathers have a one in four chance of losing their kids to their fluffie ex-wives.

But, the Chinese man is still a manslave. He will marry a fluffie wife, who is ambitionless, poorly educated, because she expects to be taken care of by some man, who will be ambitious, and can give her an apartment and a car. That is the dream of hundreds of millions of young Chinese women. They almost demand it.

There are many young women on Chinese TV who lay out their criteria for marriage with a “suitable” man. He must be hardworking, ambitious, with a salary that can afford him to buy an apartment, and a car, so that he can afford to keep a woman in his apartment so that she can have her two kids, paid for by him.

There is usually no mention of what the man expects of her. In China, you don’t hear the man saying “She has to be a FIP, ambitious, so that she doesn’t parasite off my money. I expect her to pull her weight financially, so that if there is a divorce, we get joint custody of the kids, and that the divorce won’t cost me anything, because my ex-wife is a FIP, who has her own job and money.”

The above situation in today’s China, where the women impose manslavery on men, with no corresponding conditions on women, reminds me of a similar injustice I experienced with my own parents.

I am now 70 as I write this (2017) so when I was growing up in the Melbourne suburbs in the 50s and 60s, middle class women were housewives. My mother was a particularly ambitious, hypergamous woman, who was not particularly bright, unlike my much brighter father, whose family name “de Garis” was a big name in Australia, getting regularly in the media, due to the constant publicity generated by my great uncle “C.J. de Garis” a prominent businessman in his day. When he suicided in the depression, there were large headlines in the newspapers, “C.J. DEAD!” Everyone knew who C.J. was.

My ambitious hypergamous mother, latched onto my father, largely due to his family name. It was a marriage made in hell. I remember being about 10-12 listening to my mother berate my father for not being ambitious enough, not driven enough. Her vicarious ambition was not satisfied by the achievement level at the time of my father.

In later years, my father, rather a late developer (a trait I inherited too I think) did achieve a lot more, but by that stage, her inferior intelligence as compared with her husband, and two of the three kids she had, was a source of constant frustration and pressure on her.

She became a very neurotic woman, and led a rather miserable life in her final decades, at great emotional cost to my father, who when she died rather young for a woman at 68, felt so burned by her, that he went fully MGTOW, and never had another girlfriend. He preferred his peace of mind, so never risked having another relationship with a female.

When I was in my early 20s I remember thinking “Why didn’t my mother get off her parasitic arse and achieve her OWN ambitions, and have her own talents and limitations tested?”

She was a total parasite off the money and labor of a man, yet berated him for not being ambitious enough, having many verbally violent fights that I as a 12 year old overheard frequently, an experience I found very stressful and sickening.

The hypocrisy of her situation and values, left a bitter taste in my mouth, and had a strong influence on the creation of my own gender values – in particular, that women need to be FIPs or they get punished, by not getting a man.

When I see these fluffie young Chinese women in the tea expo building, I have the same feelings of revulsion I had as a kid, nearly 60 years ago. Both my mother and these fluffie Chinese females are parasites in my view, expecting to profit from the labor and money of a man, and not bother to get off their own parasitic bums and pull their own financial weight.

In my mother’s case, she used to say she would have liked to have been a lawyer. Given her inferior intelligence compared to my father, it would have been a sobering experience for her to discover the hard way that her abilities may not have been as strong as she imagined.

The real world can knock the stuffing out of people’s grandiose pretensions. If my mother had been a careerist, she may have been a lot nicer to her husband, due to being more familiar with the hard knocks of the real commercial world. She would have been a more sobered, more reasonable, more agreeable person, instead of the insufferable bitch that she was, whom, her husband, I, and my younger sister all disrespected, both for her shitty personality and her hypergamous hypocritical stupidity.

My mother was just one individual. China has hundreds of millions of women who expect to parasite off the money and labor of men, off manslaves. China needs to civilize. It needs to democratize, so that the ideas of the west can penetrate the minds of a billion Chinese, so that Chinese men can be liberated from manslavery.

As a masculist, manslavery to me is slavery. Slavery rouses passions. Slavery is a war issue, and the masculists are at war against the fluffies, and fluffie feminists, aiming to wipe them out as hated immoral manslaving parasitic vermin. There is a massive task ahead in liberating Chinese men, in their half billion. Most Chinese women are still fluffies. They don’t feel the moral pressure to FIP up, and pull their weight financially. They don’t feel the fear of being rejected by men for not being FIPs, as is more and more the case in western countries.

Chinese women live in the west’s past, most of them still have fluffie expectations of men, expecting them to be manslaves, to work for them, to pay for them to have their 2 kids. These chink fluffie bitches need to have a hot western masculist poker shoved up their arse, forcing them to FIP up or be punished, by rotting on the shelf, rejected by Chinese Masculist and MGTOW influenced men the same way western women are.

Of course this won’t happen until China democratizes, so Chinese men will continue to be manslaved by Chinese fluffies for probably another decade until China finally has multiparty elections.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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