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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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Masculism is men’s lib, i.e. a social and political movement that aims to liberate men from manslavery (i.e. working for women), from grossly menunfair gender laws, etc. Masculism has a vision, namely to create a “FIP Society” i.e. one in which both sexes, particularly young women, are socialized by their parents, and taught by their teachers to become FIPs (financially independent persons) so that they do not parasite off the labor of another person, usually a man.

Masculists are very conscious that so many of men’s gender problems would be solved if we lived in a “FIP Society,” for example, the horrors now occurring for men in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts would disappear if all women were FIPs, the Parer (paternity rejection right) would be legislated, the gender laws would be made menfair across the board, etc. Thus masculists place powerful moral and psychological pressure on women to “FIP up” or be punished by not getting a man.

The broad political goal, i.e. one of the main visions of the masculists, is to wipe out manslavery, worldwide, this century, by wiping out the fluffies (traditional women who expect to parasite off a man’s money.)

The masculists see the creation of a “FIP Society” as the means to create a “Gender Egalitarian Society” in which both sexes are given equal rights, as well as accepting as a moral principle to share equally the burdens, particularly, the burden of earning the living, and bothering to get a career competent education, enabling individuals of both sexes to become FIPs as adults and pull their weight financially, without hoping to parasite off the labor of another person, which is so characteristic of fluffies, who with the fluffie feminists and fluffie feminist gender politicians, are the principle enemies of the masculists.

To achieve this vision of freeing men from manslavery and from the menunfair gender laws, the masculists have an extensive agenda that they need to implement to achieve their vision.

The first item on the masculist agenda is education. The general public needs to be educated into masculist ideas, so that men can get collectively angry and then push their masculist agenda to completion.

To educate the public, masculist leaders need to write masculist books, and to approach the broadcast journalists so that masculist ideas can be presented to the millions, the masses, so that nearly everyone becomes familiar with the core ideas of the masculists, e.g. that women should become FIPs or be punished by rotting on the shelf, that the blatantly men unfair gender laws, e.g. regarding divorce, the lack of a Parer, etc be scrapped, etc.

Masculists need to help set up masculist groups in every college and high school, so that student masculists can put powerful moral pressure on young women to FIPup, or be punished by not having a man, not getting sexed, nor even getting a date. Women need to be taught that they have a moral obligation to get a career competent education, or run the serious risk of being despised by men for being a hated fluffie, and hence ignored by men.

There is a long way to go in this regard, because three quarters of young women of age 16 at high school, currently choose to study what the masculists call “fluffie crap” i.e. the intellectually easy, intellectually lazy majors that are based on memory work, rather than on logic and abstract thought, such as math and the sciences. These “fluffie crappers” are then excluded at college and university from studying STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) majors and the professions, because they did not study the appropriate prerequisite majors at high school, so they end up with a “fluffie crap diploma” that the economy does not value, so that these female students then end up with rather poorly paid jobs in their 20s. When they get into their 30s and their biological clocks are ticking hard, they will then look around for some gullible manslave to parasite upon, to have him pay for the middle class house that she wants to raise HER kids in.

Such fluffie women, need to be made conscious by the masculists, that the supply of such gullible manslaves is drying up, thanks to the ideological influence of the masculists and MGTOWs who are now very conscious of the horrific abuse committed against them in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, which are so toxic for men, that in a string of major countries (e.g. the US, Japan, Germany etc) two thirds of young men under 35 now refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves, utterly rejecting traditional marriage because the fluffie feminist hypocrites have made marriage so toxic for men that few men want to marry nowadays.

Masculists use a combination of tactics to persuade women to become FIPs. One is moral pressure, telling women, that they have a moral duty to FIP up. The other is with threats. If women don’t get a career competent education, so that they become FIPs as adults, then they will be punished by not getting a man. Masculist influence is persuading men that it is definitely not in their self-interest to have relationships with fluffie parasites, who will drag married fathers, with a one in four chance, to the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts and financially massacre these men, ripping their kids from them with a 90% probability, taking half the man’s possessions, and his house so that she, the fluffie ex-wife can raise HER kids in it, forcing him to pay child payments to kids he will barely see, maybe two afternoons a month, and often forced to pay alimony to a fluffie ex-wife so that she can continue to parasite off him after the divorce, the way she did before the divorce, with no moral or legal obligation or moral pressure on her to FIP up and get a job.

Masculists educate the public, how taboo it is for women to be fluffies. Masculists label fluffies “immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin” to be wiped out, by being forced to rot on the shelf, so that their fluffie genes are removed from the gene pool. Already two thirds of young men reject fluffies, and in a decade that figure will probably be over 90%, so that women who are fluffies, having studied fluffie crap, will become manless, loveless, sexless, childless, poor, and increasingly spat at. Masculists really need to harangue fluffies and the fluffie feminist hypocrites to FIP up or pay a heavy price.

Masculists teach men that men have the financial power to FORCE women to FIP up, because nearly all men are FIPs. Men are socialized to be FIPs, and do not need to parasite financially off a woman to survive financially. A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave, but the supply of manslaves has almost dried up.

Masculists display a particular venom towards the hated fluffie feminist hypocrites, who have had their feminist consciousness raised, but not their masculist consciousness raised, because most feminists (whom the masculists tend to label “feminazis”) have not even heard of masculism nor MGTOW (men going their own way) i.e. men who refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves. Thus fluffie feminists, by default, still have traditional attitudes towards men, i.e. they see men as exploitable cash machines to be abused in the divorce courts. MGTOWs are reacting against the toxicity of the divorce courts, taken over by the fluffie feminists, who see men as subhuman cash machines to be abused by fluffie feminist divorce court judges and lawyers, the second most hated category of women, by the masculists.

Masculists harangue the hated fluffie feminist hypocrites with real venom, using their superior male intellects and greater male verbal aggression, to make it perfectly clear to these feminazis that men see them as hypocrites, to be removed from power, because they have made men’s lives a misery. No culture that financially massacres and destroys the lives of a quarter of its fathers, can survive. Sooner or later, men’s patience and tolerance for these feminazi bitches will snap, and then men will take up arms and start murdering thousands of these fluffie feminist hypocrite divorce court judges and lawyers. There will be a sex war.

The most hated category of women, by the masculists, are the gender politicians, who with their limited political horizons, extending only to the next election, gave the feminist lobby what it wanted in the 1970s, i.e. to have the best of both worlds for women, i.e. to be given equal rights with men, and to reject equal obligations with men in sharing the burden of earning the living. These gender politicians passed the grossly menunfair divorce laws in the 1970s which are now destroying our culture. If a sex war breaks out, the gender politicians will be the first to be targeted, put on a black list and crossed off, i.e. assassinated, murdered, along with the fluffie feminist divorce court judges and lawyers.

Masculists aim to put such powerful moral pressure on women that parents socialize their daughters to FIP up or be socially rejected not only by men, but by society in general. The masculists need to create a powerful social ethic, a cultural expectation, that it is taboo for a young woman to be a lazy, parasitic fluffie who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money. The principle political aim of the masculists is to wipe out such women, forcing them to FIP up, or they won’t get a man, and hence will rot on the shelf.

Once society is well educated about masculist ideas and goals, the next major step is to menfair the gender laws. Male voters need to be encouraged by masculists to “bloc vote” as men, to push for the menfairing of the gender laws that are so heavily biased in favor of women, e.g. the horrors of the divorce courts for men, and the lack of the Parer (paternity rejection right, which would allow a man the legal right to reject an unwanted pregnancy, so that if the woman proceeds with the pregnancy, then the full costs of the kid fall legally onto her. The fact that women have a legislated Marer (maternity rejection right) usually called the abortion right, but men have no Parer, is the most blatant example of sexual discrimination against men that exists, that ruins millions of men’s lives every year when women lie to their men about taking contraception, then get pregnant, and force the man to pay for a kid that only SHE wants. Masculists want this kind of female criminality stopped.

Masculist parliamentary committees need to be set up that create menfair legislation systematically across the board, so that men’s rights are respected equally with women’s. For example, men are more punished for identical crimes, than women. Women retire earlier than men but live longer. Women get more research dollars for breast cancer than men get for prostate cancer. Men suicide at four times the rate of women, but society does not care. This needs to change. There is a 6 year life expectancy difference between the sexes, due mostly to the very negative influence of cigarettes on men, so the tobacco companies need to be put out of business. Women should be encouraged to accept the higher paying more dangerous jobs, e.g. in construction, military combat etc.

Fluffie feminists have taken over the primary and secondary schools preaching their ideas to boys and young men, making them feel they are the inferior sex. Masculists, as part of their education agenda, need to teach society that in fact, men are the superior sex, because men outperform women at the top end of the scale in virtually everything. Everyone needs to be taught by the masculists that men’s average IQ is 4 points higher than women’s, that men have an IQ variance that is 10% higher than women’s, so the morons and the genii are males, so that it is not surprising that men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes. The fluffie feminist dogma that men are a dumber bumbling sex as portrayed on the media has to be stopped. It is not only demeaning to men, it is also a lie, which the masculists hate the fluffie feminists for spreading.

The masculists need to combat the heavy PC (political correctness) attitudes of the fluffie feminists by pushing PR (politically realist) attitudes hard instead, teaching the public that men are the superior sex as shown clearly by science. Little boys are currently being brain washed by feminist teachers and feminist controlled broadcast media that they are evil, that it is not good to be male. This has to be stopped, and the scientific realities need to replace this feminazi brainwashing.

Masculists have a heavy task ahead of themselves. There are many things to do. A whole world society needs to be taught that women must work, become career competent, and to no longer expect to be able to parasite off a man. Powerful moral and political pressure needs to come from men to force women to FIP up, or be punished. The gender laws need to be made menfair, but since this is in many respects a zero sum game for the fluffie feminists, the fluffie feminazis will have to be fought by the masculists, so these feminazis need to be harangued and blown away by very angry verbally aggressive masculists, who accuse these feminazi bitches of hypocrisy and far more seriously, of indirectly being genociders, because it is the fluffie feminists who indirectly are causing the population to die out, because they have made the divorce courts so toxic for men, that young men are now refusing paternity on a massive scale. The genocidal fluffie feminist hypocrites obviously have to be stopped, so the masculists need to go to war against both them and against the fluffie feminist gender politicians, who will have to be replaced in order to menfair the gender laws. If the current divorce court system continues, there will be a sex war, and these hated gender politicians and fluffie feminist divorce court judges and lawyers will be murdered in their 1000s by murderously angry divorce massacred ex fathers.

Masculists need to set up large men’s studies courses at universities, and masculist professors need to write books about men’s issues to educate young men and young women, about men’s problems. If the feminazi bitches get violent in opposing this, then the masculists need to retaliate in like kind, by for example, bitch slapping these women. Any woman who has ever been bitch slapped by a man once, will never want to have the same experience a second time, because men are three times stronger across the chest than women, so when a woman feels the full male force of his palm on her cheek, she will be thrown across the room, an extremely painful experience, never to be repeated again. Feminazis who hypocritically think that they have the right to slap a man they don’t agree with but are appalled when the masculist she is criticizing slaps her right back, ought to be slapped twice, once for being slapped by her in the first place, and twice, for her gender hypocrisy.

In short, there is a ton to do for the masculists. At the current time (2017) the masculists are only in the early education stage. The whole of society needs to be “masculisted,” to be educated into masculist ideas, so that men can be freed from manslavery, so that fluffies and fluffie feminists can be wiped out, so that men can live in a “FIP Society,” a “Gender Egalitarian Society.”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

(YouTube channels “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” “de Garis Essays”)


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