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General Relativity, Theory

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Papers on General Relativity, Theory

Andreka et al, A Logic Road from Special Relativity to General Relativity  (free)

Arnold, Numerical Problems in General Relativity  (free)

Arnowitt et al, The Dynamics of General Relativity  (free)

Barbashov et al, Hamiltonian Cosmological Dynamics of General Relativity  (free)

Barrow, Chaotic Behavior in General Relativity  (free)

Bergmann, Observables in General Relativity  (free)

Brown, Pooley, The Origin of the Spacetime Metric, Bell’s Lorentzian Pedagogy and its Significance in General Relativity  (free)

Canarutto, Jadczyk, Fundamental Geometric Structures for the Dirac Equation in General Relativity  (free)

Carroll, Lecture Notes on General Relativity  (free)

Crowell, General Relativity  (free)

Damour, Experimental Tests of Gravitational Theory  (free)

Damour, General Relativity Today  (free)

d’Eath, General Relativity  (free)

Eddington, The Mathematical Theory of Relativity  (free)

Einstein, Fundamental Ideas and Problems of the Theory of Relativity  (free)

Esposito, Complex Geometry of Nature and General Relativity  (free)

Frauendiener, Penrose, Twistors and General Relativity  (free)

Geroch, Local Characterization of Singularities in General Relativity  (free)

Goldberg, Conservation Laws in General Relativity  (free)

Gougoulhon, 3+1 Formalism and Bases of General Relativity  (free)

Harko, PHYS3033 General Relativity  (free)

Hawking, The Conservation of Matter in General Relativity  (free)

Hehl et al, General Relativity with Spin and Torsion, Foundations and Prospects  (free)

Infeld, Equation of Motion in General Relativity Theory and the Action Principle  (free)

Katanaev, Polynomial Hamiltonian Form of General Relativity  (free)

Kholmetskii, Empty Space-Time, General Relativity Principle and Covariant Ether Theories  (free)

Landau, Rumer, What is the Theory of Relativity  (free)

Liu, Generalized Finsler Geometry and its Cartan Connection in Modification of Special Relativity  (free)

Macdonald, Elementary General Relativity  (free)

Macdonald, Special and General Relativity Based on the Physical Meaning of the Spacetime Interval  (free)

McKay, Basic General Relativity  (free)

Morris, Thorne, Wormholes in Spacetime and their Use for Interstellar Travel, A Tool for Teaching General Relativity  (free)

Pawlowski, Invariant Hamiltonian Quantization of General Relativity  (free)

Penrose, Gravitational Collapse, The Role of General Relativity  (free)

Petkov, Probing the Anisotropic Velocity of Light in a Gravitational Field,  Another Test of General Relativity  (free)

Petri, The Holographic Solution, Why General Relativity Must Be Understood in Terms of Strings  (free)

Plebanski et al, Differential Forms, Hopf Algebra and General Relativity I  (free)

Pullin, Canonical Quantization of General Relativity, The Last 18 Years in a Nutshell  (free)

Putten, Lecture Notes on General Relativity and Gravitational Radiation  (free)

Renn, Stachel, Hilbert’s Foundation of Physics, From a Theory of Everything to a Constituent of General Relativity  (free)

Ricker, Herbert Dingle was Correct  (free)

Rindler, General Relativity before Special Relativity, An Unconventional Overview of Relativity Theory  (free)

Sachs, General Relativity and Matter, cover  (free)

Schlick, Space and Time in Contemporary Physics, An Introduction to the Theory of Relativity and Gravitation (1920)  (free)

Sternberg, Semi-Riemannian Geometry and General Relativity  (free)

t Hooft, Introduction to General Relativity  (free)

Teitelboim, Hamiltonian Formulation of General Relativity  (free)

Tolman, Theory of Relativity of Motion  (free)

Wald, Zoupas, General Definition of Conserved Quantities in General Relativity and other Theories of Gravity  (free)

Waner, Introduction to Differential Geometry and General Relativity  (free)

Wickramasekara, A Note on the Topology of Space-Time in General Relativity  (free)

Will, The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment  (free)

Woodhouse, General Relativity  (free)

Wu, Ruan, Problems on Foundations of General Relativity  (free)

Media on General Relativity, Theory

Howard, Lecture 7, Background to General Relativity

Howard, Lecture 8, Essentials of General Relativity

Susskind, General Relativity, E01.

Yale, 9, Special and General Relativity

Yale, 11, Special and General Relativity

Books on General Relativity, Theory

Alcubierre, Introduction to 3+1 Numerical Relativity  (unfree)

Blanchet et al (eds), Mass and Motion in General Relativity  (unfree)

Cahn, Nadgorny, A Guide to Physics Problems, Part 1, Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics  (unfree)

Carmeli, Group Theory and General Relativity, Representations of the Lorentz Group and their Applications  to the Gravitational Field  (unfree)

Cartan, On Manifolds with an Affine Connection and the Theory of General Relativity  (unfree)

Ciufolini, Matzner, General Relativity and John Archibald Wheeler  (unfree)

Cotsakis, Gibbons (eds.), Global Structure and Evolution in General Relativity  (unfree)

DeWitt, Stora (eds.), Relativity, Groups and Topology II  (unfree)

d’Inverno, Approaches to Numerical Relativity  (unfree)

Dirac, General Theory of Relativity  (unfree)

Eddington, Space Time and Gravitation, An Outline of the General Relativity Theory  (unfree)

Eddington, The Mathematical Theory of Relativity, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Ehlers (ed.), Isolated Gravitating Systems in General Relativity  (unfree)

Einstein, Relativity, The Special and the General Theory (177p)  (unfree)

Einstein, Relativity,The Special and General Theory (289p)  (unfree)

Esposito, Complex General Relativity  (unfree)

Esposito, Witten (eds.), Asymptotic Structure of Space-Time  (unfree)

Foster, Nightingale, A Short Course in General Relativity  (unfree)

Franklin, Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity  (unfree)

Geroch, General Relativity from A to B  (unfree)

Gourgoulhon, 3+1 Formalism in General Relativity, Bases of Numerical Relativity  (unfree)

Groah et al, Shock Wave Interactions in General Relativity  (unfree)

Grosser et al, Geometric Theory of Generalized Functions with Applications to General Relativity  (unfree)

Hall, Pulham (eds.), General Relativity  (unfree)

Hall, Symmetries and Curvature Structure in General Relativity  (unfree)

Held (ed.), Vol. 1, General Relativity and Gravitation, One Hundred Years after the  Birth of  Albert Einstein  (unfree)

Held (ed.), Vol. 2, General Relativity and Gravitation, One Hundred Years after the  Birth of  Albert Einstein  (unfree)

Henriksen, Practical Relativity, From First Principles to the Theory of Gravity  (unfree)

Hsu, A Broader View of Relativity, General Implications of Lorentz and Poincare Invariance, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Janis, Porter (eds.), Recent Advances in General Relativity  (unfree)

Khriplovich, General Relativity  (unfree)

Kilmister, General Theory of Relativity  (unfree)

Kox, Eisenstaedt (eds.), The Universe of General Relativity  (unfree)

Lawden, Elements of Relativity Theory  (unfree)

Low, Classical Field Theory, Electromagnetism and Gravitation  (unfree)

Ludvigsen, General Relativity, A Geometric Approach  (unfree)

Misner et al, Gravitation  (unfree)

Moller, The Theory of Relativity  (unfree)

Papapetrou, Lectures on General Relativity  (unfree)

Pauli, Theory of Relativity  (unfree)

Penrose, Techniques of Differential Topology in Relativity  (unfree)

Perlick, Ray Optics, Fermat’s Principle, and Applications to General Relativity  (unfree)

Petkov, Relativity and the Nature of Spacetime  (unfree)

Randall, Warped Passages  (unfree)

Rickles, Symmetry, Structure, and Spacetime  (unfree)

Rindler, Relativity, Special, General and Cosmological, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Sachs, Wu, General Relativity for Mathematicians  (unfree)

Schlick, Space and Time in Contemporary Physics, An Introduction to the Theory of Relativity and Gravitation, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Schmidt (ed.), Relativity Theory, A Vision of 100 Years  (unfree)

Schrodinger, Space-Time Structure  (unfree)

Schutz, Gravity from the Ground Up, An Introductory Guide to Gravity and General Relativity  (unfree)

Stewart, Advanced General Relativity  (unfree)

Straumann, General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics  (unfree)

Synge, Relativity, The General Theory  (unfree)

Terletskii, Paradoxes in the Theory of Relativity  (unfree)

Wald, General Relativity  (unfree)

Weber, General Relativity and Gravitational Waves  (unfree)

Witten, Gravitation, An Introduction to Current Research  (unfree)

Woodhouse, General Relativity  (unfree)

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