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Those of you who read my almost daily flyers on Sandman’s channel will know that the real “fluffie damage” (i.e. when women are turned into fluffies, making it inevitable in their 30s that they will want to parasite on men’s money, so that they can have a middle class house that a manslave pays for, to raise their kids in) is done, is caused, in the high schools, at age 16, when girls make a choice on what to study for their final two years, junior and senior.

In the US, most girls choose the “soft option” i.e. the intellectually lazy option, i.e. not math, not the sciences, which require analytic thought, i.e. logic, abstraction, using your brain. Young fluffie woman almost unconsciously think that some man will “take care of them” i.e. earn the real money for them, leaving them to concentrate on raising her kids, which she sees as her main function in life, her raison d’etre.

Once a young woman has chosen the soft option, what the masculists call “fluffie crap” she is then locked into the fluffie life style. At university she will not be able to study a FIP major (FIP = financially independent person) i.e. one of the professions (e.g. medicine, dentistry, law, architecture, etc) or the techs (engineering, computer science, math, physics, chemistry, etc) because the FIP major departments at universities have a prerequisite for entry that students have already studied FIP majors at high school.

So these young fluffies will continue to study fluffie crap at college and hence be unable to earn good salaries (on the whole) because the economy does not value fluffie crap majors (e.g. psychology, sociology, arts, English lit, history, philosophy, women’s studies, anthropology, etc) and pays such graduates less. In many cases, these fluffie women graduates start jobs in areas that they did not even study for, so different from FIP major graduates who use their studies from their first day on the job.

So, these “fluffie crappers” will be unable to afford to buy a middle class house to raise their kids in, so they will look around for some manslave to parasite upon when they are in their 30s, with their biological clock ticking hard, knowing that time is running out for them to have a kid. By the time they reach their 40s their fertility will have fallen away to zero.

Thus, you see, that the real “fluffie damage” is done at high school, so to push all women to become FIPs, it is necessary to solve the problem at its roots, namely in the high schools.

Masculists are a lot more political than MGTOWs (who are, for the most part, apolitical, passive men’s libbers, who simply walk away from the marriage market and fatherhood, to avoid the risk of being financially massacred in a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court.)

So masculists and the more politically minded MGTOW activists, need to go to the high schools and give MGTOW-masculist talks to the students, educating them about MGTOW/masculist ideas. Since most high schools in many countries are co-ed(ucational) i.e. two sex schools, male and female, these MGTOW/masculist talks can and must be aimed AT BOTH SEXES, i.e. a warning can be given to the young male students to avoid marrying, having kids, and being a manslave to a fluffie, and a warning can be given to the young female students to avoid being a fluffie, because fluffies will not get a man, will not have babies, and will be poor. They wont even be sexed!

If you are a MGTOW/masculist and would like to give such a talk to a high school, then here is a suggested list of talk topics you could use. You could start off by explaining the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, giving a bit of history of the rise of second wave feminism in the 60s and 70s which pushed for equal rights for women, but then degraded into 3rd wave feminism, which is more about gynocentrism, especially in regard to the divorce courts, which are so massively unjust towards men.

You could tell your students that about one married father in four will be financially massacred in these divorce courts. Such odds are totally unacceptable for men, which explains why 70% (two thirds) of young men under 35 in the US refuse to marry and have kids. Really ram this point home to the young men in the audience. Tell them that a one in four chance of having your life ruined by marrying and having kids is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, so persuade them to avoid marriage and fatherhood until the gender laws are made menfair.

To the young women in the audience, tell them, that most of them will not have babies. Really ram that point home. Shock them. Tell them that a woman’s raison d’etre for millions of years was to have babies, to raise the next generation. But given the above “man strike” they will not marry and they wont find some manslave to pay for a middle class house that they can raise their kids in. Those days are GONE.

Tell these young women, that they must become FIPs, to even have a relationship with a man. Tell them, and the young men, about the twaytweffing lifestyle, that MGTOWs/masculists are opting for in such large numbers now. Twaytweffing is the 2A2F lifestyle, in which a FIP man and a FIP woman have a relationship, each with their own apartment (2 apartments, 2 FIPs). When the relationship fails, as most do, they both walk away back to their own apartments.

Tell the young men that twaytweffing allows men to get the regular sex that they need, without the traditional cost of being a manslave. Tell them that on separation, there will be no child payments, because no children, no alimony because the ex girlfriend is a FIP. Tell the young women, that the best they will be able to do re men, is to twaytwef. They wont have kids, because almost no men will be prepared to be fathers, because fatherhood is too risky due to the toxicity of the divorce courts.

Those female students (the majority in fact) who study fluffie crap at high school will not only not be twaytweffed, they wont even be sexed. There are so many FIP women now, that MGTOWs/masculists who want to twaytwef prefer to do so ONLY with FIP women, and avoid fluffies like the plague. So give them a blunt masculist slogan that they will remember “Fluffies wont even be fucked!” You can also give them other masculist slogans re fluffies – “Be FIP or be manless!” “Fluffies can rot on the shelf!” “FIPup woman!” “Rather a FIP than a fluffie” “Fluffies are immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin to be wiped out by forcing them to rot on the shelf to extinction!”

Then perhaps go into the idea of the lack of a Parer (paternity rejection right) for men. Tell them that this lack is the greatest of legal sexual discriminations against men, since women have a legal Marer (maternity rejection right, aka abortion right). Tell them that the gender politicians need to menfair the gender laws, by menfairing the divorce laws so that custody of children is JOINT by default,  no alimony, the original owner(s) of the house get to keep it, etc. Make your students conscious why fluffie feminists fight tooth and nail to block the Parer, because if the Parer came in, women across the board WOULD BE FORCED TO BE FIPs.

Towards the end of the talk, ram home the contempt and hatred that masculists have for fluffies, telling them that the fluffies are the enemy of the masculists, that masculists want to see the creation of a “FIP Society” in which all adults are FIPs who don’t parasite off the labor of another person.

Appeal to the young women in the audience to support masculism, so that the gender laws are reformed. Tell them that men will not be prepared to marry and have kids until the gender laws are made menfair. If women join forces with men to pressure the gender politicians to reform the gender laws, then men will become more prepared to marry and have kids. FIP women and masculists/MGTOWs need to become allies.

Suggest also the set up of a men’s lib group at the high school you are talking to. Ask for volunteers to come up to you at the end of the talk, so that you can get their emails and names, to start feeding them links to YouTube videos etc. During the talk put up the pseudonyms of prominent MGTOWs/masculists, e.g. Sandman, Turd Flinging Monkey, Thinking Ape, etc and explain why they use pseudonyms to avoid being doxed by feminazi bitches.

Tell them that the US population will be wiped out in a mere century if young men continue to refuse to marry and have kids, so the gender laws MUST be made menfair. Tell them about the Japanese “Herbivore” men, i.e. a third of young Japanese men refuse to even date or sex young women, causing the Japanese population to crash. There is even a Japanese minister of population now whose task it is to try to persuade young Japanese men to reproduce. That’s not going to happen until Japanese women are FIPped.

By the end of the talk, I hope you will have shocked them. The young women will be deeply shocked as they take in the message that they will NOT HAVE BABIES, and not even be sexed if they are “fluffie crappers.” The young men will be taught not to marry and not to have kids, thus tightening the screws on the gender politicians.

Talking to high schools is something MGTOWs could do easily, and would help get the MGTOW/masculist message out to a much broader audience. If each high school (and college) had a men’s lib group, then society would change.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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