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“GLOBA”(L) State

GLOBA The Global State


You can download for free my second book, entitled “Multis  and Monos, What the  Multicultured Can Teach the Monocultured,  Towards the Creation of a Global State” from (here).


Now that Im ARCing (After Retirement Careering), I’m free to do whatever I like.

I have several major intellectual interests at the moment, e.g.

a) Pushing the “Species Dominance Debate” worldwide (i.e. should humanity build godlike massively intelligent machines, with mental capacities trillions of trillions of times above human levels. This issue will dominate our global politics this century.

b) Pushing the ideology of Globism, i.e. in favor of creating a democratic global state, that would rid the world of war, get rid of the arms trade, educate everyone, and remove world poverty. Im now starting to get invited around the world to speak on this topic.

c) Writing technical books on topics in physics and math that I spend a lot of time researching, e.g. femtotech (see the tab on this in my website) that imagines a technology at the femtometer scale; topological quantum computing, that would make quantum computers robust and hence scalable. etc.

d) In 2012 I started to video my home lectures in graduate level Pure Math, Math Physics and Computer Theory, and put them up on YouTube so that students around the world can teach themselves these topics to PhD level for FREE. I consider this my benefaction to the planet. You can access these lectures by clicking on the “deGarisMPC” tab at the top menu of this website. There will be over 300 lecture sets in deGarisMPC, so it will take me over a decade to study and video them.



My second book was on this theme. You can see its cover by clicking on the BOOKS tab on my website, and then clicking on the cover to take you to

I wrote an essay on the topic for Ray Kurzweil’s site. It is called “GLOBA : Accelerating Technologies Will Create a Global State by 2050”. You can read that essay here.

Ive given several invited talks on the topic that were videoed.

The first was in Melbourne, Australia in August 2011, where I was invited to talk about “The Politics of AI” but got the chance to talk about Globa at an event a few days before the 2nd Australian Singularity Summit. It can be seen here.

The second was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA in October, 2011, at the Applied Brilliance meeting (similar in format to TED) to an audience of architects, designers, etc, where I handed out a questionnaire (whose results can be seen by clicking on the “Artilect POLLS” tab on my website.) This was a two part talk, the first half on Globa, and the second half on Cosmism (the ideology in favor of humanity building artilects (artificial intellects, with godlike mental capacities). You can see it here.

The PPt file for this two part talk (that you only see half of in the video), you can see here.

An essay entitled “Globist Manifesto” written in January 2012 can be found (here).

A Television Documentary on the Global State?

After being filmed for the Discovery Channel documentary on “When Robots Rule” I asked the TV production crew in NY who made this documentary, whether they would be interested in making a documentary on “Globa”, the rise of the global state. They said they were personally interested and that I should send them a proposed outline for a 2 hour documentary on the topic. I teamed up with Chris Hamer, a theoretical physicist at the University of New South Wales, and author of the book ” A Global Parliament : Principles of World Federation” which I thought was one of the best on the topic.

In August of 2011 I spent a week at Chris’s home in Sydney, Australia, writing up an outline that we sent to the TV production crew in NY who replied after some months – “We informally pitched Global State to Discovery & History, there was some initial interest with History, but they then backed away (but maybe they’ll come back). Discovery was not interested. ;-(.”

I’ve written two books so far, the first “The Artilect War” (about the rise of the massively intelligent machine) which has nearly sold out its first printing, and the second “Multis and Monos” (about the rise of a global state) which is hardly selling at all. I conclude from all this that the idea of creating a global state, especially for Americans, is ahead of their time. But its time will come. The internet speed keeps doubling every year, and the world becomes ever more globified. Its only a question of  time before the notion of “Globa” gets “in the air.”

If you would like to read the outline that Chris Hamer and I sent off to the NY television company, you can see it (here)



In April 2012, I was given the opportunity to speak for over 3 hours on a student run radio show called “Guilty Pleasures” out of Omaha, in the US. This was the second time I had been interviewed by the two undergraduate hosts of the show. The first was on the “Species Dominance Issue”, whose link is (here) and the second allowed me for the first time to speak at length on the rise of the global state this century. Its link is (here).

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