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Google Links to FULL-TEXT Files in My e-Libraries

Google Links to FULL-TEXT Files in My e-Libraries

Over the past year, Google has been putting up millions of links to “Full Content” files. This allows users to read the FULL CONTENTS of books that are normally “knowledge imprisoned” by pluddite paper text book publishers who place copyrights on the knowledge they publish. But lately, so many new links to full content files have been put up by Google, that this has caused a revolution in users’ free reading experience. Users can now read the full contents with a click of their mouse.

This is wonderful for me as a globacator. It means that I can copy the Google links into my e-libraries for users to be able to read the full contents of books, without any copyright problem. If Google puts up a link, I can simply copy that link into my own e-libraries.

So, this new extraordinary possibility, although wonderful for my e-library readers, implies another year’s work on my part, to systematically go through all my book links, to see if Google provides a full content link instead. If so, I then copy that link into my e-libraries, and while I’m at it, perhaps add another relevant link or two as well, for greater usefulness to readers.

I’m now working through all the book links in my e-libraries, systematically, a lot of tedious work, but extremely useful to the planet. It will mean that students all over the world, can read these books whose full-text links are provided by Google, so much thanks to Google.

I expect I will not get back to making YouTube lecture videos on Masters and PhD level Pure Math, and Math Physics until probably early 2017. I reason, these e-libraries that I’m making, take me only a few years, whereas the lecture videos will take me decades if I can live long enough. Its better to get the e-libraries out the door fairly quickly for immediate use to students, than to wait many years, while I’m preoccupied making lecture videos.

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