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GTM001  Introduction to Axiomatic Set Theory, Takeuti, Zaring  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM002  Measure and Category, 2nd. edn., Oxtoby  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM003  Topological Vector Spaces, Schaefer  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM004  A Course in Homological Algebra, Hilton, Stammbach  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM005  Categories for the Working Mathematician,  2nd. edn.,  Maclane  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM006  Projective Planes, Hughes, Piper  (unfree)  (free)  (free)

GTM007  A Course in Arithmetic, Serre  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM008  Axiomatic Set TheoryTakeuti, Zaring  (unfree)  (free)  (free)

GTM009  Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory, Humphreys  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM010  A Course in Simple-Homotopy Theory, Cohen  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM011  Functions of One Complex Variable, Conway  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM012  Advanced Mathematical Analysis, Beals  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM013  Rings and Categories of Modules, 2nd. edn., Anderson, Fuller  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM014  Stable Mappings and their Singularities, Golubitsky, Guillemin  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM015  Lectures in Functional Analysis and Operator Theory, Berberian  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)

GTM016  The Structure of Fields, Winter  (unfree)  (free)

GTM017  Random Processes, Rosenblatt  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ?

GTM018  Measure Theory, Halmos  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM019  A Hilbert Space Problem Book, 2nd. edn., Halmos  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM020  Fibre Bundles, 3rd. edn., Husemoller  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM021  Linear Algebraic Groups, 4th. edn., Humphreys  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM022  An Algebraic Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Barnes, Mack  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM023  Linear Algebra, 4th. edn., Greub  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM024  Geometric Functional Analysis and its Applications, Holmes  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM025  Real and Abstract Analysis, Hewitt, Stromberg  (unfree)   (free full text)

GTM026  Algebraic Theories, Manes  (unfree)   (full text)  ok

GTM027  General Topology, Kelley  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM028  Commutative Algebra Vol. I, Zariski, Samuel  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free full text)

GTM029  Commutative Algebra Vol. II, Zariski, Samuel  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM030  Lectures in Abstract Algebra I, Basic Concepts, Jacobson  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM031  Lectures in Abstract Algebra II, Linear Algebra, Jacobson  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM032  Lectures in Abstract Algebra III, Theory of Fields and Galois Theory, Jacobson  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM033  Differential Topology, Hirsch  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM034 Principles of Random Walk, 2nd. edn., Spitzer  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM035  Banach Algebras and Several Complex Variables, 3rd. edn., Alexander, Wermer  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM036  Linear Topological Spaces, Kelley, Namioka  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM037  Mathematical Logic, Monk  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ?

GTM038  Several Complex Variables, Grauert, Fritzsche  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM039  An Invitation to C*-Algebras, Arveson  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM040  Denumerable Markov Chains, 2nd. edn., Kemeny et al  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free)  (free)  (free)

GTM041  Modular Functions and Dirichlet Series in Number Theory, 2nd. edn., Apostol  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM042  Linear Representations of Finite Groups,  Serre  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM043  Rings of Continuous Functions , Gillman, Jerison  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM044  Elementary Algebraic Geometry, Kendig  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM045  Probability Theory I, 4th. edn, Loeve  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM046  Probability Theory II, Loeve  (unfree)  (free) (free full text)  (free)

GTM047  Geometric Topology in Dimensions 2 and 3, Moise  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM048  General Relativity for Mathematicians, Sachs, Wu  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM049  Linear Geometry, 2nd. edn., Gruenberg, Weir  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM050  Fermat’s Last Theorem, Edwards  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM051  A Course in Differential Geometry, Klingenberg  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM052  Algebraic Geometry, Hartshorne  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM053  A Course in Mathematical Logic for Mathematicians, Manin  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM054  Combinatorics with Emphasis on the Theory of Graphs, Graver, Watkins  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM055  Introduction to Operator Theory I, Elements of Functional Analysis, Brown, Pearcy  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM056  Algebraic Topology: An Introduction, Massey  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM057  Introduction to Knot Theory, Crowell, Fox  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM058  p-adic Numbers, p-adic Analysis, and Zeta-Functions, 2nd. edn., Koblitz  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM059  Cyclotomic Fields, Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM060  Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics, 2nd. edn., Arnold  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM061  Elements of Homotopy Theory, Whitehead  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM062  Fundamentals of the Theory of Groups, Kargapolov, Merlzjakov  (unfree)  (free)

GTM063  Graph Theory, An Introductory Course, Bollobas  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM064  Fourier Series, A Modern Introduction, Volume 1, 2nd. edn., Edwards  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM065  Differential Analysis on Complex Manifolds, Wells  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM066  Introduction to Affine Group Schemes, Waterhouse  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM067  Local Fields, Serre  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM068  Linear Operators in Hilbert Spaces, Weidmann  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM069  Cyclotomic Fields II, Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  (actually GTM121)  ok

GTM070  Singular Homology Theory, Massey  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM071  Riemann Surfaces, 2nd. edn., Farkas, Kra  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM072  Classical Topology and Combinatorial Group Theory, Stillwell  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM073  Algebra, Hungerford  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM074  Multiplicative Number Theory, 2nd. edn., Davenport  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM075  Basic Theory of Algebraic Groups and Lie Algebras, Hochschild  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM076  Algebraic Geometry, An Introduction to Birational Geometry of Algebraic Varieties, Iitaka  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM077  Lectures on the Theory of Algebraic Numbers, Hecke  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM078  A Course in Universal Algebra, Burris, Sankappanavar  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM079  An Introduction to Ergodic Theory, Walters  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (full text)  ?

GTM080  A Course in the Theory of Groups, Robinson  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM081  Lectures on Riemann Surfaces, Forster  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM082  Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology, Bott, Tu  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok    

GTM083  Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields, 2nd. edn., Washington  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM084  A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory, Ireland, Rosen  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM085  Fourier Series, A Modern Introduction, Vol 2, 2nd. edn., Edwards  (unfree)  (free)

GTM086  Introduction to Coding Theory, 3rd. edn., van Lint  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM087  Cohomology of Groups, Brown  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM088  Associative Algebras, Pierce  (unfree)  (free full text)  (full text)  ok

GTM089  Introduction to Algebraic and Abelian Functions, Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM090  An Introduction to Convex Polytopes, Brondsted  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM091  The Geometry of Discrete Groups, Beardon  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM092  Sequences and Series in Banach Spaces, Diestel  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM093  Modern Geometry – Methods and Applications, Part 1, The Geometry of Surfaces, Transformation Groups, and Fields, 2nd. edn., Dubrovin, Fomenko, Novikov  (unfree)  (free)  (docenti full text)  ?

GTM094  Foundations of Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups, Warner  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM095  Probability-1, 2nd. edn., Shiryaev  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM096  A Course in Functional Analysis, Conway  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM097  Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms, 2nd. edn., Koblitz  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM098  Representations of Compact Lie Groups, Brocker, Dieck  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM099  Finite Reflection Groups, 2nd. edn., Grove, Benson  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM100  Harmonic Analysis on Semigroups, Berg, Christensen, Ressel  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM101  Galois Theory, Edwards  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free full text) (free full text)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM102  Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Their Representations, Varadarajan  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free full text)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM103  Complex Analysis, 4th. edn., Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM104  Modern Geometry— Methods and Applications, Part II, The Geometry and Topology of Manifolds, Dubrovin, Fomenko, Novikov  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ?

GTM105  SL2(R), Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM106  The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, Silverman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM107  Applications of Lie Groups to Differential Equations, Olver  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM108  Holomorphic Functions and Integral Representations in Several Complex Variables, Range  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM109  Univalent Functions and Teichmüller Spaces, Lehto  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM110  Algebraic Number Theory, 2nd. edn., Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM111  Elliptic Curves, Husemoeller  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM112  Elliptic Functions, 2nd. edn., Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM113  Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus, 2nd. edn., Karatzas, Shreve  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM114  A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography, 2nd. edn., Koblitz  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM115  Differential Geometry: Manifolds, Curves, and Surfaces, Berger, Gostiaux  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM116  Measure and Integral, Vol 1, Kelley, Srinivasan  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM117  Algebraic Groups and Class Fields, Serre  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM118  Analysis Now, Pedersen  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM119  An Introduction to Algebraic Topology, Rotman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM120  Weakly Differentiable Functions, Ziemer  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM121  Cyclotomic Fields I and II, Combined 2nd. edn., Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM122  Theory of Complex Functions, Remmert  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM123  Numbers, Ebbinghaus  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)

GTM124  Modern Geometry—Methods and Applications, Part III, Introduction to Homology Theory, Dubrovin, Fomenko, Novikov  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM125  Complex Variables, An Introduction, Berenstein, Gay  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM126  Linear Algebraic Groups, 2nd. edn., Borel  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM127  A Basic Course in Algebraic Topology, Massey  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM128  Partial Differential Equations, Rauch  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM129  Representation Theory, A First Course, Fulton, Harris  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM130  Tensor Geometry, The Geometric Viewpoint and its Uses, 2nd. edn.,  Dodson, Poston  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM131  A First Course in Noncommutative Rings, 2nd. edn., Lam  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (full text)  ?

GTM132  Iteration of Rational Functions, Beardon  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM133  Algebraic Geometry, A First Course, Harris  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM134  Coding and Information Theory, Roman  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM135  Advanced Linear Algebra, 3rd. edn., Roman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM136  Algebra, An Approach via Module Theory, Adkins,  Weintraub  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM137  Harmonic Function Theory, 2nd. edn., Axler, Bourdon, Ramey  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM138  A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory, Cohen  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM139  Topology and Geometry, Bredon  (unfree)  (free full text)  (full text)  ok

GTM140  Optima and Equilibria, An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis, Aubin  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM141  Gröbner Bases, A Computational Approach to Commutative Algebra, Becker  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM142  Real and Functional Analysis, 3rd. edn., Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM143  Measure Theory, Doob  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM144  Noncommutative Algebra, Farb, Dennis  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM145  Homology Theory, An Introduction to Algebraic Topology, 2nd. edn., Vick  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM146 Computability, A Mathematical Sketchbook, Bridges  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM147  Algebraic K-Theory and Its Applications, Rosenberg  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM148  An Introduction to the Theory of Groups, 4th. edn., Rotman  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM149  Foundations of Hyperbolic Manifolds, Ratcliffe  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM150  Commutative Algebra, Eisenbud  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM151  Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, Silverman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM152  Lectures on Polytopes, Ziegler  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM153  Algebraic Topology, A First Course, Fulton  (unfree)  (full text)  153

GTM154  An Introduction to Analysis, Brown, Pearcy  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM155  Quantum Groups, Kassel  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM156  Classical Descriptive Set Theory, Kechris  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM157  Integration and Probability, Malliavin  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM158  Field Theory, 2nd. edn., Roman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM159  Functions of One Complex Variable, Vol. II, Conway  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM160  Differential and Riemannian Manifolds, 3rd. edn., Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM161  Polynomials and Polynomial Inequalities, Borwein, Erdelyi  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM162  Groups and Representations, Alperin, Bell  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM163  Permutation Groups, Dixon, Mortimer  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM164  Additive Number Theory, The Classical Bases, Nathanson  (unfree)

GTM165  Additive Number Theory: Inverse Problems and the Geometry of Sumsets, Nathanson  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM166  Differential Geometry, Cartan’s Generalization of Klein’s Erlangen Program, Sharpe  (unfree)  (Weyl bio free)  (free)

GTM167  Field and Galois Theory, Morandi  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM168  Combinatorial Convexity and Algebraic Geometry, Ewald  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM169  Matrix Analysis, Bhatia  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM170  Sheaf Theory, 2nd. edn., Bredon  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM171  Riemannian Geometry, 2nd. edn., Petersen  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM172  Classical Topics in Complex Function Theory, Remmert  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM173  Graph Theory, Diestel  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM174  Foundations of Real and Abstract Analysis, Bridges  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM175  An Introduction to Knot Theory, Lickorish  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM176  Riemannian Manifolds, An Introduction to Curvature, Lee  (unfree) (full text)  ok

GTM177  Analytic Number Theory, Newman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM178  Nonsmooth Analysis and Control Theory, Clarke,  Ledyaev,  Stern,  Wolenski  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM179  Banach Algebra Techniques in Operator Theory, 2nd. edn., Douglas  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM180  A Course on Borel Sets, Srivastava  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM181  Numerical Analysis, Kress  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM182  Ordinary Differential Equations, Walter   (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM183  An Introduction to Banach Space Theory, Megginson  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM184  Modern Graph Theory, Bollobas  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ?

GTM185  Using Algebraic Geometry, Cox, Little, O’Shea  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM186  Fourier Analysis on Number Fields, Ramakrishnan, Valenza  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM187  Moduli of Curves, Harris, Morrison  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM188  Lectures on the Hyperreals, An Introduction to Nonstandard Analysis, Goldblatt  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM189  Lectures on Modules and Rings, Lam  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM190  Problems in Algebraic Number Theory, 2nd. edn., Esmonde, Murty  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM191  Fundamentals of Differential Geometry, Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM192  Elements of Functional Analysis, Hirsch, Lacombe  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM193  Advanced Topics in Computational Number Theory, Cohen  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM194  One-Parameter Semigroups for Linear Evolution Equations, Engel, Nagel  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM195  Elementary Methods in Number Theory, Nathanson  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)  (full text)  ok

GTM196  Basic Homological Algebra, Osborne  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM197  The Geometry of Schemes, Eisenbud, Harris  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM198  A Course in p-adic Analysis, Robert  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM199  Theory of Bergman Spaces, Hedenmalm, Korenblum, Zhu  (unfree)  (free)

GTM200  An Introduction to Riemann-Finsler Geometry, Bao, Chern, Shen  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM201  Diophantine Geometry, An Introduction, Hindry, Silverman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM202  Introduction to Topological Manifolds, 2nd. edn., Lee  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)   (free full text)

GTM203  The Symmetric Group, 2nd. edn., Sagan  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM204  Galois Theory, Escofier  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM205  Rational Homotopy Theory, Félix, Halperin, Thomas  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM206  Problems in Analytic Number Theory, 2nd. edn.,  Murty  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM207  Algebraic Graph Theory, Godsil, Royle  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM208  Analysis for Applied Mathematics, Cheney  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM209  A Short Course on Spectral Theory, Arveson  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM210  Number Theory in Function Fields, Rosen  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM211  Algebra, 3rd. edn., Lang  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM212  Lectures on Discrete Geometry, Matousek  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM213  From Holomorphic Functions to Complex Manifolds, Fritzsche, Grauert  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM214  Partial Differential Equations, 3rd. edn., Jost   (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM215  Algebraic Functions and Projective Curves, Goldschmidt  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM216  Matrices : Theory and Applications, 2nd. edn., Serre  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM217  Model Theory : An Introduction, Marker  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM218  Introduction to Smooth ManifoldsLee   (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM219  The Arithmetic of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds, Maclachlan, Reid  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM220  Smooth Manifolds and Observables, Nestruev  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM221  Convex Polytopes, 2nd. edn., Gruenbaum    (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM222  Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations, Hall  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM223  Fourier Analysis and Its Applications, Vretblad  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM224  Metric Structures in Differential Geometry, Walschap  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM225  Lie Groups, 2nd. edn., Bump  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM226  Spaces of Holomorphic Functions in the Unit Ball, Zhu  (unfree)  (free)  (free)

GTM227  Combinatorial Commutative Algebra, Miller, Sturmfels  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM228  A First Course in Modular Forms, Diamond, Shurman  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM229  The Geometry of Syzygies, Eisenbud   (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (full text)  ok

GTM230  An Introduction to Markov Processes, Stroock  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM231  Combinatorics of Coxeter Groups, Bjorner, Brenti  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM232  An Introduction to Number Theory, Everest, Ward  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM233  Topics in Banach Space Theory, Albiac, Kalton  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM234  Analysis and Probability, Jorgensen  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM235  Compact Lie Groups, Sepanski  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM236  Bounded Analytic Functions, Garnett  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)

GTM237  An Introduction to Operators on the Hardy-Hilbert Space, Martinez-Avendano, Rosenthal  (unfree)  (free)

GTM238  A Course in Enumeration, Aigner  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM239  Number Theory, Vol. I, Tools and Diophantine Equations, Cohen  (unfree)  (free)  (free)

GTM240  Number Theory, Vol. II, Analytic and Modern Tools, Cohen  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM241  The Arithmetic of Dynamical Systems, Silverman  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (near full text)  ok

GTM242  Abstract Algebra, 2nd. edn., Grillet  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM243  Topological Methods in Group Theory, Geoghegan  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM244  Graph Theory, Bondy, Murty  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM245  Complex Analysis in the Spirit of Lipman Bers, Gilman, Kra, Rodriguez  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM246  A Course in Commutative Banach Algebras, Kaniuth  (unfree)  (free

GTM247  Braid Groups, Kassel, Turaev  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)

GTM248  Buildings, Theory and Applications, Abramenko, Brown  (unfree)  (free)  (near full text)  ok

GTM249  Classical Fourier Analysis, Grafakos  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM250  Modern Fourier Analysis, Grafakos  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)

GTM251 The Finite Simple Groups, Wilson  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)

GTM252  Distributions and Operators, Grubb  (unfree)  (free

GTM253  Elementary Functional Analysis, MacCluer  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)

GTM254  Algebraic Function Fields and Codes, 2nd. edn., Stichtenoth  (unfree)  (free)

GTM255  Symmetry, Representations, and Invariants, Goodman, Wallach  (unfree)  (free)

GTM256  A Course in Commutative Algebra, Kemper, Gregor  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM257  Deformation Theory, Hartshorne  (unfree)  (near full text)  ok

GTM258  Foundations of Optimization, Guler  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM259  Ergodic Theory with A View Towards Number Theory, Einsiedler, Ward  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM260  Monomial Ideals,  Herzog  (unfree)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM261  Probability and Stochastics, Cinlar  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)  (free full text)  (free full text)

GTM262  Essentials of Integration Theory for Analysis, Stroock  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM263  Analysis on Fock Spaces, Zhu  (unfree)

GTM264  Functional Analysis, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Clarke  (unfree)

GTM265  Unbounded Self-adjoint Operators on Hilbert Space, Schmudgen  (unfree)  (free)

GTM266  Calculus Without Derivatives, Penot  (unfree)  (free)  (free)

GTM267  Quantum Theory for Mathematicians, Hall  (unfree)  (full text)  ?

GTM268  Geometric Analysis of the Bergman Kernel and Metric,  Krantz  (unfree)  (free)

GTM269  Locally Convex Spaces,  Osborne  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)

GTM270  Fundamentals of Algebraic Topology, Weintraub  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)

GTM271   Integer Programming, Conforti et al  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM272   Operator Theoretic Aspects of Ergodic Theory, Eisner et al  (unfree)  (full text)  ok

GTM273   Homotopical Topology, Fomenko, Fuchs  (unfree)  (free full text)

GTM274  Brownian Motion, Martingales, and Stochastic Calculus , Le Gall  (unfree)  (free)

GTM275  Differential Geometry, Connections, Curvature, and Characteristic Classes, Tu  (unfree)

GTM276  Functional Analysis, Spectral Theory, and Applications Einsiedler, Ward  (unfree)

GTM277  The Moment Problem Schmuedgen  (unfree)

GTM278  Modern Real AnalysisZiemer, Torres  (unfree)

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