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Help Me Find (full text) Links to Books

Help Me Find (full text) Links to Books!

Over the past few years, Google has been putting up links to the full contents (full text) of books. This is a wonderful service provided by Google, because it enables a revolution in high level education to take place. Students will be able to study such texts for free, thus revolutionizing their education, across the planet.

The problem is that it often takes many minutes to find such a (full text) link. There are 10,000s of books in my e-libraries in Ms and PhD level Pure Math, Math Physics, Philosophy, etc, so if I don’t get some help, I will be spending a huge amount of time tracking down (full text) links for these books for these libraries that are aimed at Ms and PhD students around the world.

SO, I need your help. If you sense the revolutionary impact of creating e-libraries which contain links to (full text) books, then you might like to help me find these links. You may have some idle moments that you could use to find a few links and then email them to me at

How to find such (full text) links? Go to one of my e-libraries, and drag your cursor along a book title and author, and then paste it into the search window of, plus the term pdf so that the google search engine looks for full content files. If you find one, please email me the link in the following form

author’s family name, book title (full text)     (where the link is attached to the full text string)

I’m hoping some of you who would like to participate in this educational revolution will find hundreds of (full text) links for me, and thus speed up the creation of (full text) linked e-libraries.

I’m hoping once 1000s of students realize the enormous impact that (full text) linked e-libraries will have on making high level education FREE, that other free profs will do the same in their specialties. I’m providing (full text) links to books in Ms, PhD level Pure Math, Math Physics, Philosophy, Computer Theory, etc. Other free profs can do something similar in other “pad and pencil” topics (that can be taught online).






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