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Recently I came across a video by TFM (Turd Flinging Monkey) talking about a men’s lib group at a US university that was having problems with the feminist group of that university. I wasn’t so much interested in the problems, as in the very existence of the men’s lib group itself. I’ve been pushing for over a year for the establishment of men’s lib groups at colleges and high schools.

So thanks to TFM, I have learned that men’s lib groups are starting up at colleges. I’ve yet to hear of a high school men’s lib group starting up, so if there is one or more out there please make yourself known in this comment window.

It is inevitable that such men’s lib groups at colleges will exist. The number of views and YouTube channels on the theme of MGTOW/masculism/MRA etc is growing exponentially, so it is only a question of time before large numbers of young students at college and university are MGTOWs/masculists and form a MGTOW/masculist group at their institutions. Perhaps they belong to a frat (fraternity) at a university, and hold regular meetings, in which they talk about MGTOW/masculist themes, perhaps inviting individual members to give a PPt talk on a given topic, swapping links to interesting MGTOW/masculist YouTube videos, etc.

This flyer is aimed at such college based men’s lib groups.

This is not the first time I have devoted a flyer to this topic. If you go to my

you will see several flyers on that theme, which give suggestions on what such college based men’s lib groups could do at their regular meetings, so I wont repeat myself much here, but simply invite you to click on the above link and browse down the list of roughly 70 flyers (each about 2 pages each).

I suppose I ought to say at least something about what MGTOW/masculists could do on campus, concentrating on the dominant ideas. A campus wide men’s lib group would have as its main aim, the education of other men on campus. Even though the number of views on MGTOW/masculist videos/essays is growing exponentially, the percentage of male students on campus who are familiar with the principal MGTOW/masculist ideas is still small, probably under 10%, so MGTOWs/masculists still have a major educational task ahead. We need men’s lib groups on campus and high schools to spread the word.

What word? Well, the major ideas, such as the toxicity of the divorce courts, that have been taken over by fluffie feminists, so that roughly one married man in four gets financially massacred by a divorce, losing his kids, his house, paying child support, and alimony to his fluffie parasitic ex wife. Tell campus males that divorce and hence marriage is TOXIC and should be avoided. Tell them that 70% of young men under 35 in the US and Japan are MGTOW in practice (if not ideologically) in the sense of refusing to marry and have kids. They spend their money on themselves. Tell them about the twaytwef lifestyle, so that they can get the regular sex that their bodies crave, but not have to pay the traditional price of being a manslave to a contemptible fluffie parasite.

Tell them about the “red pill” i.e. that women don’t love men. Women love men’s exploitability. If a man loses his ability to financially aid his female partner, she is genetically programmed (evolved) to lose interest in him, deny him sex, and to move on to the next manslave candidate. Tell them about women’s hypergamous nature, i.e. that women are always on the lookout for a more exploitable male. If one comes along and it is realistic for her to drop her current manslave in exchange for a richer, more powerful, better looking, manslave, she will.  Tell them how the human female evolved to be a prostitute for men, that women were dependent on men to provide women with protein, because women were frequently pregnant and immobile, unable to hunt, looking after small children, so depended on men to give them protein in exchange for sex. Human females are the sexiest of mammals, because they evolved to be prostitutes. It is their nature. Male protein in exchange for female sex, i.e. prostitution.

Tell them, that if women are not FIPs (financially independent persons) they will not get a man even to twaytwef with her. Masculists refuse to sex fluffies, as a form of punishment. Tell them to put moral pressure on female students not to be “fluffie crappers” i.e. studying fluffie crap majors that will not allow them to become FIPs as adults, so in their 30s when their biological clocks are ticking, these fluffie women will look around for some exploitable manslave to pay for the middle class house she wants to raise her kids in, and a decade later divorce him, take his house and kids, and have him pay for her with child payments and alimony.

Tell them to tell man dumping, misandrist, feminazi, bitches that they are the first category of women to be rejected by MGTOWs/masculists. Tell them to tell ordinary female students, that most of them will not have kids. That will scare the shit out of them, because having kids is what women evolved for. It is their prime raison d’etre.

Tell them to put political pressure on the gender politicians to menfair the divorce laws and to pass the Parer (paternity rejection right.) Tell them that it is not enough to be a FIP, that women also need to suppress their true female nature in wanting to nag men, deny sex with men when they are bored, trying to mould him the way she wants. A twaytweffing man can throw out his girlfriend so easily by just walking back to his own apartment, and she to hers. Twaytweffing keeps the woman being nice. If she starts behaving like a feminazi bitch, he walks out of that relationship pronto.

So if you are a lone MGTOW/masculist at your college, your university, your frat, your high school, then talk to your friends, and form a group inside your institution, then really start getting the word out. There is plenty of MGTOW/masculist material on the web now. It only needs to be disseminated to become main stream. That hasn’t happened yet, but its surely coming. The next step after the ideology creation phase, which is where we are now, is the educational phase, the phase of heavy growth in the numbers of men who label themselves as men’s libbers, MGTOWs, masculists, MRAs, etc.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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