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How Many Years Before a Second “Free Prof?”

How Many Years Before a Second “Free Prof?”

I sometimes wonder how long it will take before I see a second “free prof” i.e. a (probably retired) professor who does what I am doing, i.e. teaching comprehensively  a whole subject area (or several) from undergrad level to PhD2 level, providing YouTube lecture course videos on these subjects as well as e-libraries, all for free? Lately, I gave (full text), i.e. (full content) links to the text books of the courses I will be videoing over the coming years and decades if I can live long enough.

I’m trying to revolutionize high level education, i.e. Ms and PhD levels, by doing the above, making it possible for very bright (i.e. PhD level, with IQs in the top percentile) students around the world to TEACH THEMSELVES these topics (Pure Math, Math Physics, Computer Theory) FOR FREE. Google has put up so many (full text) links to text books lately, that I’m able to choose (in most cases, except at PhD2 level quite often) an author whose textbook for a given course has a (full text) link i.e. a link to the full contents of the textbook, making it readable/downloadable by any student with the internet.

I call myself a “free profer” and a “globacator” (global educator). It is obvious to me that the above possibilities will revolutionize high level education, and therefore is very important.

(My longer term dream is to help generate a fully democratic world state (called “Globa”) due to the education of the middle class, world wide. History shows that advanced democracies do not go to war with each other, their voting populations do not allow it. Countries democratize when the proportion of their educated middle class is high enough, correlating with a standard of living of about $6000-$8000 a year per person. Interestingly China is now at $8000/yr/person. SO, by educating the intellectual elite for free, I hope to increase the proportion of the middle class around the world, which always pushes for democracy, hence eventually the creation of a fully democratic world government, that is warless, arms-tradeless and peaceful.)

My question is how many years will it take before a second free prof comes on the scene doing what I do in his specialty, e.g. law, philosophy, etc. My guess is about 3 years (starting from 2016, so I expect a second free prof to appear before 2020). There are a few YouTube video course makers, e.g. Dr. Bob, who makes math videos on a range of subjects, but not in the systematic way I’m trying to do, i.e. to have a math and physics set of courses from undergrad level to PhD2 level, i.e. having it “all under one roof.” For the planet’s sake and for the sake of free grad level education, I hope I’m wrong about it taking about 3 years from 2016, but things move slowly and it takes literally years for a revolutionary idea to really sink in.

Once there are many free profs, universities will be affected. Most undergrad universities in “pad and pencil” fields (e.g. math, philosophy, etc, that don’t require presence in a lab to do experimental work or hands on learning with patients, such as in medicine, dentistry, etc) will die out, killed off by the free education provided by the free profs (which is why I labeled them free profs in the first place.) So we free profs are causing a revolution, but most of it lies in the future. It hasn’t happened yet.

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