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The MGTOW/masculist movements are still in “phase one”, i.e. consciousness raising, i.e. men becoming conscious that there is a major problem with men’s lives, e.g. the toxicity of the divorce courts, the gynocentric nature of modern culture, the lack of a Parer, etc. There are now 1000s of MGTOW videos on YouTube, so men in their millions across the planet are waking up that things need to change.
It is only a question of time, before enough MGTOW men exist, for a threshold to be reached, so that “phase two” can start, which I call “main stream.” When Betty Friedan wrote her famous “The Feminine Mystique” which launched the second wave feminist movement in 1963, she was a movement of one. Half a century, later, feminism is now an unconscious part of the culture, with even mindless middle class women living the life advocated by the sage (intellectual) feminist leaders of the 60s.
So today’s MGTOW leaders (e.g. TFM, Sandman, Thinking Ape, etc) are the modern equivalent of the Betty Friedans of the 60s. They are just getting going, still polishing what the MGTOW/masculist ideas are.
I think however, that these ideas are now fairly crystalized, i.e. that a consensus has been reached on what MGTOW is about. So the movement’s leaders need to be thinking now about how to launch “phase two”, which is what this flyer is about.
You may ask, why is there even a need for a “phase two?” Why not just stay in “phase one” with millions of men going their own way, not caring about the rest of the culture nor the future of humanity? Well, not all of us are so misanthropic. Some of us care about the future of humanity, and do not want to see MGTOW become total, i.e. so that NO babies get born, so that the human species dies out, as will happen if society is not reformed, in order that men are prepared to be fathers again.
So, sooner or later, THERE HAS TO BE A  PHASE TWO. So what should it consist of, and how to bring it about? I think several phase two goals are obvious. I list a string of them now.
MGTOW/masculism needs to seriously beef up its efforts to spread its ideas to the billions, i.e. to the world, to everyone, so that MGTOW/masculist ideas are as well known and incorporated into common culture as are feminist ideas today. For that to happen, the slow way is to continue what we are doing today, i.e. limiting ourselves to making YouTube videos, writing essays, etc.
What we need to do, is get the media on our side. There are millions of journalists, TV producers, etc. We need to lobby them more effectively, so that some of them bite, take the bait, and start spreading the MGTOW/masculist message to the masses. I suspect that will begin to happen within a year or two on a non negligible scale. The BBC did a documentary recently on the MGTOW movement, but I haven’t seen it yet, so cant judge its quality or effectiveness.
I sent my MGTOW/masculist flyers to the major US newspapers, but not a single bite – so different from what happened to me in the early 80s. So I’m wondering what is going on with male journalists today? Half of them have been divorced and many were financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, so surely they must be primed for MGTOW/masculist ideas? Are they afraid to report on these ideas due to feminist pressure at work? Puzzling! But I live in a cultural cocoon in China, so I don’t have my hand on the western pulse.
MGTOWs/masculists also need  to help set up men’s lib groups in high schools and colleges, so that the young and the smart people can be influenced by MGTOW ideas, so that in turn, millions of young men can put moral pressure on fluffie crapper 16 year old women, to study FIP majors (not fluffie crap that will force them to study fluffie crap at university, and then be fluffies in their 30s and have to look to some manslave to pay for them to live in a middle class house to have their kids in. With millions of MGTOWs/masculists in a country, there will be people enough to organize such men’s lib groups in every school and college.
Then, the gender politicians need to be tackled. The masculists particularly, are conscious that the gender politicians were the cause of the new divorce laws of the 70s that made divorce and hence marriage so toxic for men, so the gender laws obviously have to be changed. So with MGTOW/masculist ideas constantly on the media and in peoples’ minds, the gender politicians will get the message that if they don’t menfair the gender laws, they will eventually be assassinated, because it is only a question of time before ordinary people, male and female, take drastic measures if the population continues to crash, as is inevitable if two thirds (and more in the future) of young men refuse to marry and have kids.
Once several gender politicians have been murdered, they will become the favorite target of gender fair vigilante groups, both male and female, to menfair the gender laws.
Men will kill gender politicians, because they want gender justice for men. Women will kill gender politicians because they want to have a man who will give them babies. These murderously angry women, who are being deprived of their genetic destiny (i.e. having babies, which is what they evolved to do) will be very conscious that the reason they cant have babies, is because men refuse paternity, due to the toxicity of the divorce courts and the gynocentric gender laws. Many babyless women will become avid female masculists, pushing for the menfairing of the gender laws.
With the whole culture very cognizant of MGTOW/masculist ideas, high school teachers and parents can socialize their students and children to be FIPs. Girls will need to be socialized as much as boys to be FIPs, to be adult, to take responsibility for their own lives, to pull their weight financially as adults, and especially to study FIP majors (math and the sciences) in high school, so as to be able to earn their own good salaries as adults, and not parasite on a man.
When all this “phase two” stuff runs to completion, the gender laws will be changed, fluffies will be shunned, FIP women will be the norm, men will have menfair divorce laws, men will have the Parer, men will be more willing to have kids, and the catastrophic crash of the population will slow. A century from now, the world population will probably be a tenth of what it is now, and that will be a good thing for the earth.
After that there wont be any more gender politicians, because there will probably be little left in the way of gender. Both men and women will be strongly conditioned to be FIPs. Our grandchildren will look back at our era, and shudder. “God, men had it bad in those days. They were slaves to women. Women were children, they were parasitic, useless, lazy, bitches. Women today have equal rights, but also equal obligations. They know that they have to pull their weight financially, or they don’t eat, and rightly so. Its only fair.”
Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis
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