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One thing is for sure, and that is that they must react, because if they don’t, there wont be any people left to have power over. They themselves will not be replaced.

There are several ways the gender politicians can react. Probably in practice, they will try all of these options and some will fail, and hopefully one will succeed. The various options are of two broad types.

1.  The Feminist Approach

This approach assumes the traditional male role of being manslaves to women, so that the gender politicians base their policies on this basic unquestioned assumption. Their female voters will push for this approach as well. So the gender politicians will do what they can to force men into continuing to pay for women, by legislating such things as a bachelor’s tax, higher tax rates for unmarried men, pressing the media to shame men into being more amenable to being manslaves to women, etc.

Of course this approach wont work, as it is the traditional male manslave role ITSELF that is the problem, that men in their millions are REACTING AGAINST. The shaming, “man up” approach was tried in Japan, where the herbivore men (the Japanese equivalent of the MGTOWs) have had more effect on crashing the population because they have been rebelling against the manslave role for longer than MGTOWs in the western countries.

2. The MGTOW/Masculist Approach

The masculists need to educate the gender politicians that the feminist approach wont work, and will actually accentuate the problem, alienating men even more against the traditional manslave role. Gender politicians need to be taught, and society needs to be taught that there is a definite alternative solution to the population annihilation problem, and that is that society needs to become a “FIP Society” i.e. both sexes are to be socialized and educated to be FIPs (financially independent persons). This option will revolutionize society. Parents will have to apply powerful moral pressure on their daughters to become FIPs, scaring them with masculist slogans such as “no calculus, no baby” “be FIP or be manless” “fluffies can rot on the shelf” etc. Schools will also apply strong moral pressure on girls that they should toughen up and study the “hard option” of math and the sciences in 12th grade high school, so that they are not excluded from the FIP major departments at universities which require math and science as prerequisites for student entry. Society needs to push women to be FIPs by putting moral pressure on women to “woman up” and pull their weight financially. The media , and particularly Hollywood, needs to push the “FIP Society” model so that the unthinking portion of the population (about 90% of the population) is pushed along in the FIP Society direction.

The most important change must come from the gender politicians who need to “men-fair” the gender laws, especially in regard to the divorce laws. Today’s divorce laws are a moral outrage towards men, financially massacring them in the divorce courts, where one married man in four will lose custody of his kids with 90% probability, he will lose his house to the fluffie ex-wife, he will have to pay child support to kids hebarely sees, and alimony to his fluffie ex-wife so that she can remain a fluffie, parasiting off his money after the divorce as she did before the divorce.

New divorce laws need to be passed by the gender politicians that are men fair. The owners of the house before the divorce get to keep it. Alimony is thrown out. Divorcing couples are encouraged to buy a cheap one person apartment near the house that the ex spouses alternate it. One week the father lives in the house with the kids, while the mother lives in the apartment, and the following week they swap places.

The gender politicians need to pass a Parer law. (Parer = paternity rejection right). If a man is involved in a pregnancy not desired by him, he should be given the right to reject paternity of the fetus. He should be able to fill in a “paternity rejection  form” at his local JP (justice of the peace) so that if the woman decides to go through with the pregnancy then the entire financial responsibility of the child becomes hers and hers alone. If the gender politicians continue to see women as “poor helpless creatures that need to be paid for by men” then the MGTOWs and masculists will continue to hate them, and just go further “their own way”. There are many other forms of legal and social discrimination against men that will need to be legislated away.

The masculists need to educate society, that the only effective way to stop the annihilation of the population is to make the gender laws menfair. Until that is done, the MGTOWs and masculists will continue to reject fluffies and have nothing to do with them. They will refuse to marry and have children, because they are too aware of the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts and so avoid marrying and having kids like the plague.

Pretty soon, the media will latch on to the biggest story of the century, namely that the MGTOWs and masculists are wiping out the population by refusing to marry and have kids. 70% of young men in the US under 35 do this. This is no fringe movement. Once the media wakes up, due probably to the educational efforts of the masculists (and indirectly by the politically passive MGTOWs) they will push the vision of the “FIP Society” of the masculists onto the population. This in turn will change society’s attitudes towards fluffies and put huge moral pressure on women to be FIPs.

How soon will it be before the gender politicians feel the moral and political pressure on them to menfair the gender laws? I would say within 5 years. There are now so many MGTOW videos on YouTube, that the tide is turning. Within a decade, the proportion of men who refuse to marry and have kids will probably be over the 90% range, and women will be screaming that they cant find a man to have a kid with, who is prepared to help pay for the cost of the kid. There will rise a female masculist movement of women who agree with the arguments of the MGTOWs/masculists and help these men’s lib movements pressure the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws.

The gender politicians MUST react. The annihilation of the population is a ticking time bomb that cannot be ignored. Each year as the population keeps dropping, the writing on the wall will be written in ever bolder letters so that even male feminist, man-traitor gender politicians will be able to read it. THEY MUST REACT. The only question is when, how soon and how effectively. The masculists (who do the political work) will have to keep up powerful political pressure on them, accusing them of being genocidal criminals, because it is they who have created the current gender laws that are so deeply alienating hundreds of millions of men in the western countries.

Creating a “FIP Society” will be revolutionary. It will involve fundamental changes and attitudes towards men’s and women’s gender roles in society. It will take effort and hard work, so men, roll up your sleeves!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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