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Humanist Press Books List (philosophy)

Humanist Press Books List (philosophy)

American Ethics and the Virtuous Citizen: Basic Principles, Grant  (unfree)

American Ethics and the Virtuous Citizen: The Blessings of Liberty, Grant  (unfree)

American Ethics and the Virtuous Citizen: The Right to Life, Grant  (unfree)

An Atheist for Governor of South Carolina?, Silverman

Ancient Myth and Modern Life, Larue  (unfree)

A Short History of Evolution, Coon  (unfree)

Becoming More Fully Human, Murry  (unfree)

Belief & Unbelief, Womanhood Beyond Religion, Walker  (unfree)

Creating Change Through Humanism, Speckhardt  (unfree)

Fighting Back the Right, Niose  (unfree)

Fog and Other Stories, Egan  (unfree)

Freedom is as Freedom Does, Lamont  (unfree)

Freedom of Choice Affirmed, Lamont  (unfree)

Freethought Across the Centuries, Larue  (unfree)

Godless Grace, How Nonbelievers Are Making the World Safer, Richer and Kinder, Orenstein  (unfree)

Goodbye God?, Wilson  (unfree)

Good without God: What a Billion Non-Religious People do Believe, Epstein  (unfree)

Great Quotations on Religious Freedom, Menendez  (unfree)

Holidays and other Disasters, Rodwan  (unfree)

Humanism as the Next Step, Morain  (unfree)

The Humanist Approach to Happiness, Hancock  (unfree)

The Illusion of Immortality, Lamont  (unfree)

Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook, Hancock  (unfree)

John H. Dietrich: The Father of Religious Humanism, Olds  (unfree)

Judaism for Everyone – Without Dogma, Sorj  (unfree)

Kylie’s Heel, Perry  (unfree)

Leap of Honesty – Priest to Atheist, Uhl  (unfree)

The Lord was not on Trial, McCollum  (unfree)

Make the Break (If You Can), Exton  (unfree)

Meyebela: My Bengali Girlhood, Nasrin  (unfree)

The Myths that Stole Christmas, Johnson  (unfree)

The Nature of the Gods, Cicero  (unfree)

Nature’s Hidden Force, Land  (unfree)

One Planet, One People, Coon  (unfree)

The Outcast Oracle, Egan  (unfree)

The Philosophy of Humanism, Lamont  (unfree)

The Prince of War, Bothwell  (unfree)

The Reason Revolution: Atheism, Secular Humanism, and the Collapse of Religion, Dana  (unfree)

Self and Transcendence, Vail  (unfree)

Be Smart about being Happy, Crespo

Thus Let Me Live, Vail  (unfree)

Twenty who Changed the World, Granados 

Unitarians: “Destined for Extinction?”, Werner

When God Wept, Mills  (unfree)

Why was I Born?, Simpson  (unfree)

Wicked Gods, Leyne  (unfree)

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