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Humanity+ Mag Essays (Texts & Videos)


Thanks largely to my friendship  with  Ben Goertzel who is a prominent figure in the organization  Humanity+, I have had many of my essays published in this organization’s magazine, called simply Humanity+ Magazine. Here is the complete list of these essays, in reverse time order.


* The Deistic Maximalism Principle (28 July 2014) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* X-Teched Creatures Billions  of Years Old (19 Jun 2014) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* X-Tech and the Search for Infra Particle Intelligence (20 Feb 2014) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* The Singhilarity Institute, My Falling Out  with the Transhumanists (21 Aug 2012) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* H+ers and the Artilect, Opinion Poll Results (19 Dec 2011) (link)  (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

* “Species Dominance” Poll Results (29 Nov 2011) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)  (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* Femtocomputing (1 Nov 2011) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo) (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

* Merge or Purge (19 May 2011) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* The Next Step, Making the Species Dominance Issue Political (21 Apr 2011) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

* The Cyborg Scenario, Solution  or Problem? (12 Apr 2011) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* Seeking the Sputnik of AGI (30 Mar 2011) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)  (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)  (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

* Is God an Alien Mathematician? (18 Jan 2011) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)  (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* Nevermind the Nanotech, Here Comes Femtotech, and  the Gigadeath Wars between  the Cosmists and Terrans (30 Aug 1910) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)  (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

* Searching for Phenomena in Physics that May Serve as Bases for a Femtometer Scale Technology (10 Jan 2010) (link) (video)  (MindsVideo) (BitChuteVideo)

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