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Women aren’t the only sex that is hypergamous, i.e. always looking around beyond one’s current partner for someone better. In women’s case they evolved to coldly dump their current male manslave for a more exploitable one if a realistic opportunity presented itself. Men can do this too, and its a very effective way to put real pressure on women to be FIPs (financially independent persons) which is one of the major social goals of the masculists.

Until the gender politicians menfair the gender laws (e.g. re divorce, passing the Parer (paternity rejection right) etc) then pretty much the only way that men are going to get regular sex from a woman, and force her to remain nice to her man, is to twaytwef (i.e. “2A2F”, i.e. 2 apartments, 2 FIPs, i.e. both the man and the woman are FIPs and both have their own apartment. When the relationship fails, they both just walk away, with no cost to the man. There’s no divorce risk, because there was no marriage. There’s no alimony payment, because the woman is a FIP. There are no child payments, because no kids. When the woman starts showing her true nature, her parasitic manipulative nature, then the man can easily dump her and not cost him anything.

Knowing that the man can do this keeps the woman being nice to the man, because if she isn’t, then she’s “outta there”, she’s gone, she’s history. This is why twaytweffing is so important to the modern man, as well as is having lots of FIP women around to replace the previous failed FIP female partners.

So men need to help create an ample supply of female FIPs for men so that these MGTOW/masculist men CAN twaytwef. If there aren’t enough FIP women around for all the men who refuse to give a second glance to a fluffie (a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off the money of a man) then a lot of MGTOW/masculist men will have a problem, namely how to get regular sex AND keep women under control, so that the men are controlling the women rather than the other way round. A twaytweffing man gets his sex, and keeps his woman being nice or she gets dumped.

Now, twaytweffing is a two edged sword of course. The FIP female can just as readily dump her man for whatever reason, usually because he doesn’t want to give her a baby. From the man’s point of view, a woman who wants a baby in today’s fluffie feminist controlled divorce court system, is a red flag to a MGTOW/masculist bull, a huge NO NO and the strongest reason for dumping the woman. This tendency may cause an increase in the popularity of older women for MGTOWs/masculists to twaytwef with, e.g. women in their 40s who are post fertile may be viewed as better to twaytwef with than women in their 30s with baby rabies and the desire to spermjack a man to get what she wants.

So, MGTOWs/masculists can help each other by increasing the supply of FIP females, so that more males can twaytwef and get both the regular sex they crave and not pay the traditional price of being a man slave to get it. So how can MGTOWs/masculists increase the supply of female FIPs?

By being more hypergamous.

In the country I live in (China) young women with a bachelor’s degree will not even go on a first date with a man unless he has an apartment and a car, a good salary, and at least a bachelor degree or preferably a masters. That puts real pressure on the man of course. Being China, there is no internal creation of new social movements, because there are no social movements period. Anyone organizing large groups of people for some social protest ends up in a laogai (the Chinese equivalent of Stalin’s gulag, the concentration camp system for political prisoners, of which China has over  1000 today, according to Harry Wu, the founder of the Laogai Museum in Washington DC.)

So Chinese men have not even heard of MGTOW or masculism, so there is no consciousness of men’s rights, or MGTOW/masculist ideas that they can use to protect themselves from financially predatory Chinese females. The same lovely government that runs the laogai also blocks YouTube, Facebook and WordPress from the Chinese public, so MGTOW/masculist ideas are NOT spreading in China. (In fact the culture is intellectually sterile, having won zero science Nobel prizes, and has no world class sages (intellectuals) pushing their new ideas onto the world stage. That just doesn’t  happen in China, and wont even start until the Chinese get freedom of speech, and that wont be for another 5-10 years probably. So Chinese men desperately need MGTOW/masculism, but they have  no way of getting it unless they use a VPN (virtual private network) which tens of millions do. So putting male hypergamous pressure on women will have to be pioneered in western countries because its just not going to happen in China.)

So how can western men become more hypergamous? I’ll give my own case as a concrete example. My second wife who was a decade older than I was, died in 2000 from having smoked too much in her 20s. In 2001 I started a job as a prof in the US and started e-dating. I quickly learned that dating bachelor level women was a complete waste of time. So in the preselection process I raised my standards and only dated women with a masters degree or above. I dated 3 PhDed women. There weren’t many to be selected from at that level, so I had to be content with masters level for the most part. (Ironically, two of those three were obese. One of them, joke of jokes, was a professor of health, who had diabetes due to her obesity. Those two didn’t last long, needless to say. The third one was much much nicer, and if I had not moved to China (probably more out of a sense of adventure than anything) I could have had a good relationship with her. She was truly FIP, and quite compatible in many respects.)

I went through 8 women (I think) during my 5 years in the US. All had at least a masters degree and had their own house, own car, own career, own good salary, otherwise I WOULD NOT HAVE DATED THEM, thus I was being very selective in who I went out with and gave my penis to, which by the way, they were all very quick to want from me, having not sexed, most of them, for over a year (or at least that is what they told me.)

Now, imagine that millions of men really latch on to the idea of twaytweffing as a modern new male lifestyle, and learn that it is critical that they find a FIP female to twaytwef with.  So, they learn to prefer FIP females. It is not enough for them to be attracted to a pretty face, with curvy boobs and round fuckable hips. She must definitely also be FIP, so these millions of men learn to check out the women in terms of their earning capacity. That is they become hypergamous as males. They give women a taste of their own hypergamous medicine.

So imagine a conversation between a young man who plans to twaytwef, and a young attractive woman who the man soon learns is a bit of a fluffie. Watch the sparks fly.

W : (opening remark) “So what do you do?” M: I’m an architect. What do you do?”

W : ” I work in a shipping firm.” M: “What as?” W: ” I deal with the paper work of the cargo that goes in and out.” M : Sounds like an easy job. What do they pay you each month?”

W: “That’s none of your business.” M : “Oh but it is. I’m looking to twaytwef, so I want a woman who can match me salary wise, so its very much my business to know how much a potential girlfriend earns. I’m a MGTOW/masculist, so I wont go near a fluffie. Are you a fluffie? Do you make less than $40,000 a year?” “W : I don’t like the way this conversation is going.” M : “Sounds like you do shit work, and get paid shit, so you’re probably wasting my time. You’re not in my league. Pity, because you’re sexually attractive and have a pretty face, but if you’re not a real FIP, I’m not interested. I don’t want a woman who cant afford her own apartment. I don’t want some bloody fluffie who is constantly trying to extract money from me. I hate fluffie parasites.”

W  : (walks away). “M : (calling out) “Have a nice life! Next time, try fluffying on some male paper shuffler at the same salary level as you, rather than trying to parasite on some male who bothered to get a good FIP education. I wont settle for anything less than a real female FIP. I’m not going to be exploited by some bloody fluffie!”

So guys, there you have it. Put real pressure on women to be FIPs. If they’re not, ignore them. If you sense they are trying to sex-blind you by setting their sights way higher than their own (non)FIP level, then cut them down to size. Do what the above male did. Put moral pressure on women to be FIPs. Be hypergamous men, and help increase the number of FIP women, so that more men can twaytwef and get regular sex without being a man slave.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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