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When you say that “Women are incapable of being FIPs (financially independent persons) (paraphrasing you a bit)” I see a red flag. I STRONGLY disagree with you on this point.

The core idea of the masculists is that women have to be FIPs or be punished by not having one. “Be FIP or be manless” “Now that women can work, they must work, because anything else is parasitism off the money of a man”

Masculists are very conscious that so many of men’s gender issues would be solved if all women were socialized and educated to be FIPs. The masculists push for the creation of  a “FIP Society” where both sexes, especially women, are expected to be FIPs, or be shunned socially.

Women are human beings, with human brains, and hence are capable of adapting to a changing situation, or starve to death. What is changing around them, is MGTOW/masculism. In the major countries now (US, Japan, Germany etc) 2/3 of young men under 35 refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves. Young women are now waking up in droves that they are not going to have a kid, because no quality man will give them their sperm. Of course any woman can go to a bar, and have a one night stand with some trash male, but her hypergamous nature will stop her, because she knows that doing that, would give her a trash kid.

WE MEN HAVE THE POWER TO FORCE WOMEN TO FIPUP! Nearly all men are socialized and educated to be FIPs, so men don’t need women financially to survive. But 3/4 of 16 year old women choose to become fluffies by choosing to study fluffie crap subjects (i.e. the “soft option”, the intellectually easy, intellectually lazy, memory based, non analytical, non math, non science majors) , that will make them career incompetent and hence fluffies in their 30s when their biological clocks are ticking hard. (A fluffie is a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off the money of a man. Fluffies are the enemy of the masculists who see them as immoral, parasitic, manslaving, vermin, to be wiped out, by being ignored by men to death.) These fluffies will then look around for some manslave to parasite upon, and have him pay for the middle class house that she wants to raise HER kids in, and then take it from him a decade later when she takes him to the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system.

A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave, but MGTOW/masculism is causing the supply of such manslaves to dry up. In a decade, probably only 10% of young men will be prepared to be manslaves to fluffie parasites.

SO, women HAVE to FIPup or be manless. They have no choice. We men are forcing women to FIP up and putting enormous moral pressure on them to FIP up or be spat at by men, and increasingly by young women, who are FIPs, and who see that the reason that men are not going to give them babies is due to the hypocrisy of the fluffie feminists who have taken over the divorce courts and made them toxic for men, causing the massive MGTOW backlash of men, in motivating them to boycott marriage and paternity.

Soon, young women will be hating the fluffie feminists as much as men hate them, because these young women will correctly deduce that they will not have babies because of the toxicity of divorce, and hence marriage, resulting in few men being prepared to be manslaves to fluffie parasites.

I only have to look at my own sister, to see a real FIP. Christ, she is more financially and career competent than her two brothers, so much so, that my very pragmatic father, has given her the decision power to distribute his inheritance to his three children. I look at my sister and see what women can become. She is no fluffie, career wise. She is an alpha female, capable, expecting to pull her weight financially and not parasite off a man. Such an idea would be anathema to her.

It is the task of the masculist movement worldwide, to instill the value into women, that fluffies are immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, who will be wiped out by men, by men ignoring them to death. Women will be forced to FIPup for their own survival or be spat at. Fluffies are vermin to masculists and MGTOWs.

Summarizing, women ARE capable of “bringing home the bacon,” of adapting. They have to, because if they don’t, they pay a very heavy price, they will be left manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and spat at by society.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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