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I’m thinking of pushing the above title as a masculist slogan. It’s punchy, it’s to the point, and its very representative of how millions of MGTOW/masculists are thinking about women in a gynocentric world, where most women, even FIP women, still see men as exploitable objects, as cash machines, who are put on this earth to pay for women.

A few videos back, Sandman made a comment that he still dates women, partly to do psychological experiments to confirm his MGTOW hypotheses about women’s psychology, to confirm what he has learned from his own experience and from other MGTOWs. I do much the same with my own (Chinese) wife, whom I’m doubting with growing conviction, I will still be married to some years from now.

The difference between my current wife (my 4th) and most other women, is that she is a real FIP (financially independent person) with her own paid up apartment, her own car, and will retire in a few months with a good government pension, because she is a professor at a Chinese state university. So she is the type of female that masculists prefer to have relationships with (if they choose to have relationships with women at all, i.e. if they are not MGTOW). But, despite her being a FIP, she is still a pain in the arse, for other reasons, namely her female nature. She still judges men by their exploitability, and will not be sexually attracted to a man whom she feels she cannot extract resources from.

So being FIP is NOT sufficient for a woman to be considered worthy by a masculist to have a (twaytwef, i.e. 2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs) relationship with. A woman also needs to suppress her evolved criterion of judging men by his exploitability. If she looks on a man as a cash machine, whom she expects to buy things for her, then masculists reject such women.

My current wife is such a woman, and I’m getting increasingly fed up with her for her “fluffie FIP” attitudes. She’s obviously FIP in terms of her own career. She satisfies the definition of financial independence, but she still has fluffie attitudes towards me. She judges me almost exclusively in financial terms.

I lost half my savings to my previous Chinese (fluffie thief) wife and could not get that money back, due to the corruption of the Chinese court system. My previous Chinese wife was the daughter of a general who was on the long march with Mao. Her sisters are CCP members, and one of them is a big lawyer in her city. I’m strongly suspicious that some string pulling (guanxi – pronounced gwun-she) went on behind the scenes, so that I could not get my money back. I was also black listed from ever getting a prof job again in the state university system in China after I told my university president that few western profs would come to China until it democratized, and that most such western profs know that Mao killed 80 million of his own citizens (great famine, laogai (concentration camps for political prisoners), cultural revolution, etc.). He emailed me saying what I said was illegal and a few months later my contract was not renewed.

So, suddenly I’m rather poor. My Chinese wife starts seeing me as poor, the sex dries up, she becomes bad tempered, and a divorceable bitch, but I’m stuck with her at least until I can get a green card. After that I may decide to leave her. It depends on how she calms down after her menopausal crazy period stops. If she calms, if she stops nagging, and is at least neutral, then I can tolerate her, and can then have a bit of company instead of being totally alone in a culture that I have no respect for at all (but at least China is poor, so I could afford (given the low cost of living) to retire ten years earlier than is usual in a rich democratic western country.)

What really pisses me off, is that she seems incapable of seeing me, the person, as a multifaceted human being. I’m more than a cash machine. Jesus Christ, a few days ago I got interviewed on RT (Russia Today) so the video that RT will put up on the internet will get a billion (with a b) views, they told me. I have many qualities, and am quite famous is certain respects. I’m considered a world expert on species dominance (my term, i.e. should humanity or our intelligent machines be the dominant (i.e. most intelligent) species?) I study PhD level pure math and math physics and make YouTube lecture videos on these topics to teach the world for free, which is work I consider to be far more significant that when I was a class room prof, churning out largely unread research papers. (The average published research paper is read by one other person, stats show.)

But, despite these qualities, my current Chinese wife cares only about my financial level. This mono-dimensional judgement on her part of who I am, makes me very angry, divorcably angry. I am more than a cash machine. I’m a human being, with many facets, and if women can’t see those other facets, then they are going to pay a horrible price in the near future as millions, later billions of men wake up to the reality, that women EVOLVED to judge men mono-dimensionally, i.e. according to men’s exploitability, and little else.

The top criterion women use to judge men is men’s exploitability. “How much money, can I extract from this man?” “Oh, he’s useless!” (i.e. female -speak for “He doesn’t have any money! I can’t get anything out of him.”) This fluffie attitude of women I find contemptable and I lash out against it, and so do millions of other men, especially those who have had their MGTOW/masculist consciousness raised.

There is enormous power in ideas. We live by little else. All of us are slaves to ideas. We live our lives following ideas (consciously or unconsciously). A powerful new idea can spread like a virus, infecting the minds of millions, billions of men. That idea that women judge men by their exploitability is one such idea, what the MGTOWs call the “red pill”. I consider this idea of the MGTOWs to be the single most important to have come out of that movement, and will shake the earth.

There are already millions of MGTOWs/masculist on the planet who are disgusted at being judged by women exclusively by the size of their wallets. They are disgusted, and are voting with their feet. Even FIP women, who don’t HAVE to be parasites on men to stay alive, are still fluffie in their attitudes towards men. So fluffie FIPs and fluffies will pay the price when millions of men just walk away from them, until these women learn to change their criteria for judging men.

Doing that will be difficult for women, because they evolved to be fluffies in their attitudes towards men, so they will be fighting their biology and millions of years of female evolution. Women were dependent on men for their physical survival in the distant past. Women were stuck at home with the babies and small children, so could not hunt. They depended on men to give them protein.

There have been experiments done on women in PET machines (brain scanners) that show that women actually experience pleasure when their man explodes at them when she is being a bitch. That male anger shows her that he still cares enough about her to be angered by her bitchiness. MGTOWs call such behavior by women “shit tests” i.e. women tossing out barbed comments to test whether her man has not become indifferent to her, which in the distant past may have become fatal for her and her babies, through lack of protein coming from her man.

But women are human beings (some people say, but I have my doubts, I prefer to call women femaliens) so they have brains that can learn and adapt. Women now need to learn to adapt to the very real anger that men are expressing increasingly as they wake up to the idea that women, even FIP women, judge men by their exploitability, and little else. Men’s exploitability, is far and away the top criterion that women use to judge men’s sexual attractiveness, experiments show.

But, if women keep using this mono-dimensional fluffie criterion to judge men, then they will pay a horrible price. Fluffies will rot on the shelf to extinction. That is the main political goal of the masculists, who won’t even twaytwef with a fluffie, not even sex them, to punish them for being fluffies, i.e. immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin.

But FIP women too, have fluffie attitudes towards men, and have to be taught by MGTOWs/masculists that if they want to even twaytwef with a man, they must learn to suppress their mono-dimensional criterion for judging a man (i.e. his exploitability), otherwise they too will rot on the shelf.

MGTOWs/ and particularly masculists, need to strongly confront women with masculist attitudes, that if a woman treats a man almost exclusively as a cash machine, she will be dumped. She will be hated and crossed off. Women need to learn a lesson that goes against their biology, and that is “Men are more than cash machines, you bitches!”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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