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Lie Groups, Theory

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Papers on Lie Groups, Theory

Bott, An Application of the Morse Theory to the Topology of Lie Groups  (free)

Hall, Group Theory and Lie Groups. Elementary Introduction  (free)

Knapp, Structure Theory of Semisimple Lie Groups  (free)

Kolk, Lie Groups in Analysis, Geometry and Mechanics  (free)

Milicic, Lectures on Lie Groups  (free)

Serre, Finite Subgroups of Lie Groups, Complete Reducibility in Group Theory  (free)

Teleman, Some Hodge Theory from Lie Algebras  (free)

Books  on Lie Groups, Theory

Bonfiglioli et al, Stratified Lie Groups and Potential Theory for their Sub-Laplacians  (unfree)

Chevalley, Theory of Lie Groups I  (unfree)  (freeMIT-OCW)  (free)  (free90p)

Cornwell, Group Theory in Physics, Vol. I (unfree)  (unfree)

Cornwell, Group Theory in Physics, Vol. II  (unfree)  (free)

Hofmann, Morris, The Lie Theory of Connected Pro-Lie Groups  (unfree)  (free28p)

Mackenzie, General Theory of Lie Groupoids and Lie Algebroids  (unfree)

Onishchik (ed.), Lie Groups and Lie Algebras I, Foundations of Lie Theory, Lie Transformation Groups  (unfree)

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