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As of April 2011, Prof. Hugo de Garis, gets about 75,000 Google hits.


i)  History Channel’s “Prophets of Doom”, Jan 2011, 90 minutes. Prof de Garis is in the middle, talking about the rise of massively intelligent machines this  century and the existential threat that will pose to humanity (link to full program), (link to de Garis’s part)

ii) BBC Horizon’s “Human V2.0”, Oct 2006, 45 minutes. Prof de Garis appears several times on the conflict between the Cosmists and the Terrans over the issue of species dominance, leading to a gigadeath “Artilect War” (link)

iii)  Barry Ptolemy’s movie “Transcedent Man : The Life and Ideas of Ray Kurzweil” , Jan 2011, 80 minutes. Prof de Garis talks about the Artilect War between the Cosmists and the Terrans, claiming that the Cosmists would want to build artilects, even if the human race were wiped out as a result.See  (link) and fast forward to the 38:15 minute mark and see (link) at the 0:00 and 11:15 and 17;30 minute marks. Trailer to movie (link).

iv)  Ken Gumb’s movie “Building Gods”, 2006, 60 minutes. Prof de Garis, makes the point that the Cosmists will look upon building artilects as building gods, the notion that inspired the title of the movie. (link)

VIMEO INTERVIEW (3.5 hours, 20 parts)

Adam Ford, the brain and organizer of the  Australian Singularity Summits (2010, 2011) filmed Prof de Garis for 3.5 hours in 2010 and put the result on   This 20 part interview allowed Prof de Garis to speak in depth about his ideas on such topics as the Artilect War, the artilects, Cosmists, Terrans, Cyborgists, cyborgs, topological quantum computing, etc. (link), plus one that Adam missed (link). Also, Prof. de Garis’s 90 minute key note  talk on the “Artilect War” at the Australian Singularity Summit, Melbourne, Sept. 2010 (link).


The same Adam Ford of the previous paragraph interviewed Hugo de Garis for 5 hours in August 2011.  About 1.5 hours of that interviewing he put onto YouTube in the form of 5 short interviews (of less than 20 minutes each.) His technical skills are definitely improving, as can be seen by the quality of these 5 videos.

a)  Hugo de Garis : Approaches to Neuroscience,   Engineering, Intelligence Theory, Cyborgs (link)

b)  Hugo de Garis :  Cyborgs, Early Human Augmentations, Recent Sputnik Moments (link)

c)   Hugo de Garis : The Singularity – Species Dominance, World Views, Majority, Deism (link)

d)  Hugo de Garis : The Power of Technology,  Industrial Revolution vs. the Singularity, Luddites Past and Present, (link)

e)   Hugo de Garis : Writing on the Wall, Increasing Awareness, Gender, Education (link)


Ian Woolf of Australia’s Community Audio radio, did a 30 minute interview during the Australian Singularity Summit of Prof Hugo de Garis, in Melbourne, in Sept 2010. It is a clear exposition of the  basic ideas of the artilect, the artilect war, Cosmists, Terrans, Cyborgs, etc. (Part 1 link), (Part 2 link), (Part 3 link)


In May of 2011,  Australia’s national  TV channel ABC, debuted the singularity topic to the Australian  public in  their program “Hungry Beast.” It featured Ray Kurzweil, Time Magazine, and myself. It was only 5 minutes, but punchy, and generated a lot of feedback to the ABC (link)


In August of 2011, I was in Melbourne for the 2nd Australian Singularity Summit. A few days before I was recorded at a small “Singularity Salon” meeting of about 20 people, talking about the rise of a global state, that I see accelerating technologies enabling before mid century, which is the topic of my second book. It is the first such video of me talking on this topic, and hopefully not the last. See here (link). For a more substantial talk (at Applied Brilliance) called “The Rise of the Global State and Massively Intelligent Machines” in Wyoming, USA in Oct 2011, click (here).


Adam Ford is the organizer of the Australian Singularity Summits and is building up an international archive of videos of interviews of prominent people in what I call the “Species Dominance Movement”. He is currently making a documentary based on this archive on the theme of the Singularity. His interview questions are often penetrating and interesting. The following set of 3 video interviews were made via Skype in September 2011. They discuss topics such as femtotech, life extension, species dominance war, questionnaires, journalists, etc. The first (here) is an 8 minute ad for speakers at the Humanity Plus conference in Hong Kong, December 2011. The second (here) is a 40 minute dialog with Adam Ford. The third (here) is a longer, 90 minutes dialog with Adam Ford on a wider range of species dominance and Humanity Plus topics. In the next few years, once the species dominance issue has become the dominant issue in our global politics, this video archive of the early people involved will be very valuable to future historians. In that sense he is playing a historically important role (with help from Youtube).


There are about two dozen links to Prof de Garis’s international media appearances that can be found at etc.  They are listed below, starting from the oldest to the most recent.

i)  HOW DO WE MORE GREATLY ENSURE RESPONSIBLE AGI? This 82 minute video shows a panel discussion which took place at the first workshop on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, in May of 2006. Panelists were Eliezer Yudkowsky, Jeff Medina, Dr. Karl H. Pribram, Ari Heljakka, Dr. Hugo de Garis. (Moderators were Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, and Dr. Ben Goertzel).  The basic topic discussed was whether it might be possible to ensure that ultra intelligent machines could remain friendly to human beings. Opinions differed, especially between Yudkowsky and de Garis, when sparks flew. (link)

ii) CANADIAN RADIO INTERVIEW OF KEN GUMBS (2 PARTS) On Jan 13th 2006, Ken Gumbs, director of the documentary movie, “Building Gods” was interviewed on a Canadian radio program called “Viking Youth”. He discusses the rise of massively intelligent machines this century and the impact that that rise will have on the political development of humanity. This rather long interview consists of 2 parts. Part 1 (link).  Part 2 (link).

iii)  “TECHNOCALYPS” : PREPARING FOR THE SINGULARITY (An excellent thoughtful Belgian TV documentary by Frank THEYS).  Are we prepared for dealing with the prospect that humanity is not the end of evolution? Technocalyps is an intriguing three-part documentary on the notion of transhumanism by Belgian visual artist and filmmaker Frank Theys. The latest findings in genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, bionics and nanotechnology appear in the media every day, but with no analysis of their common aim: that of exceeding human limitations. The director conducts his enquiry into the scientific, ethical and metaphysical dimensions of technological development. The film includes interviews by top experts and thinkers on the subject worldwide, including Marvin Minsky, Terence McKenna, Hans Moravec, Bruce Sterling, Robert Anton Wilson, Richard Seed, Margareth Wertheim, Kirkpatrick Sale, Ralph C. Merkle, Mark Pesce, Ray Kurzweil, Rabbi Youssouf Kazen, Rael and many others. Part 2: Preparing for the Singularity In this part advocates and opponents of a transhuman future are weighed against each other; prognoses are done when we can expect the transhuman revolution and how people are preparing for it already now. (Part 1 link), (Part 2 link), (Part 3 link), (Part 4 link)

iv) WHAT ARE THE BOTTLENECKS, AND HOW SOON TO ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE (AGI)? This panel discussion took place at the first workshop on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), in Bathesda, Maryland, in May of 2006.  Panelists were Dr. Stan Franklin, Dr. Hugo de Garis , Dr. Sam S. Adams , Dr. Eric Baum, Dr. Pei Wang, Dr. Nick Cassimatis, Steve Grand , Dr. Ben Goertzel (Moderator: Dr. Phil Goetz) The topics considered amongst others were what are the bottlenecks of AGI creation, and probably how soon will AGIs be among us? (link)

v) ON THE RISE OF MASSIVELY INTELLIGENT MACHINES (DE GARIS vs. PENROSE) This old video (2000) made by Discovery Channel (Europe) shows Sir Roger Penrose and Prof Hugo de Garis disagreeing over the likelihood of the creation of massively intelligent machines in the 21st. century. (link)

vi) PROF. HUGO DE GARIS : ARTILECT WAR  Prof de Garis believes that 21st century technologies, such as one bit per atom storage, nanotechnology, artificial embryology, reversible-heatless-topological quantum computing, advanced neuroscience principles, etc will enable the creation of “artilects” with mental capacities trillions of trillions of times above human levels. He believes that humanity will split into 3 major ideological philosophical camps, the “Cosmists” who will want to build artilects; the “Terrans” who will be opposed to building them; and the “Cyborgs”, who will want to become artilects themselves by modifying their brains. Prof de Garis sees the Cosmists and the Terrans becoming murderously opposed to each other, which with late 21st century weaponry, will probably lead to a major planetary civil war, called “The Artilect War” that will kill not millions but billions of people. (If one extrapolates up the graph of the number of people killed in major wars from early 1800s to late 21st century, one predicts that a major war in the latter period will kill billions, a concept Prof de Garis calls “gigadeath”.) For further details, see his book, “The Artilect War : Cosmists vs. Terrans : A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines”, Etc Publications, 2005 (obtainable online at ). This 40 minute Canadian radio interview introduces Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis’s ( views on the rise of the “artilect” (artificial intellect, artificial mind, AI). Prof de Garis is Director of the “China Brain Project”, which aims to build China’s (the world’s?) first artificial brain, 2008-2011 which will consist of 10,000 – 50,000 interconnected neural net modules, which are evolved quickly, one at a time, in special accelerator electronic boards, to control the hundreds of behaviors of a robot. He is a full professor of computer science and mathematical physics at Xiamen University, on the south east Chinese coast. (PART 1 link) (PART 2 link).

vii)  PONDERING THE ARTILECT FUTURE (de GARIS) : This video is an old (2000) Discovery Channel (Europe) program on Prof Dr Hugo de Garis and his views that the rise of massively intelligent machines later this century may lead to humanity’s most passionate world war, killing billions of people. (link)

viii) MULTIS AND MONOS : THE RISE OF THE GLOBAL STATE  This video shows Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis reading the first chapter of his second book entitled “Multis and Monos : What the Multicultured Can Teach the Monocultured : Towards the Creation of a Global State”.  The book contains two main ideas: 1. Monos (i.e. monocultured people) suffer blindly from the inferior customs of the single culture that programs them, and that they would become happier by learning from the superior customs of other cultures. 2. A billion fold faster internet (and many other factors) will create a global media, a global language, a global culture, leading to the creation of a democratic global state, probably by mid century. Hence no more wars, no arms trade, no dictatorships, no poverty (link)

ix) USTREAM INTERVIEW OF PROF. HUGO DE GARIS.  This telephone interview of Prof Hugo de Garis was made in October of 2008 via telephone to him in Xiamen China. It discusses his views at the time on the rise of massively intelligent machines, compares the relative importance of such a rise with the prospect of engineering immortality into human beings, etc. (link)

x)  THE BATTLE FOR THE ROBOTS : THE HUNT FOR AI.  (PLAYLIST) This 6 part British TV documentary, made over the period 2000-2001, shows the ups and (definitely) the downs of “3 Dr. Frankensteins” trying to build artificial brains or artificial minds. (link)

xi) GOD LIKE MACHINES – COAST TO COAST RADIO INTERVIEW  Artificial brain designer and theoretical physicist Prof. Hugo de Garis raised the issue of whether humanity should build godlike intelligent machines. Because of technological advances, he foresees a time in this century when artificial intelligence can be developed at the atomic level, and an object the size of an apple could surpass human brain capacity to the trillionth power. At this point, he believes humanity will break into two groups. The Cosmists, who want to build these massively intelligent machines, and the Terrans who are against it. A third, smaller faction, he labeled as the Cyborgists, who want to merge with the artificial intelligence. Prof. de Garis believes the conflict between the Cosmists and the Terrans will be so extreme that wars could be fought over the issue. The machines he called “artilects,” may become so massively intelligent, said de Garis, that they would regard humanity, in the same way we look at insects, and they could be so powerful as to create their own universes. He boiled it down to the question: Do we build gods or do we build our potential exterminators? In an on-the-spot Fast Blast poll that was conducted, 56% sided with the Terrans, and 44% with the Cosmists. (link)

xii) CHINA RADIO INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW – VITA MORE AND HUGO DE GARIS :  Natasha Vita-More (living in the US) and Prof Hugo de Garis (living in China) were interviewed together for an hour in December 2009 on CRI’s (China Radio International’s) “Today on Beyond Beijing”, on the theme of the future of humanity, covering topics such as nanotech, immortality, and the species dominance issue.  Who wants to live forever? Who want’s to be smarter, run faster, stay younger for longer? Since time began we’ve been searching for the fountain of youth. Well, scientists and engineers around the world may be closer than you think to providing answers. Through a variety of means from improving traditional medicine, to artificial implants and genetic engineering – we’re going to investigate the future human.  Natasha Vita-More, Theorist and new media artist – masters of science (MSc) , masters of philosophy.  Dr Hugo de Garis, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Xiamen University (link)

xiii) ENGINEERED UTOPIA OR ARTILECT WAR (JOSH HALL DEBATES HUGO DE GARIS) : A debate between J. Storrs Hall and Hugo de Garis at the 2nd AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) conference, 2009. J. Storrs Hall, president of the Foresight Institute, takes the position in this debate that the rise of artificial intelligence levels will create a utopia for humanity. Hugo de Garis, Xiamen University, China, takes the opposite position, namely that the rise of godlike massively intelligent machines will be catastrophic for humanity, leading to the worst, most passionate war humanity has ever known, using late 21st century weapons, killing billions of people. (link)

xiv) FUTURE OF AGI DEBATE – REBUTTAL  Josh’s Holl debates Hugo de Garis. He takes the position in this debate that the rise of artificial intelligence levels will create a utopia for humanity. (link)

xv)  ABC NEWS : LAST DAYS ON EARTH ; The ABC in the US and the BBC in the UK at about the same time (Fall 2006) came out with major TV documentaries on the potential threat of the rise of massively intelligent machines later this century. This 2 minute advertisement of the ABC 20/20 TV program “Last Days on Earth”, shows Stephen Hawking, Hugo de Garis, and Kevin Warwick talking about this possibility. (link)

xvi) PROF HUGO DE GARIS ON TED AND BEN GOERTZEL’S “SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY COURSE” (REQUIRES JAVA)  This video shows Prof Hugo de Garis talking to an electronic class (globiversity) where each student is at a different location with a microphone and webcamera. He talks about the Cosmists, the Terrans, and the Cyborgs and how they will confront each other. (June 2010).  You may have to download the latest version of Java to view it. This course was the first credited university course in the world on the issue of species dominance / singularity.  (link)

xvii)  HIVE45 PLUS+ episode featuring Nathan Waters, Geoffrey Pidcock and Tristan Grace for the week ending the 19/09/10 – wrapping-up our thoughts on the recent, inaugural Singularity Summit in Melbourne Australia. The presentations we discuss: § Opening song and lyrics: I am the very model of a Singularitarian. § Robert Sparrow“Not-So-New Eugenics: Harsh Logic Of Human Enhancement” — Liberal eugenics, Julian Savulescu, human enhancement via non-coercive market pressure, genetic modification, what defines “best”, the criminal gene, picking the best genes for your children, the moral imperative is to upgrade and enhance, where do you define harm. § Hugo de Garis“AI – An Artilect war or a Technological Utopia? ”The Artilect War (Artificial Intelligences) – the coming war between the Cosmists (those for building artilects) and the Terrans (those against), bigger than the war over capital ownership (communism vs capitalism), building intelligence orders of magnitude greater than our own – 10^24, becoming a cyborg, “Singularity” in the lexicon, robotics industry, quantum computers, Ed Witten, topological quantum computing, gigadeath – one billion deaths, Moore’s Law is a historical generalization. § Cameron Reilly“The Singularity & Social Media”A call to arms, teaching the public about the Singularity and exponential technological progress, grass-roots movement helps prevent subversion, exponential growth is important, we need a new term for “Singularitarian”.  § Kevin B. Korb“The Ethics of AI”Ethical AI can be created, utilitarian AI, BDI agents (Belief-Desire-Intentions), “AI in 100s of years”, AI from collective intelligence, philosophy of AI, building artificial intelligence with human ethics is “silly”, talk of ethical AI merely to pander to the masses.  § Stelarc – “The Cadaver, The Comatose and the Chimera”Pushing transhumanism via art, machines inside body, growing organs on the outside – an ear on his arm, attaching his body to the Internet, robotic prosthetics, exoskeletons, bionics, actuated cybernetics, fractal flesh – what is a body?, body augmentation, third arm, 3D printing organs.  § James Newton-Thomas – “Impact of the Singularity to the Citizen”The Singularity impacts in simple terms, automation systems in mining, “hype destroys a movement”, pick your tipping points – “computation is cheaper than a child in the developed world”, don’t need complete human brain replication for AI – can outsource in functional terms, outsourcing to the Internet, fiber optics across the planet is faster than the Corpus callosum, brain is very energy efficient (approx 30W constant). (link)

xviii) HIVE45 SINGULARITY PODCAST #44 – FUTURE OF ENERGY, BEYOND EARTH The future of abundant energy on Earth and into space for this week ending the 16/01/11: We’re all cyborgs now regularly traversing space-time through wormholes, Kevin Kelly releases his long-awaited book, IBM’s Watson supercomputer kicks some puny human ass, Hugo de Garis describes our homogeneous global future, and for the Singularity topic we look at two talks on the future of energy by Jose Corderio and Robert Metcalfe – 100% renewable energy, the energy Internet, abundant clean energy from solar, and we take it a step further to discuss energy consumption at a star and galaxy level. Gotta fuel that computation! Please visit the website to see the full show notes and links:…  Please post your thoughts in the comments, or in the Singularity Subreddit at Stories covered this week:  TED: Amber Case – We Are All Cyborgs Now, Kevin Kelly’s New Book: What Technology Wants, Kevin Kelly Interview, IBM’s Watson Kicks Some Ass At Jeopardy, Kurzweil: Why IBM’s Jeopardy Victory Matters, Hugo de Garis Essay: GLOBA, Hugo de Garis’ New Book: Multis and Monos; What the Multicultured Can Teach the Monocultured Towards the Creation of a Global State, Three Monitor Multitouch Setup, Bob Metcalfe Discusses The Enernet – The Energy Internet, Jose Cordeiro: The Future of Energy and the Energy of the Future, The Kardashev Scale, Solar Power in Germany, Jared Diamond: Collapse, Dyson Sphere  (link)

xix) HIVE45 SINGULARITY SUMMIT “Wrapup”, Melbourne, Australia, August 20,21, 2011

I get about 10 minutes in this hour long summary of the highlights of the 2nd Singularity Summit, in Melbourne, Australia, 20-21 August, 2011 (link).


It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Some guy who calls himself “R.A. Grimes” took my essay on “From Cosmism to Deism” (link) (which argues that the rise of godlike artilects this century that are capable of designing and building new universes, makes the idea of a deity (creator) much more scientifically plausible) and had a talking cartoon figure read it out. I dont mind that provided Grimes gives credit to  the source of the words his cartoon character speaks. But at the end of his video, he lists himself only, as the writer. That pisses me off, hence my labling him the “Cartoon Plagiarist.” If you want to have a cartoon character read out loud this essay for you, then click (here)


This talk must be one of the worst Ive ever given. It was in the morning, a fatal mistake for a real night person  like me. I slept through my alarm, and had to rush to be on time for the talk, and my brain was not awake throughout. However, this talk did  make a bit of history, since it was the first in which I gave out a questionnaire. I had grown tired of the optimism regarding the rise of massively intelligent machines on the part of Ray Kurzweil, so I wrote out a questionnaire, and was shocked to learn that 60% of the audience thought that an Artilect War is coming. You can see the results  of the survey by clicking on  the  tab “Artilect POLLS” on my website. This hour long talk took place in August 2011, at the Electrical Engineering Dept of Melbourne University, Australia. You can see the video taken of it here. It was recorded by Ian Woolf, a freelance Sydney journalist.


China Radio International (CRI), December 2011. A very lively discussion with a George Washington University, USA roboticist and CRI’s “Today” Program presenters (one Chinese, one American), broadcast all over the world. You can hear it (here) for an hour.


Ben Goertzel and I debated “The Future of AGI” in a panel at the Humanity Plus conference in Hong Kong, Dec 2011. I took a schizophrenic Cosmist AND Terran double viewpoint, and Ben took a Cyborgist viewpoint. It got quite passionate – even used the “F” word.  See it here. It was recorded by Adam Ford, who videoed many of the talks at this conference.


Adam Ford interviews Hugo de Garis at the Federation Square, Downtown Melbourne, Australia, June 2011.

Adam Ford is the creator of the Singularity Summits and Humanity Plus conferences in Australia, and is making a name for himself by interviewing the major players around the world concerning the rise of intelligent machines. He is currently making a documentary movie on the topic. In this 30 minute interview with Hugo de Garis, he poses questions on the rise of the artilects, how people will react to them, whether they will choose to become cyborgs, etc. This video was made in June of 2011. You can see it at this (link).

xxv)   “GUILTY PLEASURES” RADIO SHOW, OMAHA, USA  (“Species Dominance”)

This two hour radio interview was given by two 18 year old college freshers (I assume) who run a student radio show  called Guilty  Pleasures, which tends to concentrate on paranormal themes.  I  had to bring them the sad news that if my predictions come true that a species dominance war (Artilect War) will take place early in the second half of this  century, then they will probably be killed in it, given their young ages, and that billions may be killed. I was able to expound my ideas at length in this long interview. I was made conscious by them, how overwhelming these ideas can  sound if it is the first time that one has heard them, especially when presented in concentrated form, wham- wham. You will be able to hear the reactions of the interviewers yourselves. You can download and listen to it (here).


A month after the above talk (xxv) I spoke for 3 hours on the theme of the rise of “GLOBA” the global state, to the same student radio. It was the first time that I had been given the opportunity to speak at such length on the topic of the rise of a world, fully democratic, government. You can download and listen to it (here).

xxvii) TRANSCENDENT MAN (movie)

Barry Ptolemy made a rather famous movie about Ray Kurzweil and  his ideas on the singularity, called “Transcendent Man.” I appear for a few minutes in this movie that came out in 2010. Its now finally on YouTube (here).

xxviii)  SINGULARITY OR BUST (movie)

Raj Dye made a movie featuring  my good  friend Ben  Goertzel  and me in our quest to build artificial brains, artificial general  intelligence. This was filmed in 2009 and is now on YouTube (here)


Adam Ford is a budding film maker who keeps experimenting with  new techniques. In this 17 min video he has taken a talking  head (me, talking about  the idea of femtotech) and inserted visuals, to illustrate what is being said. It is a mile stone for Adam compared to his early videos of me. You can see it on YouTube (here)


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