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Papers on Marx

Agger, Marxism ‘or’ the Frankfurt School?  (free)

anon, Antony C. Sutton and Viktor Suvorov on Technology Transfer from the West to the Soviet Union  (free)

anon, Herbert Marcuse Archive  (free)

anon, Marx and Socialism, A Critical Evaluation  (free)

anon, Marxist Dictionary, Economic Crisis  (free)

anon, Marxist Theory and Criticism  (free)

anon, Marxistische Wirtschaftstheorie  (free)

anon, The Democratic State, A Critique of Bourgeois Sovereignty  (free)

anon, The Marxist Philosophy of History  (free)

Badiou, Maoism, A Stage of Marxism  (free)

Bailey, Karl Marx on Greek Atomism  (free)

Bakunin, Marxism, Freedom and the State (free)

Bakunin, Recollections on Marx and Engels (free)

Balaban, The Hermeneutics of the Young Marx, According to Marx’s Approach to the Philosophy of Democritus and Epicurus (free)

Barrow, Plain Marxists, Sophisticated Marxists, and C. Wright Mills The Power Elite (free)

Bernstein, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (29p)  (free)

Bernstein, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (30p) (free)

Bernstein, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (31p)  (free)

Bertonneau, Counting the Costs of Ideology, a Review of the Black Book of Communism  (free)

Best, Posting Marxism, A Totalizing Critique of Fredric Jameson and Ernesto Laclau  (free)

Boudon, Pourquoi les Intellectuels n’aiment pas le Liberalisme  (free)

Bradley, Black Liberation Theology as Marxist Victimology  (free)

Braudel, La Dynamique du Capitalisme  (free)

Bulavka, The Dialectic of Dialogue versus the Metaphysic of Post-Modernism  (free)

Bullert, Franz Boas as Citizen-Scientist, Gramscian-Marxist Influence on American Anthropology  (free)

Burawoy, For a Sociological Marxism, The Complementary Convergence of Antonio Gramsci and Karl Polanyi  (free)

Burawoy, Wright, Sociological Marxism  (free)

Castree, Marxism, Capitalism, and the Production of Nature  (free)

Chattopadhyay, Worlds Apart, Socialism in Marx and in Early Bolshevism  (free)

Chen, Post-Marxism, Between Beyond Critical Postmodernism and Cultural Studies  (free)

Clarke, Was Lenin a Marxist, The Populist Roots of Marxism-Leninism  (free)

Cohen, Kymlicka, Human Nature and Social Change in the Marxist Conception of History  (free)

Cole, Might it be in the Practice that it Fails to Succeed,  A Marxist Critique of Claims for Postmodernism and Poststructuralism as Forces for Social Change and Social Justice  (free)

Cresap, Review of Marxism and Totality, The Adventures of a Concept from Lukács to Habermas  (free)

de Ste. Croix, A Marxist View of Roman History, The  CLass Struggle in the Ancient Greek World from the Archaic Age to the Arab Conquests  (free)

Derrida, Spectres of Marx, What is Ideology  (free)

Dirlik, Chinese Historians and the Marxist Concept of Capitalism, A Critical Examination  (free)

Dirlik, The Predicament of Marxist Revolutionary Consciousness, Mao Zedong, Antonio Gramsci, and the Reformulation of Marxist Revolutionary Theory  (free)

Dollimore, Shakeskpeare, Cultural Materialism, Feminism and Marxist Humanism  (free)

Donahue, Marxism, Postmodernism, Zizek  (free)

Dutschke, Zur Literatur des revolutioneren Sozialismus von K. Marx bis in die Gegenwart  (free)

Eagleton, Marxism and Deconstruction  (free)

Ellis, Multiculturalism and Marxism, An Englishman Looks at the Soviet Origins of Political Correctness  (free)

Ellis, Race, Marxism and the ”Deconstruction” of the United Kingdom  (free)

Engels, Complement et Supplement au Livre III du Capital  (free)

Engels, Introduction à la Guerre Civile en France  (free)

Engels, l’Afghanistan  (free)

Engels, L’Origine de la Famille, de la Propriété Privée et de l’Etat  (free)

Engels, Quelques Mots sur l’Histoire de la Ligue des Communistes  (free)

Femia, Gramsci, Marxism’s Saviour or False Prophet  (free)

Fracchia, Marx’s Aufhebung of Philosophy and the Foundations of a Materialist Science of History  (free)

Friedman, Marxism, Structuralism and Vulgar Materialism  (free)

Gellner, From ibn Khaldun to Karl Marx  (free)

Gellner, Marxism and Islam  (free)

Gramsci, Beyond Marxism and Post-Modernism  (free)

Gramsci, Machiavelli and Marx, The Modern Prince  (free)

Griffin, Cults, Jets and Greed, The Frantic Rush to ‘One World’  (free)

Gunther, Kybernetik und Dialektik, der Materialismus von Marx und Lenin  (free)

Holcomb, Explaining World History, Marxism, Evolutionism, and Sociobiology  (free)

Hoppe, De l’Economie du Laissez-Faire à la Politique du Libéralisme  (free)

Hoppe, Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis  (free)

Jameson,  Postmodern Marxism  (free)

Jameson, Actually Existing Marxism  (free)

Jameson, Imaginary and Symbolic in Lacan, Marxism, Psychoanalytic Criticism, and the Problem of the Subject  (free)

Jameson, Marxism and Historicism  (free)

Jameson, Sandblasting Marx  (free)

Kellner, Cultural Marxism and Cultural Studies  (free)

Kellner, Human Nature and Capitalism in Adam Smith and Karl Marx  (free)

Kiernan, Gramsci and Marxism  (free)

Kolakowski, The Fate of Marxism in Eastern Europe  (free)

Korsch, The Present State of the Problem  of Marxism and Philosophy, An Anti-Critique  (free)

Laclau, Mouffe, Post-Marxism without Apologies  (free)

Lafargue, Le Determinisme Economique de Karl Marx, Recherches sur l’Origine et l’Evolution des Idees de Justisce, du Bien, de l’Ame et de Dieu  (free)

Larrain, Stuart Hall and the Marxist Concept of Ideology  (free)

Leese, Bolshevism is Jewish  (free)

Lenin, The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism  (free)

Leon, The Jewish Question, A Marxist Interpretation  (free)

Lukacs, History and Class Consciousness (30p)  (free)

Lukacs, History and Class Consciousness (38p)  (free)

Lungu, Marx, Postmodernism, and Spatial Configurations in Jameson and Lefebvre  (free)

Lunn, Marxism and Art in the Era of Stalin and Hitler, A Comparison of Brecht and Lukacs  (free)

Maggio, Can the Subaltern Be Heard, Political Theory, Translation, Representation, and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak  (free)

Mandel, Marxist Theory of the State  (free)

Mandel, The Place of Marxism in History  (free)

Marcuse, Marxism and Feminism  (free)

Martin, Communism, A Jewish Talmudic Concept, Know Your Enemy  (free)

Marx,  Das Kapital, Vol. 1, 4th. edn.  (free)

Marx,  La Question Juive  (free)

Marx, À Abraham Lincoln, Président des États-Unis d’Amérique  (free)

Marx, Capital,  Vol. 1, The Process of Production of Capital  (free)

Marx, Capital, 4th edn. (english, deutsch)  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, La Production  de la Plus-Value Relative  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Postface  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Preface  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Section I, Marchandise et Monnaie  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Section II, Transformation de l’Argent en Capital  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Section III, La Production de la Plus-Value Absolue  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Section V, Recherches Ulterieures sur la Production de la Plus-Value  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Section VI, le Salaire  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre I, Section VIII, L’Accumulation Primitive  (free)

Marx, Capital, Livre VII, Accumulation de Capital  (free)

Marx, Capital, Vol. I  (free)

Marx, Capital, Vol. II, Book II, The Process of Circulation of Capital  (free)

Marx, Communist Manifesto  (free)

Marx, Contribution à la Critique de la Philosophie du Droit de Hegel  (free)

Marx, Das Kapital (in drei Bänden)  (free)

Marx, Das Kapital, Band 3  (free)

Marx, Das Kapital, Band I, Kritik der Politischen Okonomie  (free)

Marx, Das Kapital, Kritik der Politischen Okonomie, Band 3  (free)

Marx, Das Kapital  (free)

Marx, Der achtzehnte Brumaire des Louis Bonaparte, V  (free)

Marx, Discours pour le XVième Anniversaire de la Commune de Paris  (free)

Marx, Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts  (free)

Marx, Engels, Brief an den Redakteur der Times  (free)

Marx, Engels, Das Kapital, Band III  (free)

Marx, Engels, Die grossen Maen  (free)

Marx, Engels, Erklaerung gegen Arnold Ruge  (free)

Marx, Engels, La Social-Democratie Allemande  (free)

Marx, Engels, Le Manifeste Communiste, Tome I  (free)

Marx, Engels, Le Manifeste du Parti Communiste (25p)  (free)

Marx, Engels, Le Manifeste du Parti Communiste  (free)

Marx, Engels, L’Idéologie Allemande  (free)

Marx, Engels, Manifeste du Partie Communiste (2p)  (free)

Marx, Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party (34p)  (free)

Marx, FreeTrade  (free)

Marx, La Guerre Civile en France 1871, La Commune de Paris  (free)

Marx, La Question Juive, Suivi de la Question Juive par Bruno Bauer  (free)

Marx, la Question Juive  (free)

Marx, Le Capital, Critique de l’Economie Politique, Vol. 1  (free)

Marx, Le Capital, livre 2  (free)

Marx, Le Capital, Livre III, Section I, La Transformation de la Plus-Value en Profit et du Tauz de Plus-Value en Taux de Profit  (free)

Marx, Le Capital, Livre III, Section II  (free)

Marx, Le Capital, Livre III, Section III  (free)

Marx, Le Capital, Livre III, Section IV  (free)

Marx, Les Luttes de Classes en France (1848-1850)  (free)

Marx, Manifeste Inaugural de l’Association Internationale des Travailleurs  (free)

Marx, Manifesto of the Communist Party  (free)

Marx, Misère de la Philosophie  (free)

Marx, Ökonomisch-Philosophische Manuskripte, 3, Privateigentum und Arbeit  (free)

Marx, On the Jewish Question (23p)  (free)

Marx, On the Jewish Question (25p)  (free)

Marx, Première Adresse du Conseil Général sur la Guerre Franco-Allemande  (free)

Marx, Salaire, Prix et Profit (24p)  (free)

Marx, Salaire, Prix et Profit  (free)

Marx, Seconde Adresse du Conseil Général sur la Guerre Franco-Allemande  (free)

Marx, Statuts de la Ligue Communistes  (free)

Marx, Statuts de l’Association Internationale des Travailleurs  (free)

Marx, The Poverty of Philosophy  (free)

Marx, Travail Salarie et Capital  (free)

Marx, Vom Selbstmord  (free)

Marx, Zur Judenfrage  (free)

Marx, Le Capital, Livre III, Preface de F. Engels  (free)

Mattick, Karl Korsch, His Contribution to Revolutionary Marxism  (free)

McGarr, The French Revolution, Marxism versus Revisionism  (free)

Miller, Merleau-Ponty’s Marxism, Between Phenomenology and the Hegelian Absolute  (free)

Miller, Rawls and Marxism  (free)

Nash, Interrogating Post-Marxism, Laclau and Mouffe, Foucault, and Žižek  (free)

Osborne, A Marxism for the Postmodern, Jameson’s Adorno  (free)

Panayotakis, A Marxist Critique of Marx’s Theory of History, Beyond the Dichotomy between Scientific and Critical Marxism  (free)

Pannekoek, Marxism and Darwinism  (free)

Peled, From Theology to Sociology, Bruno Bauer and Karl Marx on the Question of Jewish Emancipation  (free)

Rosen, Marxism, Mysticism, and Liberty, The Influence of Simone Weil on Albert Camus  (free)

Rothbard, Karl Marx, Communist as Religious Eschatologist  (free)

Saunders, Nietzsche and Ethical Socialism for the New Millennium  (free)

Schleifstein, Einfuhrung in das Studium von Marx, Engels und Lenin  (free)

Schwarz, You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists)  (free)

Smith, Analytical Marxism and Marx’s Systematic Dialectical Theory  (free)

Sowell, Karl Marx and the Freedom of the Individual  (free)

Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism  (free)

Stalin, Marxism and Problems of Linguistics  (free)

Steinmetz, Regulation Theory, Post-Marxism, and the New Social Movements  (free)

Toma, Consciousness and  Social  Determination, The Epistemological Implications of Althusser’s Marxism  (free)

Trotsky, In Defense of Marxism  (free)

Vacarme, An Interview with Giorgio Agembe  (free)

Veblen, The Socialist Economics of Marx and his Followers  (free)

von Mises, Marxism Unmasked, From Delusion to Destruction  (free)

Warminski, Hegel, Marx, Consciousness and Life  (free)

Williams, Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory  (free)

Wood, Marxism without Class Struggle  (free)

Wright, Class and Politics  (free)

Wright, Varieties of Marxist Conceptions of Class Structure  (free)

Wurmbrand, Was Karl Marx a Satanist (81p)  (free)

Wurmbrand, Was Karl Marx a Satanist  (free)

Zizek, Mao Zedong, The Marxist Lord of Misrule  (free)

Zizek, Multitude, Surplus and Envy  (free)

Zizek, Psychoanalysis in Post-Marxism, The Case of Alain Badiou  (free)

Media on Marx

101-Geschichte des Kaufmannskapitals [p. 365-370]

anon, Brainwashing 101, The Marxist take over of Academia (far left haters attack white western culture

anon, Capitalisme, Désir et Servitude, Marx et Spinoza

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 1 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 2 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 3 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 4 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 5 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 6 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 7 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx, 8 of 8

anon, Giants of Philosophy, Karl Marx

anon, Giants of Political Thought, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, 1, The Communist Manifesto

anon, La Folle Histoire Des Grands Hommes, Karl Marx

anon, Lect. 44, Marxism is Dead, But Not Forgotten

anon, les Trotskystes

Aron, le Capital de Karl Marx

anon, les Trotskystes

Aron, le Capital de Karl Marx

Attali, Karl Marx ou l’esprit du monde

Bezmenov, Former KGB agent, on Jewish Marxist economic destabilization to create crises to justify big brother government

Bowden, Manchester Speech, 2007

Bowden, New Right, Marxism and Frankfurt School, 1

Bowden, New Right, Marxism and Frankfurt School, 2

Bowden, New Right, Marxism and Frankfurt School, 3

Bowden, New Right, Marxism and Frankfurt School, 4

Bowden, New Right, Marxism and Frankfurt School, 5

Bowden, New Right, Marxism and Frankfurt School, 6

Bowden, New Right, Marxism and Frankfurt School, 7

Bowden, Thameside, 1 of 3

Bowden, Thameside, 2 of 3

Bowden, Thameside, 3 of 3

France Inter, Karl Marx

MacDonald, Christogenea, Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, Part One

MacDonald, Christogenea, Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, Part Two

MacDonald, Christogenea, Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, Part Three

Mairowitz, David Zane, Sherlock Holmes, Der Fall Karl Marx

Marx, Kapital I, 001-Vorbemerkung [page 3]

Marx, Kapital I, 002-Gebrauchswert und Wert [pages 1-3]

Marx, Kapital I, 003-Doppelcharakter der Ware [p. 3-4]

Marx, Kapital I, 004-Wertform der Ware [p.5-12]

Marx, Kapital I, 005-Austauschprozess [p. 12-14]

Marx, Kapital I, 006-Geld und Warenzirkulation [p. 15-21]

Marx, Kapital I, 007-Formel und ihre Widersprueche [p. 21-24]

Marx, Kapital I, 008-Arbeitskraft [p. 24-27]

Marx, Kapital I, 009-Arbeitsprozess [p. 27-30]

Marx, Kapital I, 010-Verwertungsprozess [p.30-34]

Marx, Kapital I, 011-Konstantes und variables Kapital [p. 34-37]

Marx, Kapital I, 012-Rate des Mehrwerts [p.38-41]

Marx, Kapital I, 013-Grenzen des Arbeitstages [p. 41-42]

Marx, Kapital I, 014-Heisshunger nach Mehrarbeit [p. 42-46]

Marx, Kapital I, 015-Rate und Masse des Mehrwerts [p. 46-50]

Marx, Kapital I, 016-Relativer Mehrwert [p. 51-54]

Marx, Kapital I, 017-Kooperation [p. 54-59]

Marx, Kapital I, 018-Ursprung der Manufaktur [p. 59-64]

Marx, Kapital I, 019-Kapitalistischer Charakter d. Manufaktur [p. 64-67]

Marx, Kapital I, 020-Maschinerie und grosse Industrie [p. 67-72]

Marx, Kapital I, 021-Wirkungen auf die Arbeiter [p. 72-75]

Marx, Kapital I, 022-Kapitalistische Fabrik und Arbeiterkaempfe [p. 76-78]

Marx, Kapital I, 023-Arbeitsplaetze und Kompensationstheorie [p. 78-81]

Marx, Kapital I, 024-Rueckwirkungen auf die Lohnarbeiter [p. 81-86]

Marx, Kapital I, 025-Fabrikgesetzgebung in England [p. 86-89]

Marx, Kapital I, 026-Kapitalistische Landwirtschaft [p. 90]

Marx, Kapital I, 027-Absoluter und relativer Mehrwert [p. 91-93]

Marx, Kapital I, 028-Wechsel im Preis der Arbeitskraft [p. 93-98]

Marx, Kapital I, 029-Formeln fuer die Rate des Mehrwerts [p. 98-99]

Marx, Kapital I, 030-Wert der Arbeitskraft und Arbeitslohn [p. 100-102]

Marx, Kapital I, 031-Der Zeitlohn [p. 102-103]

Marx, Kapital I, 032-Der Stuecklohn [Akkord] [p. 103-105]

Marx, Kapital I, 033-Nationale Unterschiede im Lohn [p. 105-106]

Marx, Kapital I, 034-Akkumulationsprozess des Kapitals [p. 106-107]

Marx, Kapital I, 035-Einfache Reproduktion [p. 107-110]

Marx, Kapital I, 036-Akkumulation [p. 110-114]

Marx, Kapital I, 037-Umfang der Akkumulation [p. 114-118]

Marx, Kapital I, 038-Nachfrage nach Arbeitskraft [p. 118-120]

Marx, Kapital I, 039-Abnahme der Arbeitsnachfrage [p. 120-122]

Marx, Kapital I, 040-Konzentration und Zentralisation des Kapitals [p. 122-125]

Marx, Kapital I, 041-Arbeitslosigkeit und industrielle Reservearmee [126-129]

Marx, Kapital I, 042-Formen der Arbeitslosigkeit [p. 129-134]

Marx, Kapital I, 043-Beispiele aus England [p. 134-136]

Marx, Kapital I, 044-Urspruengliche Akkumulation des Kapitals [p. 137-144]

Marx, Kapital I, 045-Allgemeine Tendenz der Kapitalakkumulation [p. 144-146]

Marx, Kapital I, 046-Kolonisationstheorie [p. 146] – Ende des ersten Bands.

Marx, Kapital I, 047-Zweiter Band. Erstes Stadium G – W [p. 147-151]

Marx, Kapital I, 048-Produktionsstadium [p. 151-153]

Marx, Kapital I, 049-Drittes Stadium W’ – G’ [p. 153-155]

Marx, Kapital I, 050-Gesamtkreislauf des Kapitals [p. 155-159]

Marx, Kapital I, 051-Einfache Reproduktion [p. 159-163]

Marx, Kapital I, 052-Erweiterte Reproduktion [p. 163-166]

Marx, Kapital I, 053-Kreislauf des Warenkapitals [p. 166-169]

Marx, Kapital I, 054-3 Figuren des Kreislaufprozesses [p. 169-171]

Marx, Kapital I, 055-Die Umlaufszeit [p. 172-175]

Marx, Kapital I, 056-Die Zirkulationskosten [p. 175-178]

Marx, Kapital I, 057-Die Aufbewahrungskosten [p. 178-184]

Marx, Kapital I, 058-Die Transportkosten [p. 184-185]

Marx, Kapital I, 059-Umschlagszeit und Umschlagszahl [p. 185-186]

Marx, Kapital I, 060-Fixes und zirkulierendes Kapital [p. 186-190]

Marx, Kapital I, 061-Ersatz und Reparatur des fixen Kapitals [p. 191-193]

Marx, Kapital I, 062-Kapitalumschlag und Umschlagszyklen [p. 194-195]

Marx, Kapital I, 063-Die Arbeitsperiode [p. 196-198]

Marx, Kapital I, 064-Produktionszeit [p. 198-200]

Marx, Kapital I, 065-Umlaufszeit [p. 200-203]

Marx, Kapital I, 066-Kapitalvorschuss u, Umschlagszeit [p. 203-210]

Marx, Kapital I, 067-Umschlag d. variablen Kapitals [p. 210-212]

Marx, Kapital I, 068-Einfache Reproduktion [p. 213-216]

Marx, Kapital I, 069-Erweiterte Reproduktion [p. 216-218]

Marx, Kapital I, 070-Einleitung [p. 219-223]

Marx, Kapital I, 071-Fruehere Darstellungen der Sache [p. 223-227]

Marx, Kapital I, 072-Zwei Abteilungen der Produktion [p. 228-231]

Marx, Kapital I, 073-Umsatz zwischen beiden Abteilungen [p. 232-234]

Marx, Kapital I, 074-Umsatz in Abteilung 2 [p. 234-236]

Marx, Kapital I, 075-Die Geldzirkulation [p. 236-237]

Marx, Kapital I, 076-Umsatz des konstanten Kapitals [238-243]

Marx, Kapital I, 077-Variables Kapital. Resultate [p. 243-246]

Marx, Kapital I, 078-Die Schatzbildung [p. 246-249]

Marx, Kapital I, 079-Akkumulation in Abteilung 2 [p. 249-252]

Marx, Kapital I, 080-Beispiele [p. 252-257] Ende des 2. Bandes

Marx, Kapital I, 081-Dritter Band. Kostpreis und Profit [p. 259-266]

Marx, Kapital I, 082-Die Profitrate [p. 266-268]

Marx, Kapital I, 083-Profitrate und Mehrwertrate [p. 268-270]

Marx, Kapital I, 084-Kapitalumschlag und Profitrate [p. 270-272]

Marx, Kapital I, 085-Oekonomie des konstanten Kapitals [p. 272-278]

Marx, Kapital I, 086-Die Rohstoffe [p. 278-285]

Marx, Kapital I, 087-Nachtraege [p. 285-286]

Marx, Kapital I, 088-Verschiedenheit der Profitraten [p. 286-290]

Marx, Kapital I, 089-Durchschnittsprofit und Produktionspreis [p. 290-303]

Marx, Kapital I, 090-Marktpreis, Marktwert, Extraprofit [p. 303-308]

Marx, Kapital I, 091-Angebot und Nachfrage [p. 308-313]

Marx, Kapital I, 092-Lohn und Produktionspreise [p. 313-315]

Marx, Kapital I, 093-Nachtraege [p. 316-318]

Marx, Kapital I, 094-Fall der Profitrate [p. 319-327]

Marx, Kapital I, 095-Gegen den Fall wirkende Ursachen [p. 327-332]

Marx, Kapital I, 096-Innere Widersprueche des Gesetzes [p. 333-343]

Marx, Kapital I, 097-Das Kaufmannskapital [p. 343-349]

Marx, Kapital I, 098-Der kommerzielle Profit [p. 349-357]

Marx, Kapital I, 099-Umschlag und kaufm. Preise [p. 357-362]

Marx, Kapital I, 100-Das Bankkapital [p. 362-365]

Marx, Kapital I, 102-Zinstragendes Kapital [p. 371-377]

Marx, Kapital I, 103-Teilung des Profits Zinsfuss [p. 377-379]

Marx, Kapital I, 104-Zins und Unternehmergewinn [p. 380-387]

Marx, Kapital I, 105-Zinstragendes Kapital [p. 387-388]

Marx, Kapital I, 106-Kredit, fiktives Kapital [p. 388-390]

Marx, Kapital I, 107-Rolle des Kredits [p. 390-394]

Marx, Kapital I, 108-Bankkapital und fiktives Kapital [p. 394-398]

Marx, Kapital I, 109-Geldkapital und wirkliches Kapital [p. 398-408]

Marx, Kapital I, 110-Umlaufsmittel im Kreditsystem [p. 409-410]

Marx, Kapital I, 111-Edelmetall und Wechselkurse [411-414]

Marx, Kapital I, 112-Geschichte des Zinskapitals [p. 414-418]

Marx, Kapital I, 113-Einleitendes zur Grundrente [p. 418-422]

Marx, Kapital I, 114-Differenzialrente, Allgemeines [p. 422-424]

Marx, Kapital I, 115-Differenzialrente 1 [p. 425-427]

Marx, Kapital I, 116-Differenzialrente 2 [p. 427-430]

Marx, Kapital I, 117-Absolute Grundrente [p. 431-433]

Marx, Kapital I, 118-Bergwerksrente, Bodenpreis [p. 433-434]

Marx, Kapital I, 119-Geschichte der Grundrente [p. 435-439]

Marx, Kapital I, 120-Revenuen und ihre Quellen [p. 439-443]

Marx, Kapital I, 121-Die Klassen [p. 444]

Marx, Wage Labour and Capital, Part 2

Marx, Wage-Labour and Capital, Part 3

Rimini Protokoll, Karl Marx, Das Kapital, erster Band

Slavoj Zizek, Plenary talk at 2006 Rethinking Marxism conference

Sloterdijk, Naturalisierung des Menschen und Humanisierung der Natur, Karl Marx

Wallpaper – Karl Marx – Engels – Lenin – Trotsky

Books on Marx

Abbinnett, Marxism after Modernity, Politics, Technology and Social Transformation  (unfree)

Althusser, For Marx  (unfree)

anon, Das Schwarzbuch des Kommunismus 2, Das Schwere Erbe der Ideologie  (unfree)

Balibar, On the Dictatorship of the Proletariat  (unfree)

Berlin, Karl Marx, His Life and Environment  (unfree)

Berlin, Karl Marx  (unfree)

Bidet, Kouvelakis (eds.), Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism  (unfree)

Binet, Socialisme National Contre Marxisme  (unfree)

Boer, Criticism of Religion, On Marxism and Theology, II  (unfree)

Borchert (ed.), Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Vol. 5, Kabbalah-Marxist Philosophy, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Bowman, Post-Marxism versus Cultural Studies, Theory, Politics and Intervention  (unfree)

Burkett, Marxism and Ecological Economics, Towards a Red and Green Political Economy  (unfree)

Carver, The Cambridge Companion to Marx  (unfree)

Cockshott, Cottrell, Towards a New Socialism  (unfree)

Cohen, Karl Marx’s Theory of History, A Defence  (unfree)

Cohen, Why not Socialism  (unfree)

Connor, The National Question in Marxist-Leninist Theory and Strategy  (unfree)

Creaven, Marxism and Realism, A Materialistic Application of Realism in the Social Sciences  (unfree)

Darity, International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd. edn., Vol. 4, Inequality, Income-Marxism, Black  (unfree)

Drake, Apostles and Agitators, Italy’s Marxist Revolutionary Tradition  (unfree)

Dunn, Global Political Economy, A Marxist Critique  (unfree)

Eagleton, Marxism and Literary Criticism  (unfree)

Eagleton, Milne (eds.), Marxist Literary Theory  (unfree)

Edwards, Townshend (eds.), Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy, From Machiavelli to Marx  (unfree)

Elster, Moene (eds.), Alternatives to Capitalism, Studies in Marxism and Social Theory  (unfree)

Engel, Goetterdaemmerung uber der neuen Weltordnung  (unfree)

Gooding, Socialism in Russia, Lenin and his Legacy, 1890-1991  (unfree)

Gottfried, The Strange Death of Marxism, The European Left in the New Millennium  (unfree)

Gramsci, Beyond Marxism and Postmodernism

Gregor, A Place in the Sun, Marxism and Fascism in China’s Long Revolution  (unfree)

Gregor, Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism, Chapters in the Intellectual History of Radicalism  (unfree)

Gregor, The Faces of Janus, Marxism and Fascism in the Twentieth Century  (unfree)

Hemingway (ed.), Marxism and the History of Art  (unfree)

Hobsbawm, How to Change the World, Reflections on Marx and Marxism  (unfree)

Hutnyk, Bad Marxism, Capitalism and Cultural Studies  (unfree)

Jameson, Late Marxism, Adorno, or, the Persistence of the Dialectic  (unfree)

Jameson, Marxism and Form  (unfree)

Jay, Marxism and Totality, The Adventures of a Concept from Lukacs to Habermas  (unfree)

Johnson, Intellectuals : From Marx and Tolstoy to Sartre and Chomsky  (unfree)

Jones (ed.), Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd. edn., Vol. 8, Kabah, Marx Karl  (unfree)

Katznelson, Marxism and the City  (unfree)

Kolakowski, Main Currents of Marxism, Its Rise, Growth, and Dissolution, Vol. 1, The Founders  (unfree)

Kolakowski, Main Currents of Marxism, Its Rise, Growth, and Dissolution, Vol. 2, The Golden Age  (unfree)

Kołakowski, Main Currents of Marxism, Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution, Vol. 3, The Breakdown  (unfree)

le Blanc, Marx, Lenin, and the Revolutionary Experience, Studies of Communism and Radicalism in the Age of Globalization  (unfree)

Le Point, Marx, Ce qu’il a vraiment ecrit, Comment sa pensee a ete detournee, Son histoire, son heritage

Lecercle, A Marxist Philosophy of Language  (unfree)

Levine, A Future for Marxism, Althusser, the Analytical Turn and the Revival of Socialist Theory  (unfree)

Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion  (unfree)

Liu Kang, Aesthetics and Marxism, Chinese Aesthetic Marxists and their Western Contemporaries  (unfree)

Lowith, Max Weber and Karl Marx  (unfree)

Lukacs, History and Class Consciousness, Studies in Marxist Dialectics  (unfree)

Macdonald, The Culture of Critique, An Evolutionary  Analysis of Jewish Involvement  in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements  (unfree)

Maclellan, Marxism after Marx, An Introduction, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Marcus, Dialectical Economics, An Introduction to Marxist Political Economy  (unfree)

Marcuse, Soviet Marxism, A Critical Analysis  (unfree)

Marx, Capital, Vol. 1  (unfree)

Marx, Capital, Vol. 2  (unfree)

Marx, Capital, Vol. 3  (unfree)

Marx, Engels, Le Manifeste Communiste  (unfree)

Marx, Engels, The Communist Manifesto  (unfree)

Mayer, Analytical Marxism  (unfree)

McGuire, Archaeology as Political Action  (unfree)

McLellan, Marxism after Marx, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Meikle, History of Philosophy, The Metaphysics of Substance in Marx

Mieville, Between Equal Rights, A Marxist Theory of International Law  (unfree)

Mouffe (ed.),  Gramsci and Marxist Theory  (unfree)

Poster, Existential Marxism in Postwar France, From Sartre to Althusser  (unfree)

Rees, The Algebra of Revolution, The Dialectic and the Classical Marxist Tradition  (unfree)

Resnick, Wolff (eds.), Rethinking Marxism, Essays For Harry Magdoff and Paul Sweezy  (unfree)

Rockmore, Marx after Marxism  (unfree)

Ruhle, Karl Marx, His Life and Work  (unfree)

Savelli, Karl Marx, Le Manifeste Communiste, en Bandes Dessinees

Schmidt, The Concept of Nature in Marx  (unfree)

Schumpeter, Ten Great Economists, From Marx to Keynes  (unfree)

Singer, Marx, A Very Short Introduction  (unfree)

Skousen, The Big Three in Economics, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and John Maynard Keynes  (unfree)

Sowell, Marxism, Philosophy and Economics  (unfree)

Szporluk, Communism and Nationalism, Karl Marx versus Friedrich List  (unfree)

Therborn, From Marxism to Post-Marxism?  (unfree)

Thomas, Marxism and Scientific Socialism, From Engels to Althusser  (unfree)

Tormey, Townshend,  Key Thinkers from Critical Theory to Post-Marxism  (unfree)

Uchida (ed.), Marx for the 21st Century  (unfree)

van der Linden, Western Marxism and the Soviet Union, A Survey of Critical Theories and Debates since 1917  (unfree)

Wayne, Marxism and Media Studies, Key Concepts and Contemporary Trends  (unfree)

Wetherly, Marxism and the State, An Analytical Approach  (unfree)

Worsley, Marx and Marxism  (unfree)

Wright et al, Reconstructing Marxism, Essays on Explanation and the Theory of History  (unfree)

Wurmbrand, Was Karl Marx a Satanist  (unfree)

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