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“MASCULIST MGTOW FLYERS” i.e. 2 to 3 page essays (~ 290 of them)  TEXTS and VIDEOS (link)

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The Ideology of Mens Lib

What do men have to be liberated from? Many things, but the most essential one is to be free from female financial parasitism, so that boys do not have to be socialized to be the sole breadwinners of the family. Girls should be socialized to be careerists just as much as boys, so that as women, they can pull their weight financially equally with  men and not parasite on them.


Masculist Glossary

Masculist = mens libber, someone fighting  to free men from the limitations  of the traditional bread winner role of the male.

Fluffie = traditional female who expects to parasite off a man’s money

Robot = traditional male who  expects to pay for a fluffie wife

FIP = financially independent person, (what masculists want fluffies to become)

MGTOWs = men who refuse to marry and have kids (Men Going Their Own Way)

Fluffie Feminist = feminist who has had her feminist consciousness raised (i.e. equal rights for women) but not her masculist consciousness raised (i.e. equal obligations for women, i.e. sharing the burden equally of earning the living. Fluffie feminists still see men as cheque books and still parasite on them as do fluffies.)

Fluffie Feminist Divorce Court Judges (and Gender Politicians) = divorce courts are now dominated by fluffie feminist judges, who are financially massacring men in such huge numbers (divorce rate = 50% in many countries, 10% of divorced fathers in the US get joint custody of their kids, with compulsory child payments to kids they rarely see) that millions of men are choosing to be MGTOWs as a result, leaving women manless, loveless, sexless, childless, alone, miserable. In Japan, 30% of young men under 30 have gone MGTOW (called “herbivores”, “grass eaters” in Japan) forcing the creation of an equivalent “dry fish lady” movement of manless young women. The western MGTOW movement will create a similar situation in the western countries soon, forcing male dumping feminists to learn to be nice to men, or they will become dry fish ladies also. Competition amongst women for the few remaining robot males (whom feminists call “good men” (i.e. exploitable)) will be fierce.


I coined the  term “masculist” in the early 70s. It is so obviously the male equivalent  of the word “feminist” that probably many  people have coined it independently over the decades.

In the early 80s I was frequently in the media in western Europe (Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, England) pushing the masculist message, saying such things as –

a) (to fluffies) “If you  want to have a man,  have a career”

b) (to fluffies) “Fluffies can rot on the shelf”

c) (to robots) “Rather a FIP than a fluffie”

d) (to robots) “A fluffie will parasite on you before the divorce AND after.”

e) (to feminists) “The morons and genii are males” (a consequence of GMV (greater male IQ variance, i.e. 10% larger than the  female variance))

f) (to  feminists) “Men are the superior  sex, because the genii (who drive and create society) are males.”

g) (to society) “The primary aim of the masculists is to wipe out the fluffies, not by killing them, but by persuading men not to have relationships with them, forcing fluffies to become FIPs and to pull their weight financially.”

h) (to society) “A fluffie can only survive if she can get her financial claws into a male robot. As the supply of (masculist influenced) robots dries up, so will the number of fluffies, until fluffies die out (as they have already in most western countries).”

Materially modern countries like Japan and Korea have  sex roles that  are half a century behind the west. The  women there are still fluffies, and the men are still robots. The fluffies are harder to divorce, and the men work overtime while their fluffie wives with teenage children play  tennis. The fluffie wives dispose of the husbands’ pay check, and the robot husbands (are stupid enough to) give it to them.

In western countries, the fluffies have virtually died out. Being a fluffie is hazardous, since the divorce rate is about 50/50 in many countries. A divorced fluffie, who has not invested in a career, will probably be poor after a divorce. In countries that still have alimony, a fluffy wife will parasite upon a robot husband both before AND after the divorce.  The third world desperately needs masculism to free men up from traditional slavery to fluffie “slaver” wives.  The communists hated the capitalists for their exploitation of the labor of workers. The masculists hate the fluffies for similar reasons and aim to wipe them out across the world.

There are also  many legal discriminations still, against men. The most blatant one is the fact that in most countries, women have a legalized MARER (maternity rejection  right, commonly known  as abortion) but men, even in Sweden, dont  have a legalized PARER (paternity rejection right), so that if a woman gets pregnant and doesnt want to have the baby she can choose to abort it. If a man “gets pregnant” he has no such right,  and may be legally forced to pay money for decades for the upkeep of the child, and thus have his life ruined. This is blatant sexual discrimination  against men that makes masculists very angry.

The Fluffie’s Life Plan

a) Seduce the most attractive (i.e. high income, good looks) male, she can.

b) Fuck him  long enough for him to stick around.

c) Stay at home,  have HER kids, and have HIM pay for it all (both before and after the divorce.)

Marriage and Kids as Toxic to Males

For about 30 years I forgot about Masculism because I could see in the 80s that huge numbers of women were moving into the work force, becoming FIPs, so I thought the essential masculist problem of female financial parasitism on men had been solved, so it came as rather a shock to learn about the recent rise of the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement. These MGTOWs are largely reacting to the financial massacre of divorced fathers in the divorce courts at the hands of fluffy feminist divorce court judges, who give custody to the mother in about 80% of cases (in the US), who often give the home that the father has worked his life for to the mother and kids, and force him to pay child payments, and even alimony to fluffie ex wives, so destroying him financially. These men are so smashed that their suicide rate screams up to about 100 fold (literally) to its normal rate under such circumstances. Thus marriage is more hazardous to males (given the divorce rate is now about 50% in many countries) than being a soldier in a war. The odds of having your life destroyed are much worse when you are married, so masculists now advise young men DONT MARRY, DONT HAVE KIDS!

How to solve this problem?

Obviously the fluffie feminist divorce court judges need to be removed from the divorce courts, and new men-fair divorce laws need to be made. If you marry, make sure your wife is a real FIP with pretty much an equal ability to be a FIP as you. Plan for your divorce. You have a 50-50 chance that it will happen. Make a prenuptial, and push for a law that makes it binding, so that fluffie feminist divorce court judges cannot just throw it out, as they often do now. Become a masculist and push women to become real FIPs, so that men-fair divorce laws automatically give joint custody of the kids to both the husband and the wife. Dont even look at a fluffie as a potential wife. If she’s not FIP in her career and in her mentality, then let her rot on the shelf.

But all this will take years to transform society and its attitudes, so in the meantime, dont marry, dont have kids. Research shows that the happiest couples are childless anyway. Teenage kids are a real pain in the butt, so better off not having kids at all. As a sizable proportion of young men go MGTOW, society will be so traumatized that men-fair divorce laws will be made and all women will be powerfully pressured to be FIPs. I predict that in a few years, fluffy feminist divorce court judges will start being assassinated by young women, as the latter  increasingly see the source of their misery coming from these judges. These young women, manless, loveless, sexless, and especially childless, due to the mass exodus of the MGTOWs will then express their hatred against these judges in the form of assassination.

To Masculist Lawyers and Politicians

Devise men-fair divorce law proposals and then make them law. Make prenups legally binding.

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