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Masculist-MGTOW Glossary, Part 2 of 2, M to Z


 Masculism is an “ism” i.e. an ideology, with lots of new ideas that need new labels. As the number of ideas increases, and hence new labels, the need grows for the creation of a masculist glossary, which is what this flyer is. It consists of a list of masculist (and MGTOW) labels, and their succinct definitions.

The best ideologists, e.g. Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, etc. knew the power of labels, of concept names that force people to say “What’s that?” when they hear a new term for the first time. Labels have great influence and can be used as intellectual tools to motivate people to change their behaviors and attitudes. Men can use these masculist terms to hit back at fluffie feminists and give them a taste of their own medicine, and can be used as intellectual tools to menfair society.

Here is the list, in alphabetic order. Terms used in a definition that have their own definition in this glossary are in CAPITALS.

Note : There are a few (more recently coined) masculist terms in this glossary, that are not in the videos.


MASCULIST GROUPS : Politically minded MASCULISTS aim to have a MASCULIST GROUP in every high school, every college, every university, to push women to FIPup or rot on the shelf, being ignored by men for continuing to be FLUFFIE PARASITES.

MENFAIR : Fair to men, both as an adjective and a verb. To MENFAIR the GENDER LAWS is to make them fair to men, e.g. menfairing the divorce laws, bringing in the PARER, etc.

MEN’S LIB(ERATION) : MASCULISM is MEN’S LIB, freeing men from being MANSLAVES to women, creating laws that are beneficial to men, e.g. the PARER, and many other laws that would improve men’s rights and quality of life.

MGTOW : An acronym for “Men Going Their Own Way” i.e. a branch of the MEN’S LIB movement, who refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, spend their money on themselves, and devote their lives to pursuing their own dreams and loves. The rise of the MGTOW movement is due largely as a reaction to the TOXICITY OF THE DIVORCE COURTS. MGTOWS are mainly FIRST HALVER MEN who have rebelled against the traditional MANSLAVE role of the man, preferring to do what they want to do with their lives and not work for a woman so she can have kids in a house that he pays for.

MGTOW APOLITICALITY : Most MGTOWs are politically passive. They quietly walk away from marriage, and paternity, arguing that the gender politicians are so corrupted by the FEMINAZIS, that fighting them is a waste of effort, so aim to destroy the current GYNOCENTRIC system by withdrawing support for it.

MISANDRIST : A MISANDRIST is a man hater. FEMINAZI BITCHES are MISANDRISTS. The divorce courts are MISANDRIST. The female dominated media and primary schools are MISANDRIST, constantly dumping on men, something that the MASCULISTS and MGTOWs are utterly sick of, and are lashing back at.

MISANDRY : Man hating. Dumping on men.

MONOCONSCIOUS : Having had only one’s FEMINIST CONSCIOUSNESS raised. Monoconscious feminists see GENDER OPPRESSION as a one way street and are angry at men for men’s gender oppression of women, but know nothing of MASCULIST CONSCIOUSNESS, so are not BICONSCIOUS, so are GENDER BIASED and ANGER BIASED against men. BICONSCIOUS feminists lose their anger against men, because they see that women gender oppress men too.

MRM : MRM is an acronym for “Men’s Rights Movement” similar to what the MASCULISTS want but the MASCULISTS are a lot more political and aggressive, forcing women to FIPup or be punished by not having a man take any interest in her.

NAWALT : An acronym for “Not all Women Are Like That” i.e. not all women are immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, i.e. some women are by nature, EMO FIPs. MGTOWs think that all women are AWALTs.

NUCLEAR WEAPON : This is the MASCULISTS’ strongest argument, i.e. “Until society and the GENDER POLITICIANS MENFAIR the GENDER LAWS, the MASCULISTS and MGTOWs will continue to wipe out whole populations by continuing to reject paternity.” This argument will force the GENDER POLITICIANS to MENFAIR the GENDER LAWS or we all go extinct.

PARER : An acronym for “Paternity Rejection Right” i.e. the right of a man to reject an unwanted pregnancy. Women have a MARER, but men don’t have a PARER. Millions of men have their lives ruined by criminal sexual partner women who lie to their man about taking the pill, become pregnant, and then slam a paternity suit on him to force him to pay for a pregnancy that he doesn’t want. The lack of a PARER is the most blatant form of sexual discrimination against men that exists. It screams out for reform. A PARER would allow a man to fill in a government form, rejecting unwanted paternity, so that if the woman proceeds with the pregnancy, then she alone will have full financial responsibility of the child. The FLUFFIE FEMINIST HYPOCRITES will fight the legislation of the PARER with everything they have, because its passage would force women to FIPup, a terrifying prospect for FLUFFIES and FLUFFIE FEMINISTS.

PATERNITY STRIKE : MGTOWs and MASCULISTS are so disgusted by the  MISANDRY of the divorce courts that they have undertaken a policy of PATERNITY STRIKE, refusing to be fathers, not giving women their sperm.

POLITICAL ACTIVISM : Being politically active. The MASCULISTS are much more politically active than the more a-political MGTOWs who tend to just quietly walk away from marriage and paternity. MASCULISTS fight the FLUFFIES, forcing them to FIPup or rot on the shelf. MASCULISTS accuse FLUFFIE FEMINISTS of being hypocrites, and approach the media to spread MASCULIST and MGTOW ideas. MASCULISTS threaten the GENDER POLITICIANS with their NUCLEAR WEAPON, threatening to wipe out whole populations unless the GENDER POLITICIANS MENFAIR the GENDER LAWS, etc.

PRINCESSES : PRINCESSES are young FEMINAZI BITCHES, usually in their 20s, at the peak of their sexual attractiveness, who are showered with attention from sexually hungry young men. They have imbibed feminist rhetoric, believe they can do anything they want, and behave like princesses, i.e. like female chauvinist, spoiled brats.

RED PILL : The RED PILL is one of the core ideas of the MGTOWs, based on an analogy from the movie “The Matrix.” Taking the red pill in the movie meant accepting the bitter reality that the intelligent machines had taken over humanity, using human bodies as batteries and feeding their brains with signals from the matrix computers that made humans think that they were living in the 20th century. The red pill in the MGTOW world is the idea that “Women don’t love men. Women love men’s exploitability.” When a man loses his exploitability, a woman will coldly, disloyally, drop him in favor of a more exploitable male. Women evolved to be like this. It makes good Darwinian evolutionary sense.

 RED PILL RAGE : The RED PILL RAGE is the anger men feel when they become convinced of the very negative truth of the idea of the RED PILL. It permanently sours the way they see women, and puts up a real barrier against women. One of the most popular sayings of the MGTOWs is “You can love women or you can understand them!” (with the understanding that the OR, is an exclusive OR).

SECOND HALVER : A man in the second half of his life, i.e. older than 40. Most MGTOWs are FIRST HALVERS so do not have sufficient life experience to be able to empathize with the GENDER ISSUES of SECOND HALVER men.

SEXBOT : A sex robot, programmed to be very attractive to men, with luscious curvy bodies, film star faces, creamy grippy vaginas, that women will not be able to compete with. Once the SEXBOTS and ARTWOMBS come, probably in less than a decade, FEMINISM will disappear overnight, as women go into deep existential crisis as men neglect them. Women will be forced to be especially nice to men, in order to be competitive with the SEXBOTS and the ARTWOMBS.

SEX WAR : Once women become very familiar with the ideas of the MASCULISTS and the MGTOWs, a fierce debate will rage between the sexes, expressing on the one hand, the bitterness that women will feel at having to raise children on their own, as a result of MGTOW and MASCULIST policies, and on the other hand, the hatred of MASCULISTS and MGTOWs against the FEMINAZI BITCHES for having made the divorce courts so toxic, for opposing the legislation of the PARER, etc.

STEM : An acronym for “Science, Tech, Engineering and Math”  These subject areas, along with the professions (medicine, dentistry, architecture, law etc) are considered as CAREER COMPETENT by MASCULISTS, and are the type of subjects that MASCULISTS insist that women study if they want to even TWAYTWEF with a man.

TOXICITY OF THE DIVORCE COURTS : The FLUFFIE FEMINIST HYPOCRITES have taken over the divorce courts and made them toxic for men. One married father in four will be financially massacred in these courts, i.e. about a million American men a year. They will lose their kids with 90% probability, They will lose their house to their FLUFFIE ex-wife so she can raise HER kids in it. He will be forced to pay child payments to kids he will barely see, and often will pay alimony to his fluffie ex-wife so that she remains a parasite off him after the divorce the way she was before the divorce. Divorce, and hence marriage, has become such a rotten deal for men, that 2/3 of young men in the major countries now refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves. Young men are rebelling against the traditional MANSLAVE role of the man, choosing a MGTOW lifestyle instead.


TWAYTWEFFING : Short for 2A2F-ing, i.e. 2 apartments, 2 FIPs, where both the man and the woman in a relationship are FIPs and both have their own apartment. When the relationship fails, the two of them just walk back to their own apartments, cost free for the man. The advantage of twaytweffing for a man is that he gets the regular sex he needs from a woman without paying the traditional price of being a MANSLAVE to a FLUFFIE PARASITE. Twaytweffing forces the woman to be permanently nice to the man, otherwise he can walk away so easily, so she can’t nag him, withhold sex, or try to mould him the way she wants. If she does, he walks away.

WAGE SLAVE : A person who does what he is told to do by his employer. He is not free to do what he wants, or what he loves, if he were an ARCer.

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