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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer is another in a series with the title “Masculisting the …” This one imagines a dialog between myself, representing masculism, and a MGTOW content provider, that tries to highlight the differences and the weaknesses of MGTOW from a masculist point of view. It is proselytizing, trying to get MGTOWs to see the masculist light, and convert themselves into becoming politically active and hugely more effective masculists, rather than passive, apolitical, MGTOWs, sitting on their arse, farting in the wind.

Masculist : Hi, I’m Hugo, I’m the masculist round here. I hear that you make a lot of MGTOW videos, so you must be a smart, thoughtful person, so I’m puzzled why you are not a masculist. Why do you choose to be MGTOW that from the point of view of a masculist, is so ineffective in getting society made menfair, getting the gender laws made men fair, creating a society that is fit for men to live in.

All you MGTOWs do is analyze to death the current gender status quo, complaining ad infinitum how today’s gynocentric society is so detrimental to men, instead of being a masculist and organizing things so that our society gets so socially engineered that women respect men and treat men well, so that the divorce courts do not financially massacre men and ruin their lives, so that the Parer can be brought in, so that a long list of legal and social discriminations against men are menfaired.

All you MGTOWs do, is complain, complain, complain, but you don’t get off your apolitical arses and actively change society by doing what is needed to menfair our culture. You gripe about the gender status quo, but do little to change it.

To paraphrase Marx, “You MGTOW philosophers have only interpreted our gynocentric world, in various ways, the point however is to change it.”

As a masculist, I’m rather contemptuous of MGTOWs for their lack of solidarity with the gender plight of other men, who simply care only about themselves, and don’t bother with, or care about, the bigger picture, i.e. the gynocentric culture we live in and what needs to be done to remove it, so that men can live in a gender fair society.

What do you have to say to this rather harsh masculist critique?

MGTOWist : I think you’re being naïve, living a pipe dream, wishing for something that is highly unrealistic, impractical and a waste of time.

Masculist : I don’t think what I’m doing as a masculist is a waste of time at all. I think it is necessary to create a menfair society. The fact that you MGTOWs don’t pursue these political goals at all, only reflects on your insipidity, your ineffectuality.

You’re obviously a smart guy, who can understand my viewpoint, so what on earth is stopping you from taking political action? Why are you a passive, apolitical MGTOW, rather than a committed, politically active, angry masculist, lashing out at the evils of our gynocentric culture? What keeps you being such an apolitical wimpy MGTOW?

MGTOWist : I think what you fail to realize is that even if there were a lot of politically active angry masculists like you, you would get nowhere. All your time and effort would be wasted. The MGTOWs can see that, so they don’t bother even starting going down that wrong path that will only lead to a dead end.

Since you are being so frank, I’ll be the same. MGTOWs tend to look down on MRMs, and I see you masculists as just another name for MRMs. MRMs have been around for decades, and what have they accomplished? Nothing! They even had to rely on women to give them any decent publicity. I’m talking about the recent movie “The Red Pill” made by a feminist, i.e. a woman, not a man!

In all the years that the MRM has been around, they have not had a single law changed, not one! How pathetic is that! They have no teeth. They are ineffectual. They are paper tigers.

The MGTOWs on the other hand feel they have a far more effective strategy to move men’s lives, and that is not to play the traditional manslave game at all, by going MGTOW. I won’t go into details, because I’ve seen a lot of your videos, so I know you know the main ideas of the MGTOWs.

Given that the MRM has been so spectacularly ineffective, and that the MGTOW tactic has to succeed, as millions of young men refuse to marry and refuse to have kids, so that women will be forced to rely on themselves, not on some manslave fool.

We MGTOWs don’t take the MRM types seriously. Clearly the MRMers have failed. They have had their chance, and have achieved NOTHING. The MGTOWs are the next phase in the liberation of men, a new movement, and we are already scaring women, by absenting ourselves in our millions from marriage and paternity.

We MGTOWs look down on MRMers, seeing them as blind, ineffectual, misguided, wrongheaded, and just plain dumb.

Masculist : Don’t mistake me for an MRMer. Masculism and MRM are two different movements. Of course there is some overlap in ideologies, between the two, just as there is between masculism and MGTOW.

I see three main men’s lib movements. The MRM, the MGTOWs and the masculists. The masculists employ tactics from both the MGTOWs and the MRM. Speaking as a masculist theorist, I see MGTOW as a subset of masculism, MRM too. I see masculism as a superset that includes MGTOW and MRM as subsets, as components. Let me explain.

One of the reasons why the MRM was so ineffectual, is that they did not appreciate the size of the female bloc vote. 51% of the voters are women, and women vote more than men, so that if the gender politicians were to try to legislate a menfairing of the divorce courts, for example, they would be voted out of office by an angry female bloc vote, since women benefit so strongly from the current divorce laws.

Women get child custody with 90% probability, they get his house, half his stuff, child support, and often alimony for life, if the ex-wife is a real fluffie. Women don’t want to give up these major advantages, these gynocentric privileges. They are too substantial. The gender politicians are no fools. They know which side of their bread is buttered on, so they don’t change the gender laws.

They don’t dare bring in the Parer (paternity rejection right) because that would force women to FIP up, become responsible adults, taking charge of their own lives, which would scare the shit out of the fluffies (i.e. traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man), who would react strongly against the gender politicians and vote them out.

MGTOWist : Exactly! So why on earth are you a masculist? If you see so clearly that the MRM is totally wasting their time, why do you support what MRM stands for?

Masculist : Because I’m not an MRMer. I’m a masculist. I believe that using masculist tactics will be successful, where the MRM tactics failed. I’m rather critical of the MRM for not having thought of the ideas that dominate masculist thinking when it comes to strategy that masculists can use to menfair our society.

For example – how to overcome the 51% female voter argument highlighted before? Obviously by getting more women to vote together with men to menfair the gender laws. If the combined vote of men plus that of female masculists, were to get to 60% of the population, then the gender politicians would be forced to react, and bring in the menfaired gender laws that the masculists are pushing so hard for.

So how to get women to become sympathetic to masculist ideas, so that they feel strongly enough to vote WITH men, and against their own interests regarding their privileges in the divorce courts?

The masculists have two ways to do this, i.e. to persuade women to become female masculists and to vote with men. They take the forms of the carrot and the stick.

The carrot is to simply present masculist/MRM/MGTOW ideas to women in large numbers by bringing these ideas to the mass media, so that millions of women are exposed to them, so that some of them are influenced by them and become sympathetic to men’s gender plight. They become female masculists.

The stick, is far more effective, and that is that the masculists use MGTOW tactics (and here is an example of MGTOW being a useful tool for the masculists, a component of masculism, a subset of masculism) to scare women into becoming female masculists, through fear of babylessness as created by the MGTOW rejection of paternity.

The masculists are saying to women, “You women must vote with men, to have the gender laws menfaired, especially against your privileges in the divorce courts OR you will suffer something that is far worse, for you, as women, and that is you will be forced by men to be babyless. We men are deserting fatherhood in our millions, soon in our hundreds of millions, so you women will be forced by the masculists and MGTOWs to FIP up, become adult, take charge of your own lives and stop parasiting off men.

MGTOWist : But that’s such a tiny minority opinion, it will have zero impact!

Masculist : All ideas have to start in one mind, and they then spread and spread, if they are any good. Look at the Arab’s Mohammad, and the religion he invented. He started with his wife, his close family, and then branched out to today’s billion Muslims.

Feminism has had a huge impact on women. Hundreds of millions of women have been influenced by what the feminists have achieved over the decades, e.g. the vote, careers for women, professions for women, etc. Women see themselves differently now, compared to their great grandmothers.

Masculism need to do the same. Men need to be taught that men have the financial power to FORCE women to FIP up (i.e. become FIPs, financially independent persons) not parasiting off the money of a man. We men have the power to force women to grow up, and become responsible, career competent adults, and not expect to parasite off a man’s money, as too many fluffie women do today.

Look at the ¾ of young women at age 16 in high schools who choose to study fluffie crap majors (e.g. languages, history, English literature etc) that will cause them to be rejected for entry into STEM fields, or the professions at university, because they did not study the analytical subjects like math and the sciences at high school.

These fluffie crappers at high school will become fluffie crappers at university, and end up with a fluffie crap diploma that the economy does not value. What employer would want to employ a woman with a bachelor degree in women’s studies, or psychology, or sociology, etc?

Three quarters of young women in today’s world still expect to be fluffies, because they choose to be fluffie crappers, and expect in their 30s, when their biological clocks are ticking, that there will be some manslave around, who is gullible enough, and stupid enough to agree to being manslaved, i.e. sexploited by her to work for her, to pay for her, to sit on her fat parasitic arse in a middle class house that HE pays for.

A decade later after she has had her kids, she will get bored with him (her 41st penis, after having had some 40 different penises in her in her 20s,statistics show) and will take him to the fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce court system, and financially massacre him, ruining his life, the poor dumb fuck.

So, we masculists have the power to force women to FIP up. Nearly all men are FIPs. We are socialized that way. We evolved to be FIPs. Women evolved to be baby factories and child minders, and to parasite off men by sexploiting them.

But, thanks to MGTOW, the masculists now have the political tool to FORCE women to FIP up. The masculists are very conscious that turning women into FIPs will solve most of men’s gender issues. With nearly all women FIPs, the divorce laws can be made menfair. The Parer can be brought in. A woman who continues on with a pregnancy that the father rejects legally, can afford to pay for the kid, because she’s a FIP.

So the masculists place great emphasis on the FIPping of women, and use MGTOW tactics to achieve it, i.e. by threatening women with babylessness. The women have to vote with the men for the menfairing of the gender laws, or they will never have a baby, at least not with quality men.

But, this masculist tactic will not work, unless masculism’s ideas are widely known, so it’s vital that every high school and college have its own men’s lib group, so that the group’s members can put moral pressure on the women to FIP up, especially in the high schools, where most of the fluffie crapper damage is done.

To get masculist ideas out into the general public will require that masculists approach the media people and persuade them of the importance of masculist ideas.

Again, MGTOW tactics can be used as political tools by the masculists to persuade the journalists to take masculist ideas very seriously. If society does not menfair the gender laws, and make men’s live better, then the masculists and MGTOWs will simply continue to boycott marriage and paternity, wiping out whole populations.

The masculists can spell out very dramatically to the media people, “If the gender laws are not menfaired, then the MGTOWs and masculists will continue to boycott paternity, and hence WIPE OUT WHOLE POPULATIONS!”

This makes the gender politicians and the feminazis, genociders, since it is they who are the root cause for men boycotting paternity. The gender politicians and fluffie feminist hypocrites (who want equal rights with men, but reject equal obligations with men, in not bothering to get a career competent education at high school and college, ending up with, in most cases, a worthless fluffie crap diploma, that the economy does not value) are hence genociders, who have to be stopped.

Stopped how!? By doing to society as masculists, what the feminists did. The feminists worked hard to achieve what they have done. I’m 70, so I saw with my own eyes the effort that women put into building the feminist movement in the 60s, 70s, and 80s etc.

The masculists need to do the same, given that there is so much to do, and there is so much at stake, i.e. the very survival of humanity. If the gender laws are not made menfair, then the MGTOWs and masculists will continue to boycott paternity, given that they utterly reject marriage and being dragged through the hated feminazi controlled divorce courts.

The first major task of the masculists is to convert the MGTOWs into masculists, so that the MGTOWs become convinced that not much is going to change with our gynocentric society, unless feminism itself is countered with an equally powerful set of ideas, i.e. masculism.

Women need to be taught that their feminist arrogance is a delusion. Women need to be taught by masculists that women are genetically inferior to men. Men have a higher average IQ than women by 4 IQ points. Men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, so the morons and the genii are males, so men win 99% of the science Nobel prizes. Men have higher testosterone levels, so are more aggressive, more ambitious, more single minded, more dogged and persistent so achieve far more than women.

Women need to lose their feminist arrogance and learn to respect male superiority. Men outperform women at the top end of the scale on just about anything measurable.

Women need to be taught that the worst thing they can do to get a man is to be a misandrist, man dumping, feminazi, bitch. Such women are the first category of female to be rejected by men. Men avoid such women like the plague.

Masculists have a lot of work to do. They need to help set up masculist groups in the high schools, the colleges, set up Men’s Studies courses at the universities, approach the media, teaching the masses about masculist ideas, writing books on masculist and MGTOW ideas, so that they can become well known by everyone, which is far from being the case today.

This lack of knowledge of men’s lib ideas is partly MGTOW’s fault, because MGTOWs, almost by definition, are politically passive. They don’t approach the broadcast media etc. They merely passively, quietly go their own way, and not interact with the millions, i.e. they are NOT political.

The masculists need to create a national organization for men’s lib, e.g. a NOM (National Organization for Men) equivalent to women’s NOW that was set up very early on by second wave feminists. NOM should aim for the menfairing of the gender laws, menfairing the divorce laws, bringing in the Parer, and menfairing dozens of examples of social and legal discriminations against men.

There is a ton to do, so MGTOWs and men in general need to be masculisted, to be made conscious that in today’s gynocentric world men are suffering, especially in the divorce courts. Men are still manslaves to fluffie parasitic women, who are not forced by masculist men to get off their parasitic arses and to FIP up.

That’s my masculist rant. I hope you find it convincing. I have mixed feelings about the MGTOWs. On the positive side, I as a masculist, can use MGTOW tactics to further the masculist cause. I can use MGTOW tactics to scare women with the threat of babylessness and manlessness, and can scare the gender politicians with the threat of wiping out whole populations, also with babylessness.

But on the other hand, I’m contemptuous that so little progress is being made on the political front, masculist style, because MGTOWs are such apolitical wimps, not having enough political vision to see that men DO have the means to menfair the gender laws, as I showed above.

So, what do you as a MGTOW make of all that?!

MGTOWist : Hmm, interesting. You said a lot of things that are new to me. Let me think about it.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis,

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