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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer is another in a series with the title “Masculisting the …” This one presents ideas on how masculists can influence parents to masculist their daughters (and sons) so that they do not grow up into fluffie parasites, and hence suffer greatly by being totally ignored by men.

There are parents and parents. Parents won’t influence their daughters (and sons) into masculist ways of thinking if they themselves know nothing about masculist ideas, so it will take some time for masculist ideas to penetrate the minds of parents.

The smarter the parents, the quicker it will take for masculist ideas to penetrate their minds, so this flyer is aimed at the upper middle class parents, those with high IQs, because they will be the first to bother to expose themselves to masculist ideas on the internet etc,

Half of a population, by definition, has an IQ below average. Such people are too stupid to read books. Many of them have difficulty in reading at all, so reading a book is too intellectually demanding to be worth bothering with, so they watch videos instead, and Hollywood movies.

They are peakers (people of average intelligence, which places them in the peak of the IQ Bell curve. Watching Hollywood movies, which are geared to the peakers (i.e. peakered), is an example of “peakery” i.e. activities that amuse the peakers, e.g. watching sports, watching Hollywood movies, listening to pop music, going shopping, etc.

Speaking personally, as a professor, I only have to listen to pop music, to be made painfully conscious, how stupid most people are, that such ephemeral noise is actually popular with them. Certainly not with me. How can Negroid rap music compare with the subtlety and beauty of Schubert? Pop music insults my musical intelligence, so as a sage I have almost nothing to do with peakers.

Sages and peakers don’t mix, they are like oil and water, so this flyer is definitely aimed at the upper middle class parents who have high IQs, who are capable of absorbing ideas, who actually like listening to ideas, rather than finding them painful, because idea absorption requires one to think, which is too painful an activity for peakers and subs (people even dumber than peakers, i.e. whose IQs are lower than one standard deviation below the mean, i.e. the bottom sixth of the population.)

Once the upper middle class are influenced by MGTOW and masculist ideas, they in turn will influence the middle middle class people, and they in turn will then influence the lower class people, by copying.

The lower and middle class people aren’t influenced by intellectual arguments. They are too stupid for that. They are influenced by what their friends and acquaintances do, and then copy them. It will take time for MGTOW masculist attitudes to trickle down through the IQ stratified classes.

Parents will not be influenced by masculist ideas in large numbers until the media people start presenting masculist ideas to the general public. This process is only now just starting, so it will take some years before upper middle class parents start moving on the masculist front with their daughters and sons.

So, let’s fast forward a few years, so that MGTOW and masculist ideas have reached the broadcast media in a big way, as must happen, because the MGTOWs are wiping out whole populations by refusing to marry and have kids, causing millions of women to be babyless.

Sooner or later, this situation must attract the broadcast media, because it is the biggest story of our century. There is nothing more important to human beings, than the very survival of human beings, but it is precisely that that the MGTOW and masculists are threatening with their paternity boycott.

So imagine the broadcast media are discussing MGTOW and masculist ideas in a big way, so that upper middle class parents are influenced by these ideas.

What can such parents then teach their kids, both their daughters and their sons? I will start with what they can teach their daughters, because they will be hit hardest if they grow up in the conventional way, i.e. of being yet another fluffie crapper (i.e. a female who studies fluffie carp, i.e. the soft option at high school, i.e. intellectually easy, intellectually lazy, majors such as English literature, history, languages, that are memory based, rather than analytically based, such as the hard option, of math and the sciences.)

Fluffie crappers at high school, will be forced to study more fluffie crap subjects at college and university, because they will be excluded from the STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, math) and the professions, because they do not have the analytic subject prerequisites to enter these fields.

Parents need to push their daughters to FIP up, i.e. become FIPs (financially independent persons), by studying career competent majors that will allow them to become financially responsible FIPs as adults, otherwise their daughters will be severely punished later in life, by men, who will look on fluffies as vermin, as immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, to be wiped out.

Parents in a few years, will be much more conscious than they are today (2017) of the social phenomenon of MGTOW and masculism. They will be hearing these ideas coming from all sides, from the media, from their colleagues, from movies, etc. It will be in the air, part of the general culture, like feminism is today, but was new in the 60s when it was just getting off the ground.

Socialization of children begins with the parents, not the teachers at primary school. Young girls will absorb what their parents teach them about values, about what is important in life. Those parents who are dual career, i.e. the mother is not a fluffie, but a financially responsible FIP woman, can tell her daughter, as can her father, that it is very important for her to get a career competent education, so that she can avoid being a hated fluffie, that society, and particularly men, piss on and reject very emotionally.

In a few years, once the broadcast media really takes up MGTOW and masculist ideas, everyone will know about them, so that an ethic will arise that women are to FIP up or be punished by men by being made manless, and hence loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and spat at.

The media will be filled with stories of women rejected by men for being fluffie crapper parasites, who are suffering badly, feeling rejected by both sexes for being undesired. Parents will be influenced by these stories that they hear on the media and read in their magazines, and will not wish the same on their daughters, so emphasize strongly to their daughters that they must FIP up.

Parents will scare their daughters to become career competent, because there is so much at stake for them, i.e. their future global happiness. Parents will be very conscious in a few years, that a young girl who is lazy, who studies fluffie crap, as do three quarters of young women at age 16 today in high schools, will be punished by society, particularly by men, who will reject her, ignore her, leave her rotting on the shelf, because she is seen as being a future manslaver, as immoral, as vermin to be totally ignored, not even pumped and dumped, which would be a devastating fate for a young woman.

Fathers can tell their daughters much the same thing, but from the male perspective. He can tell her “Men hate fluffies. If you become a fluffie, if you don’t FIP up, at high school, and become career competent, like a man, then you will live alone, rejected by men, no one will love you, no babies, and you will be cast out of society, seen as morally inferior, spat at. Do you want that?

So make the effort. Study the hard stuff, so you can be career competent, and pull your weight financially. You can learn the slow hard way, or the fast smart way. The slow hard way, is to become a fluffie yourself, and then suffer for many years as you are rejected by men, spat at by men, for being a manslaving fluffie, despised by men, OR you can learn the quick smart way, by listening to your parents, who are trying to steer you into becoming a FIP, bothering to become a FIP, so that men will not automatically reject you as a manslaving fluffie.

They will respect you more because you are a man’s equal, by bothering to get a career competent education so that you can be a FIP as an adult and pull your financial weight and not parasite off a man, the way fluffies do, but they are a dying breed now.

Soon there won’t be any left. They will have been forced to go underground, rejected by society and especially by men, who don’t tolerate them. So I suggest you save yourself a lot of pain and grief and learn the quick smart way by following the advice of your parents.”

Now for advice to sons. Fathers can say to their sons “Son, don’t have a relationship with a bloody fluffie. She will only pull you down. Until the divorce courts are menfaired, don’t marry, don’t have kids, because if you’re stupid enough to do that, you will run a one in four chance of being financially massacred and having your life ruined by the fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce courts.

You will lose your kids with a 90% probability. You will lose your house, half your possessions. You’ll pay child support to kids you’ll barely see, and often alimony to your fluffie ex-wife, who can then continue to parasite off you after the divorce the way she did before the divrce, with no legal obligation to get off her fat parasitic arse and FIP up by getting a job and stop parasiting off her ex-husband.

Son, fluffies are hated now in society. Don’t go near them. They are immoral, parasitic, manslaving, vermin. Men spit at them now, treating them like dirt, to wipe them out, forcing all women to be FIPs, or pay a terrible price.

Until the gender laws are menfaired and men become more willing to have kids again, then if you want to have a sexual relationship with a woman, and not just sex your sexbot, then twaytwef. Have a relationship with a FIP woman who has her own apartment. (2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs). The advantage of twaytweffing is that when the relationship fails, as nearly all do, then you just walk away to your own apartment, cost free to you.

Your ex-girlfriend is a FIP so can manage on her own financially. She will not parasite off you the way a fluffie would. Avoid fluffies like the plague. They will drag you down.

Don’t be like me. My wife, your mother, could drag me through a divorce court dominated by hated fluffie feminist hypocrites, who financially massacre and destroy the lives of one married father in four.

Don’t do what I did. Be smart. Don’t marry. Don’t have kids, until the gender laws are menfaired. Be wise. Don’t learn the hard way. Listen to my advice, from your father, who is older and wiser, who has learned what a hazard marriage and fatherhood is to a man in our current gynocentric culture.

Punish the hated fluffies and the fluffie feminazi hypocrites. Punish them by wiping them out, so that all women become FIPs and become nice again to men, or be punished by not getting one.

Mothers can say to their sons, “Son, watch out for fluffie women. They are parasites. Women evolved to be parasites off men. I know. I’m a woman, and I feel the instinctive urge to want to parasite off a man’s money. It’s in my DNA, but I don’t because I know how much men hate being parasited off now.

It’s only a question of time now before the gender laws are menfaired and men are no longer ”divorced raped” as they are today. One married father in four in today’s culture gets financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts.

Be very careful with women, because they will entrap you, if they are fluffies. Pay very careful attention to what a girl you’re interested in is studying. Will she grow up to be a FIP? Is she intellectually lazy and choosing to be a fluffie crapper? If so, dump her. Avoid her so that she won’t parasite off you.

Your mother is a female masculist. I sympathize with the plight of divorced raped men. I would never do that to your father, but I could if I wanted, because the divorce courts today are dominated by fluffie feminists who hate men and punish them in their courts that they dominate, ruining their lives.

I would never divorce rape your father, but one in four married mothers do. So be warned! A one in four chance is too high a risk to take, so don’t do it.

These fluffie feminist divorce court judges and lawyers are shooting themselves in the foot, because they are causing millions of men to hate them, who then go MGTOW (men going their own way) avoiding women and paternity. This is not good for society nor for women, so things have to change.

Be very careful with women, because they evolved to parasite off you. They are cunning, enticing you with sex to get your frontal lobes to switch off, so they can manipulate you to give them money and have you pay for them to sit on their fat parasitic arses in a house that YOU pay for.

A decade later, once they have their kids, they will divorce rape you, taking your house, your kids, your money and will feel no shame about what they have done. Women are amoral that way. We evolved to be like that.

Look carefully at what your potential girlfriends are studying. Will they be FIPs as adults? Remember that. Be careful, while we still live in a society where the gender laws are still so massively unfair to men.”

These messages, coming from both parents, will influence daughters and sons strongly. Later, as they grow more, they will be influenced by teachers, who will be saying the same thing, but since most teachers, particularly in primary school are women, who in today’s world know almost nothing about MGTOW nor masculism, these teachers will bias boys in a way that does not make boys happy, but that is a topic for another flyer.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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