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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer is another in a series with the title “Masculisting the …” This one presents ideas on how the teaching of boys can be made balanced, in the sense that boys are exposed to more male teachers and not be so gynocentrized and feministed by growing up for the first two decades of their lives in a female dominated world.

Now that women have the contraceptive pill, large numbers of women choose to have 0, 1 or 2 kids, and hence have a career window of some 40 years, so over the past few decades, huge numbers of women have entered the work force.

Women are less risk taking by nature than men, so they tend to congregate in jobs that are financially secure. Teaching, i.e. a government job, and dealing with children, is a favorite of women, so it is now commonplace that boys grow up in a female dominated world. Primary school teaching is utterly dominated by female teachers, and increasingly so is secondary school teaching, even in math and the sciences at twelfth grade.

One wonders what impact this has on the mentality of boys when their role models are all female? It might explain the antagonism and generation gap I feel as a masculist towards the MGTOWs with their awful apolitical passivity, and wimpiness. I feel most MGTOWs are feminized cowards, gutless, i.e. having feminized brains with testicles. These MGTOW kids, half my age, strike me as coming from another planet, which in a sense they do, because they have been raised in schools from first to twelfth grades by women, and that must surely have had an impact on them.

To make an analogy, the so-called “feral” children, i.e. raised by animals, did not learn to walk upright, but moved along on their four limbs, two legs and two arms, like monkeys. They did this because they never saw another creature walking upright, so it never occurred to them to stand up and walk. The idea never came into their heads.

Similarly, when boys never have male teachers, they never get input from a teacher who has a male brain, who thinks, reasons and acts in a male manner. Surely that must influence these boys’ thinking and behaviors?!

In my own case, admittedly I had female teachers from my first to fifth grades, but from then on until twelfth grade, and for all my university years, I had male teachers, who gave me role models on how to think in a male way, i.e. logically, analytically, consistently, and particularly in a math and science way of thinking, since those were my two specialties.

This “femination” of boys needs to stop. It is damaging males. Boys are being profoundly alienated at schools by a female only environment that does not give them role models for boy’s mental health. They feel constantly suffocated by a thinking style and by behaviors that are foreign to them, alien to them, that is not them, that feels antagonistic to them.

To solve this problem of the femination of boys in the primary and secondary schools, (and increasingly in the universities, since now female students outnumber male students at university two to one, except in the STEM fields, particularly in engineering) I need to situate it in a broader context.

The feminazis took over the divorce courts in the 70s and made them toxic for men. As a result, millions of young men now have gone MGTOW (men going their own way) refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, and spending their money on themselves. This MGTOW paternity rejection is crashing the birth rate, and in time will crash the population size.

Sooner or later, the politicians will be forced to address this issue, and measures will have to be taken to motivate men to be fathers again, by menfairing the gender laws, menfairing the divorce laws in particular, but menfairing the divorce laws alone will not be enough.

Society needs to be menfaired systematically, across the board, including reforming the femination of boys in the primary and secondary schools. It will be important that boys be given an equal number of male teachers as female teachers in their first two decades of life, but there is a problem here and that is that women like teaching children, and men have less interest in doing the same, so there will need to be some measure of social engineering to solve this problem.

Here is where governments can play a role. Governments can use a “positive discrimination” policy to entice more male teachers into primary and secondary education, by offering men higher salaries, which can keep increasing, until the ratio of male to female teachers becomes one to one.

The feminazi teachers may complain about this discrimination against women, but when that happens, the masculists amongst the teaching staff then need to hit back at them hard, accusing them of hypocrisy, given that women have benefitted from extensive positive discrimination for decades, and that these feminazi teachers need to think about the negative impact their female dominance has had on boys’ psychological health for several generations.

Male teachers need to be a lot more masculisted, so that they are armed intellectually with masculist ideas that they can hurl back at the feminazi bitches, defeating them at their own game with masculist rhetoric, masculist intellectual venom, so that these feminazi bitches become afraid to lash out, feminazi style, as they have done for half a century, through fear of being verbally attacked by a superior force, i.e. by masculists, with superior male brilliance and intellectual venom, given that men are smarter than women on average, and a lot more verbally aggressive, due to men’s greater testosterone levels.

Too many men have been cowered by the feminist onslaught, because they were not armed with masculist ideas, so society in general needs to have the gender balance restored, in the sense that men need to be taught that they too have a gender discourse, so that feminazis are forced to abandon their misguided idea that women have a monopoly on gender discourse.

Women need to be taught that women can oppress men just as much as vice versa, and need to be taught that they are not to punish men for being men. This is as unjust and unfair as men punishing women for being the inferior sex.

Women can’t help being inferior. They are built that way. Women evolved that way, because they sexually selected men with higher intelligence over the past few million years, because it was in women’s self-interest to sex with a smart male, because smarter males made better hunters, who were more likely to be able to kill game and bring home the meat for their female sexual partners and their babies.

Men are smarter than women on average for the same kind of reason that men are bigger, stronger, and fiercer than women, because women had a sexual preference for such men, because it was in women’s survival advantage to mate with such men to protect them from big, strong, fierce men from enemy tribes who could kill them.

Women need to be taught that they will have to share the gender discourse equally with men, now that masculism and MGTOW are on the scene. Those women who are willfully ignorant of such men’s lib talk and ideology, will be given short shrift by the masculists, by being harangued with masculist ideas, so that these women soon learn at their peril that it is not pleasant to be confronted by a very angry masculist who is both smarter and a lot more verbally aggressive than they are, given that men are the superior sex, as shown by science.

Men outperform women across the board at the top end of the scale. This is a simple consequence of mainly two things, one is the phenomenon of GMV (greater male variance) i.e. men’s performance scores on anything measurable is more spread out than women’s.

Men have a greater measure of variability, i.e. variance, to use the statistical term. Men also have higher testosterone levels so are more aggressive, more ambitious, dogged, persistent, and single minded, so achieve far more than women, who did not evolve to manipulate the world, but rather to be baby factories and child minders, to raise the next generation.

So, as society becomes increasingly masculisted, women will become more sympathetic to boys’ problems, and be more accepting that something has to be done to create a balance in the number of male to female teachers, particularly in the early years of a boy’s life. Hence the need for positive discrimination in terms of higher, perhaps much higher salaries for male teachers than female teachers.

Perhaps doing this might have a double barreled effect, i.e. it might encourage more men to be primary and secondary school teachers, and discourage women to be the same, because women may feel that they are being discriminated against by governments that favor men salary wise to be teachers.

You may argue, that governments will not dare do this due to the bloc female vote. Women are 51% of the voters and more women vote than men. This fact is the primary reason why apolitical wimpy MGTOWs do not pursue political action against the feminazis, pushing for the menfairing of the gender laws, and instead simply opt out of the culture, going their own way, not marrying, not being fathers, and spending their money on themselves.

The way round this problem, is to convert women into female masculists, by teaching them masculist ideas, so that some women become sympathetic to men’s gender issues and support men in their struggle to menfair the gender laws.

The other strategy masculists can use to cause more women to become female masculists is to scare them with babylessness by using MGTOW tactics in a political context, i.e. tell women that the MGTOWs are causing them to be babyless, due to the MGTOW paternity strike.

If women want to have babies again, they will have to vote together with the men to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, otherwise men will continue to feel politically impotent, and hence use the only option they have left to them, i.e. to opt out, by refusing marriage and paternity.

So once there are large numbers of female masculists, who have been taught masculist ideas by the masculists, the combined vote of men and female masculists will be enough to push the gender politicians to increase the salaries of male teachers to well above that of female teachers, so that the male/female teacher balance is attained.

When boys can be taught equally by both male and female teachers, they will feel far less alienated and be happier. They will have role models they can identify with, who feel familiar in their thinking patterns to them, rather than be dominated by alien giants called women, who think differently, who are a different species, who don’t have an unconscious, intuitive understanding of what it is to have a male brain, because these women, these female teachers have a different brain, that is wired up over millions of years to specialize in different tasks, who have different priorities, different values, who are just plain different, not the same, not comfortable, not male.

Education needs to be radically reformed, by bringing in far more male teachers. To achieve this goal, society will need to be socially engineered. Society will need to be masculisted to a degree far more than is currently the case.

The masculists have a large job ahead of them. Masculists will have to do what the feminists did in the 60s and 70s, i.e. feminists educated women and society into feminist ideas, to achieve equal rights for women.

Similarly, masculists need to educate men and society into masculist ideas, to achieve equal rights for men. A balance between the levels of ideological pressure coming from the feminazis and from the “mascunazis” needs to be created, so that feminazis do not dare harangue men for being men, through fear of being out harangued by smarter, fiercer masculists, and be blown away by superior male force, both intellectual and physical.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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