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I just had a half hour interview with RT (Russia Today) with Sophie Shevardnadze on her show “Sophie and Co,” the granddaughter of the Russian leader. In the break, I asked her off record, how many viewers would see the video they recorded. She said about a billion (with a B). Jesus Christ! That is far and away the largest publicity I have ever had in my whole life. When I have the link, I’ll put it up on my website.

It got me thinking however. I’ve been pushing the idea that there might be a major war (the “Artilect War”) over the issue of species dominance (i.e. which species, human beings, or machines) should be the dominant species, i.e. the smartest species, since the 80s. The issue is only now starting to gain mass media attention. The idea I had was “Could I try to do the same for MGTOW/masculism? i.e. get on the mass media preaching the main ideas of MGTOW and masculism (two branches of the Men’s Lib movement) and try to bring these ideas to the masses, to the millions, the billions?” If RT can get a billion people to watch this interview I just had, then if I got interviewed by RT etc. on the main ideas of MGTOW/masculism then that means that most of the English speaking world population would watch it. Wow!

So, I’m thinking of making a series of videos on MGTOW/masculist issues – maybe use my webcam to film myself reading out many of my flyers (2-3 page essays)? Some I could make as live lectures in front of a white board. I do that for my PhD level pure math and math physics lecture videos I make for PhD level students around the world to educate themselves in these subjects for free, so I’m used to giving white board videocam lectures.

But, how long would it take for the MGTOW/masculist ideas to go main stream? The issue of species dominance I’ve been pushing for 30 years. My first book “The Artilect War” was written in 1998. Then I was an “intellectual crying in the wilderness”, way ahead of the public’s time. If I start pushing MGTOW/masculism with webcam videos now, how long would it take before the big time global media, like RT, to catch on and give the ideas huge publicity/exposure? Maybe years?

But it’s worth the effort. I could take a different approach from most of the MGTOW presenters, who are anonymous, using pseudonyms, so that they are not damaged in their jobs by feminazis who complain to their employers, trying to get them fired. I don’t face such problems, because I’m retired, living off my savings, and live in China, where ironically, I have more freedom of speech, so could preach masculist/MGTOW ideas to the masses, with full visual facial personality. People prefer to relate to a face and voice rather than just a voice, it’s a lot more engaging, and personal. I use a VPN, so if I talk only in English, then the Chinese government doesn’t care much what I say, because my impact on the Chinese population would be negligible, because I’m speaking in English, and put my videos on YouTube, which is banned in China, so only those Chinese who use a VPN as well, can see it.

So, I’m thinking hard about making MGTOW/masculist YouTube videos, in addition to the lecture course videos I make on PhD level pure math and math physics. It would be a sideline hobby. I spend about 2-3 hours a day on MGTOW/masculism, so it’s not a negligible hobby. It’s definitely a strong interest of mine. So far I’ve written over 100 flyers (2-3 page essays) on MGTOW/masculist themes and have been putting them up as comments on two of the most popular MGTOW YouTube sites (Sandman and Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM)) who have had millions of views already. They provide me with a target audience, i.e. men who are already interested in such ideas. Sandman has made a profession out of his YouTube channel, asking for donations to talk on a topic submitted by his followers. TFM does it free. Sandman reaches the mass audience, and TFM is more intellectual, and gets far more comments from his followers than Sandman.

I could start my own MGTOW/Masculist channel, or maybe just a Masculist channel, since I’m more a masculist (men’s libber) than a MGTOW, although I might go MGTOW in the future. I’m much more political than the MGTOWs who simply passively walk away from marriage and paternity, because they are fed up with our gynocratic society, and especially with the toxicity of the divorce courts, that have been taken over by the fluffie feminists. I’m critical of the political apathy of the MGTOWs, and prefer the masculist approach, which is much more aggressive and in your face. Masculists attack fluffies (i.e. traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off a man’s money) aiming to wipe them out by refusing to have anything to do with them, so that they rot on the shelf to extinction, and attack fluffie feminists for their hypocrisy, wanting equal rights for women, without accepting equal obligations to become FIPs (financially independent persons) getting a FIP major education, so that they can be FIPs as adults.

Masculists are critical of MGTOWs for not showing any solidarity with other men, and not helping other men politically, only indirectly, via waking them up with their YouTube MGTOW videos, which is a form of political action, but not very effective compared to say getting on RT and talking for half an hour about MGTOW/masculist problems to a billion viewers!

The MGTOW/masculist ideas are there already. Sandman has been churning out a 10 minute video daily for several years now, so has made many hundreds of them. I’ve written over 100 MGTOW/masculist flyers – the material, the ideas are there. We need to move on to the next stage, and that is to the broadcast media. RT for example is both broadcast media and on the internet, on YouTube, which explains why it has such a huge number of hits, i.e. a huge number of people who watch RT videos.

So, it’s an interesting possibility. If I can do it with the species dominance issue, why not with MGTOW/masculism? I just hope it won’t take 30 years to get MGTOW/masculist ideas main stream, the way it took the issue of species dominance (i.e. “Should humanity build artilects (artificial intellects)?”)


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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