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Mathematical Society of Japan Memoirs (MSJM) Books List

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Mathematical Society of Japan Memoirs (MSJM) Books List (34)

MSJ Memoirs List  (link)

MSJM1  Quantum Many-Body Problems and Representation Theory, Cherednik et al 

MSJM2  Theories of Types and Proofs, (eds.) Takahashi et al  

MSJM3  Combinatorial Quantum Method in 3-Dimensional Topology, Ohtsuki 

MSJM4  Axioms for a Vertex Algebra and the Locality of Quantum Fields, Matsuo, Nagatomo 

MSJM5  Three-Dimensional Orbifolds and Cone-Manifolds, Cooper et al 

MSJM6  Cauchy Problem for Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems, Kong  (unfree)

MSJM7  Semilinear Hyperbolic Equations, Georgiev 

MSJM8  Lecture Notes on Dunkl Operators for Real and Complex Reflection Groups, Opdam 

MSJM9  Arrangements and Hypergeometric Integrals, Orlik, Terao  

MSJM10  Lectures on Complements on Log Surfaces, Prokhorov 

MSJM11  Interaction of Combinatorics and Representation Theory, Stembridge  (unfree)

MSJM12  Period Mappings and Differential Equations. From C to Cp,
Tohoku-Hokkaido Lectures in Arithmetic Geometry, André 

MSJM13  A Beginner’s Guide to the Theory of Viscosity Solutions, Koike 

MSJM14  Zariski-Decomposition and Abundance, Nakayama

MSJM15  Del Pezzo and K3 Surfaces, Alexeev, Nikulin  (unfree)

MSJM16  A Course on Geometric Group Theory, Bowditch  (unfree)

MSJM17  Combinatorial Aspect of Integrable Systems, Berenstein et al  (unfree)

MSJM18  On Congruence Monodromy Problems, Ihara  (unfree)

MSJM19  A Global View of Brownian Penalisations, Najnudel et al  (unfree)

MSJM20  SCL, Calegari  (unfree)

MSJM21  Algebraic and Analytic Aspects of Zeta Functions and L-Functions, (eds.) Bhowmik et al  (unfree)

MSJM22  Dispersive and Strichartz Estimates for Hyperbolic Equations with Constant Coefficients, Ruzhansky, Smith  (unfree)

MSJM23  Kähler Geometry of Loop Spaces, Sergeev  (unfree)

MSJM24  Godbillon–Vey Class of Transversely Holomorphic Foliations, Asuke  (unfree)

MSJM25  Monte Carlo Method, Random Number, and Pseudorandom Number, Sugita  (unfree)

MSJM26  Hierarchy of Semiconductor Equations: Relaxation Limits with Initial Layers for Large Initial Data, Nishibata, Suzuki  (unfree)

MSJM27  Geometric Structures on 2-Orbifolds, Choi  (unfree)

MSJM28  Fractional Calculus of Weyl Algebra and Fuchsian Differential Equations, Oshima  (unfree)

MSJM29  Projective Representations and Spin Characters of Complex Reflection Groups G(m,p,n) and G(m,p,), Hirai et al  (unfree)

MSJM30  Cauchy Problem for Noneffectively Hyperbolic Operators, Nishitani  (unfree)

MSJM31  Bohr-Jessen Limit Theorem, Revisited, Takanobu  (unfree)

MSJM32  Introduction to Spectral Theory and Inverse Problem on Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds, Isozaki, Kurylev   (unfree)

MSJM33  Moduli Spaces of Stable Sheaves on Schemes, Restriction Theorems, Boundedness and the GIT Construction, Maruyama  (unfree)

MSJM34  Discrete Geometric Analysis, Barlow et al  (unfree)

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