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Papers on Metaphysics

Ameriks, The Critique of Metaphysics, Kant and Traditional Ontology  (free)

anon, How the Rosicrucians Heal the Sick  (free)

Badiou, Metaphysics and the Critique of Metaphysics  (free)

Boehner, The Metaphysics of William Ockham  (free)

Bostar, Reading Ingarden Read Husserl, Metaphysics, Ontology, and Phenomenological Method  (free)

Bunge, Is Scientific Metaphysics Possible  (free)

Butler, Stoic Metaphysics and the Logic of Sense  (free)

Carnap, The Elimination of Metaphysics through Logical Analysis of Language  (free)

Chapman, The End of Metaphysics, Logical Positivism and Postmodernism  (free)

Cohon, Kabbalah, Consciousness and the Universe  (free)

de Rijk, On Ancient and Mediaeval Semantics and Metaphysics (31p)  (free)

de Rijk, Semantics and Metaphysics in Gilbert of Poitiers, A Chapter of 12th Century Platonism I  (free)

de Rijk, Semantics and Metaphysics in Gilbert of Poitiers, A Chapter of 12th Century Platonism II  (free)

Derrida, Violence and Metaphysics  (free)

Esfeld, Quantum Entanglement and a Metaphysics of Relations  (free)

Finke, Adorno and the Experience of Metaphysics  (free)

Friedland, Wittgenstein and the Metaphysics of Ethical Value  (free)

Friedman, Overcoming Metaphysics, Carnap and Heidegger  (free)

Gage,  The Metaphysics of Prosperity, The Relationship between Mind and Matter  (free)

Hedrich, String Theory, From Physics to Metaphysics  (free)

Heidegger, Modern Science, Metaphysics and Mathematics  (free)

Hill, Modality, Modal Epistemology and the Metaphysics of Consciousness  (free)

Horwich, Realism and Truth  (free)

Katz, Preface  (free)

Kukuljevic, Deleuze’s Metaphysics and the Reality of the Virtual  (free)

Lloyd, The Poetry of Anaxagoras’s Metaphysics  (free)

Loux, Form, Species and Predication in Metaphysics Z, H, and #  (free)

Lowe, Recent Advances in Metaphisics  (free)

Ludlow, Semantics, Tense and Time, An Essay in the Metaphysics of Natural Language  (free)

Mandelker, The Metaphysics of Karmic Law  (free)

Marion, Metaphysics and Phenomenology, A Relief for Theology  (free)

Masson, Theories Concerning Epicurean Theology and Metaphysics  (free)

Menn, The Editors of the Metaphysics  (free)

Millikan, Metaphysical Anti-Realism  (free)

More et al, Platonic Philosophy and Aristotelian Metaphysics  (free)

Moreland, Metaphysics I  (free)

Palmer, An Introduction to Husserl’s Marginal Remarks in Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics  (free)

Parsons, Structuralism and Metaphysics  (free)

Peacocke, The Metaphysics of Concepts  (free)

Putnam, After Metaphysics, What  (free)

Quine, Ontological Remarks on the Propositional Calculus  (free)

Ratcliffe, Heidegger, Analytic Metaphysics, and the Being of Beings  (free)

Seron, Métaphysique Phénoménologique, suite  (free)

Soames, Generality, Truth Functions and Expressive Capacity in the Tractatus  (free)

Sontag, Heidegger and the Problem of Metaphysics  (free)

Spohn, Carnap versus Quine  (free)

Strawson, Analysis, Science and Metaphysics  (free)

Taylor, Forms and Numbers, A Study in Platonic Metaphysics I  (free)

Taylor, Forms and Numbers, A Study in Platonic Metaphysics, II  (free)

Media on Metaphysics

Malebranche, Dialogues on Metaphysics and on Religion

McKenna, Psychedelics, Metaphysics, Space-Time, etc, Part 2

Noory, Bell, Dan Fitz, Paranormal Research (Metaphysics, Ufo’s, Plants, Eugene Mallove, Crop Circles, Etc)

Royo, Metaphysics Study

Royo, Metaphysics

Books on Metaphysics

Allard, The Logical Foundations of Bradleys Metaphysics, Judgment, Inference, and Truth  (unfree)

anon, The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. V, Spiritual Liberty  (unfree)

anon, The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Vol. VIIIa, Sufi Teachings

anon, The Sufi Message of Inayat Khan, Vol. II, The Mysticism of Sound, Music, The Power of the Word, Cosmic Language  (unfree)

Anscombe, Collected Papers, Vol 2, Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Mind  (unfree)

Austin, Philosophical Papers, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Averroes, Metaphysics  (unfree)

Basile, Leibniz, Whitehead and the Metaphysics of Causation  (unfree)

Bayer, Cassirer`s Metaphysics of Symbolic Forms  (unfree)

Beere, Doing and Being, An Interpretation of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Theta  (unfree)

Bernecker, The Metaphysics of Memory  (unfree)

Bird, Nature’s Metaphysics, Laws and Properties  (unfree)

Brandom, Tales of the Mighty Dead, Historical Essays in the Metaphysics of Intentionality  (unfree)

Chakravartty, A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism, Knowing the Unobservable  (unfree)

Cherry (ed.), The Death of Metaphysics, The Death of Culture, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Morality  (unfree)

Coates, The Metaphysics of Perception  (unfree)

Conee, Sider, Riddles of Existence, A Guided Tour of Metaphysics  (unfree)

Crubellier, Laks (eds.), Aristotle’s Metaphysics Beta  (unfree)

de Rijk, On Ancient and Mediaeval Semantics And Metaphysics  (unfree)

Dilworth, The Metaphysics of Science, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Dowden, The Metaphysics of Time, A Dialogue  (unfree)

Dummett, Frege, Philosophy of Language  (unfree)

Dummett, The Logical Basis of Metaphysics  (unfree)

Evola, The Metaphysics of Sex  (unfree)

Falkenburg, Particle Metaphysics, A Critical Account of Subatomic Reality  (unfree)

Gale (ed.), The Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics  (unfree)

Gilson (ed.), The Metaphysical Presuppositions of Being-in-the-World, A Confrontation Between St. Thomas Aquinas and Martin Heidegger  (unfree)

Green, Ethics, Metaphysics, and Political Philosophy

Hasper, The Metaphysics of Continuity, Zeno, Democritus and Aristotle

Haugeland, Having Thought, Essays in the Metaphysics of Mind  (unfree)

Horgan, Particle Metaphysics

Horrigan, Introduction to Metaphysics

Hossack, The Metaphysics of Knowledge  (unfree)

Houlgate, Hegel, Nietzsche, and the Criticism of Metaphysics  (unfree)

Jacobson, Metaphysics of the Profane, The Political Theology of Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem  (unfree)

Joshua, Iamai, A Journey into the Unseen, A Metaphysics Textbook for Non-Mystics  (unfree)

Katz, Ch. 1, The Metaphysics of Meaning  (unfree)

Katz, Ch. 8, Conclusion, The Problems of Philosophy

Khan, Complete Works of Inayat Khan, Sayings, Part 1, Religion, Spirituality, Wisdom, Islam, Sufism, Philosophy, Metaphysics  (unfree)

Kim et al (eds.), A Companion to Metaphysics, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Kraut, Artworld Metaphysics  (unfree)

Lamberth, William James and the Metaphysics of Experience  (unfree)

Laurence, Macdonald (eds.), Contemporary Readings in the Foundation of Metaphysics  (unfree)

Lawler, Matter and Spirit, The Battle of Metaphysics in Modern Western Philosophy before Kant  (unfree)

Lewis, Philosophical Papers II, 1986  (unfree)

Lewis, Philosophical Papers, Vol. I, 1983  (unfree)

Lillehammer, Rodriguez-Pereyra (eds.), Real Metaphysics  (unfree)

Loux, Metaphysics, A Contemporary Introduction, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Loux, Zimmerman (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics  (unfree)

Lowe, The Possibility of Metaphysics  (unfree)

MacDonald, Varieties of Things, Foundations of  Contemporary Metaphysics  (unfree)

Maudlin, The Metaphysics within Physics  (unfree)

Moreland, Consciousness and the Existence of God, A Theistic Argument  (unfree)

Nahin, Time Machines, Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, Science Fiction  (unfree)

Newlands, Jorgensen (eds.), Metaphysics and the Good  (unfree)

Newman, The Correspondence Theory of Truth, An Essay on the Metaphysics of Prediction  (unfree)

O’Connor, Persons and Causes, The Metaphysics of Free Will  (unfree)

Owen, Meaning, Metaphysics and Symbolism  (unfree)

Priest, Towards Non-Being, The Logic and Metaphysics of Intentionality  (unfree)

Putnam, Realism with a Human Face  (unfree)

Reeve, Substantial Knowledge, Aristotle’s Metaphysics  (unfree)

Reynolds, Peirce’s Scientific Metaphysics, The Philosophy of Chance, Law, and Evolution  (unfree)

Rogers, On the Metaphysics of Experimental Physics  (unfree)

Ryan, Pierre Bayle’s Cartesian Metaphysics, Rediscovering Early Modern Philosophy  (unfree)

Salmon, Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Meaning, Philosophical Papers, Vol. 1  (unfree)

Schilpp (ed.), The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap  (unfree)

Sedgwick, Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, An Introduction  (unfree)

Spade, Ch. 5, Ockham’s Nominalist Metaphysics, Some Main Themes

Stamos, The Species Problem, Biological Species, Ontology, and the Metaphysics of Biology  (unfree)

Strawson, Analysis and Metaphysics, An Introduction to Philosophy  (unfree)

Sweet (ed.), Approaches to Metaphysics  (unfree)

Thornhill, German Political Philosophy, The Metaphysics of Law  (unfree)

van Inwagen, Metaphysics, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

van Inwagen, Zimmerman, (eds.), Metaphysics, The Big Questions  (unfree)

Woolhouse, The Concept of Substance in Seventeenth Century Metaphysics, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz  (unfree)

Zimmerman (ed.), Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol. 1  (unfree)

Zimmerman (ed.), Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Vol. 2  (unfree)

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