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I’ve been writing a few flyers lately on alternative life styles for men, once they have decided not to marry, not to have kids, and to spend their money on themselves.

In this flyer, I will talk about an alternative lifestyle that I live that I call MGMTOW. Its not what the MGTOWs call purple pill (which is a man who’s had his red pill consciousness raised, but is still in a traditional marriage.) My life style is definitely a bit purplish, in the sense that I have a (Chinese) wife, but its so red in many respects, that I’ve given it a different label to distinguish it from an ordinary purple pill lifestyle.

I have a Chinese wife, who annoys me enough to make the whole relationship border line. But I still need a green card (hopefully in a few months) and I’m still concerned about the full impact of living alone for the next 20 years, in a third world shithole culture (if I can stay alive that long, given I’m nearly 70). So what I do, on a day to day routine basis, is the following (i.e. my daily routine). I’m retired, so I largely do what I like. I wake up around 10am, my wife cooks me breakfast (I wash the dishes), I look at my email, then take a pile of math and physics books and the dog to the neighboring park with my camp chair and study them, annotate them, until about 6pm.

I then return home and write a flyer to Sandman’s and TFM’s channel. That takes about 2 hours. Then I watch YouTube lecture videos on the dollar crash, Jewish banksters, cosmology, advanced physics, etc till midnight, when my wife, whose apartment I live in (who is a professor FIP, with her own apartment, car, pension plan, etc) turns off the internet so that I cant work late into the night, which is my preference. I like the calm of the night and work better at night, but she dictates to me. I cant tell her to fuck off, because she would tell me the same, and Id have to leave the country. From midnight to about 2am I read math, but mostly philosophy. (My three favorite topics are math, physics, and philosophy.)

Since my previous Chinese wife stole half my savings, I don’t have a lot of money left for the next 20 years of retired life, so I need to stay in a poor country to take advantage of the low cost of living. I have a very low opinion of the Chinese, having lived 10 years in this dump, but I have arranged a life style that suits me fine, as described above.

I communicate with my Chinese wife only a few minutes a day. The main social activity we share is taking the dog for an hour’s evening walk. When we return home, she goes to her room and watches 80 IQ soaps on her iPad (I kid you not. She is a professor, yet she spends her day watching soaps and pulling out grey hairs – a real vegetable in my eyes, while I’m studying PhD level math and physics.)

Her idea of something interesting is a marked change in the price of something she buys regularly at the supermarket. The woman has such a child like mind, that I wonder how she ever became a professor in the first place. She seems genuinely interested in such trivia. I just partially ignore her, giving her just enough attention so that she doesn’t kick me out. I suspect that she would rather have me around than be totally alone. She’s mid 50s, rather fat, so if I leave, she will probably go manless for the rest of her life. I think that idea scares her.

If/when I get my green card, I need to ask myself carefully, do I want to put up with this femalien for the rest of my life? I do get some advantages from it. I don’t pay rent. I get my meals cooked (in exchange for me washing the dishes) and I do get some company.

I lived 4 years alone in a Mormon small university town in Utah in the 2000s, and was not happy, so I don’t underestimate the loneliness problem. (I felt totally alienated from the goddamned (sic) Mormons and fled weekends to Salt Lake City to escape them every weekend.) Human communication is as much a basic need as sex is for men, so in practice I compromise. I live the MGMTOW lifestyle.

I can put up with this femalien, this child woman, whom I don’t take seriously, whose mind seems to be in a vegetative state, who has such a narrow view of the world, uncurious, untraveled (not even to nearby Hong Kong), doesn’t read serious books, yet she is a professor. I suspect she has two lives, her working life, where her brain switches on, and her home life, where it switches off, to a man’s detriment, i.e. me.

Given that I interact with her only an hour a day, and even then I walk ahead of her because she is fat and slow, so I can tolerate my MGMTOW lifestyle which costs me only a few minutes a day of talking with this child woman. At least she’s a FIP. I don’t have to worry about some fluffie parasite stealing my money again, like my previous Chinese wife (and I couldn’t get it back because the Chinese courts favor their own citizens, and she was the daughter of a general who was on the long march with Mao, so she probably used guanxi (string pulling) with the CCP!)

So, I’m in a borderline marriage, with a FIP, with whom I barely communicate, and cant share my brain with at all. (How many women on the earth call learning PhD level pure math and math physics as fun??!!) There’s no sex. Once she started seeing me as rather poor, the hypergamy in her kicked in, and the sex dried up. We sleep in different rooms, so my overall contact with her is almost nil. There’s just enough contact to overcome the loneliness feelings, so we may just decide to stay in this MGMTOW relationship for years.

But 20 more years is a long time, so if I get my green card, and my father’s inheritance, then I may decide to change my lifestyle. I will only live once, so don’t want to be miserable, but I’m not miserable – only when she pisses me off with her childmind bullshit. Most of the day I’m free to do what I love, which is learn PhD level pure math and math physics, which I then put into YouTube lecture videos for the world, so PhD level students can teach themselves for free. I feel this is highly significant and gives me real purpose and drive.

This is a task that will take me decades, and is extremely challenging because I’m not a genius. I don’t have a 180 IQ that would allow me to rip through all this heavy stuff with ease. I get brain strain every day, and have to work hard at it, to make it unconscious and intuitive. But I LOVE IT. I love learning how the world works, and I love the beauty and power of pure math. I’m in awe at what genii males are capable of, dreaming up their mathematical structures. I love seeing them build their cathedrals of mathematical logic, reveling in their genius, that I’m smart enough to understand, but not able to compete with them. These guys are one in a billion (with a b).

So I go my own way, most of the time, doing what I love, not paying for a woman, with no risk of being financially massacred in a divorce court because my Chinese wife is a FIP and a professor. Its a tolerable lifestyle that I just might keep doing until I drop. Who knows??


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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