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Periodically I get frustrated with the lack of political savvy of the MGTOWs. Too many MGTOWs simply walk away from the problem rather than trying to solve it. As I see it, the essential difference between MGTOW and masculism, is that masculism aims to solve the gender problem for men. Masculism is men’s lib and men have a huge problem thanks to the rise of fluffie feminism that is indirectly wiping out the whole population.

MGTOWs argue that women are too much of a pain, too arseholey, too sexploitative, to be bothered with, so simply walk away from them. That’s an understandable reaction to men who are not politically minded, not caring for the bigger picture on what needs to be done for the good of the whole population, for the good of humanity.

If MGTOW runs to completion, to its logical limit, i.e. when all men walk away from women, reject paternity totally, so that in a century there is no humanity, because the last human has died out. So obviously to a politically minded person, who cares about the welfare of humanity, the MGTOW solution is not a solution. It may be a good means to obtaining a solution, by it is not the last word. It’s merely a stepping stone in my view, a component, a subset, of a broader seeing masculism.

When I listen to Sandman, TFM etc, I enjoy listening to their views on female psychology, but their lack of political consciousness I find frustrating. I have the same problem with Ray Kurzweil, the prominent futurist, who paints such a rosy picture of future tech, with mankind merging with the machines, that I cant take him seriously, due to his total neglect and inability to see the political consequences of these near future developments (regarding transhumanism.)

So what is the relationship between MGTOW and masculism? I see MGTOW as a component of masculism, as a strategy that the masculists can use to solve men’s problems, and hence humanity’s problems. Masculists are more ambitious and see further than the MGTOWs, who are mostly young men, who lack the wisdom and life experience of men  twice their age.

To spell this out, I’ll give a strong taste of what masculists aim to “do” with the fluffie feminists, with fluffie women, with society, so that men’s gender issues can be solved, and humanity gets to survive and not be wiped out by a total rejection of paternity.

I begin  with some basic facts, that can be used as part of masculist strategy. Most men are FIPs (financially independent persons). They are socialized that way. They evolved that way. Since men do not have babies, what else can they do other than interact with the world. Men were the hunters, who brought back the protein to their families. Those men who had a poor understanding of how the world worked, and could not plan and strategize and reason, did not hunt well, and died out. Women did not give then their cunts, so these men did not have children, and their genes evaporated.

So you could say men evolved to manipulate the world, and women evolved to manipulate men, since women were so critically dependent on men for their survival and the survival of their kids. Women evolved to be good at persuading men to fuck them, to give them protein and to stay with them until the kids were off her hands.

Men evolved to hunt well, understand the world, stay alive on the hunt, and to give protein to females he thought would give him good children.

So men are FIPs. This basic fact is a VERY POWERFUL WEAPON to be used against fluffie parasites, who expect to be able to parasite off men’s money, a behavior and attitude that is genetically built into women for millions of years. Women see men as protein (money) providers and will not give men their cunts unless women feel they will benefit from the transaction.

In very modern times, humanity has undergone the greatest social/biological revolution in 100,000 years, namely the creation of the contraceptive pill, that allows women to choose the number of kids they want, i.e. 0, 1, 2 in most cases. What a revolution! This led to the rise of the feminist movement and the female careerist. There are lots of FIP females now, and that’s fine for men. Female FIPs relieve men of the burden of being the sole breadwinner of the family.

The problem is with the non FIP women, i.e. the fluffie women, who still expect men to be sexploitable manslaves to women. Fluffie feminists (most feminists still have fluffie attitudes towards men) have lobbied hard to get the gender politicians to create new divorce laws that are toxic to men. These laws are so bad (e.g. divorcing men lose their kids, their house, pay child support and alimony) that about one married man in four is financially massacred and has his life ruined. As a result, millions of young men choose not to marry, and not to have kids, spending their money on themselves (TWO THIRDS of them, under 35 in the US and Japan) and hence whole populations will get wiped out if this continues.

So this is where the masculists come in. Masculists advise men to refuse to have anything to do with fluffies. This is a MGTOW strategy used by the masculists, that is directed towards fluffies, ignoring them to death, i.e. fluffies get to rot on the shelf to extinction. The primary political goal of the masculists is to wipe out fluffiedom (i.e. masculism can be viewed as the 21st century equivalent of 19th century abolitionism (against negro slavery.))

Fluffies are the enemy of the masculists. Fluffies are seen by masculists as immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin.

Masculists aim to get on the broadcast media and harangue fluffies and fluffie feminists, preaching that fluffie feminists are indirectly wiping out whole populations, by making divorce, and hence marriage, toxic, which must be stopped or humanity evaporates.

Masculists teach society, that a fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave who is prepared to be sexploited, but the supply of such men is rapidly dwindling to zero. The only women who will have relationships with men are FIP women, and even then only when these FIP women have their own apartment to go back to when the relationship ends. Thus masculists/MGTOWs are able to FORCE women to be FIPs.

The masculists and MGTOWs tell society, via the media, that the PATERNITY STRIKE will CONTINUE until the gender laws are made menfair, i.e. divorce laws are fair to both sexes, the Parer (paternity rejection right) is brought in, etc. Only then will the catastrophic collapse in the birth rate be stopped.

Masculists need to raise the alarm and very loudly. Whole populations will be wiped out unless the gender laws are made menfair. Masculists will put enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs, ALL women. Teachers at school need to socialize their students that they must study career competent majors so that they can be FIPs as adults, especially young women at 16 who in the majority of cases choose to study the lazy, intellectually undemanding majors (fluffie crap) i.e. not math, not the sciences, so that inevitably they become fluffies in their 30s looking around for some manslave to sexploit.

Masculists push hard for the establishment of men’s lib groups in every high school and college to spread masculist/MGTOW ideas so that men can be liberated and society can be saved from extinction.

Parents also need to be taught to socialize their daughters to be FIPs or they wont get a man. “Be FIP or be manless!” “No calculus, no baby!”

Once the collective social pressure in society for all women to be FIPs is really strong, the gender politicians can be FORCED to menfair the gender laws (even if the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists have bribed them not to (so as to wipe out billions of goy)) because they will eventually be assassinated if they don’t.

So, by the above means, the masculists aim to liberate men from our current gender problems. These are political strategies, that the MGTOWs don’t even seem to be thinking about, a major inferiority on their part. With their small-picture minds, they just walk away.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garius


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