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Only 15% of US high school women have studied calculus when they graduate. That means that the other 85% of high school women have not studied calculus, so that they will be excluded from studying a STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) major at university, and so by default will have to study some kind of “fluffie crap” (e.g. philosophy, sociology, women’s studies, history, literature, languages, psychology, etc) that the economy does not value highly, so they will earn low salaries to the point that in their 30s they will realize they are fluffies, who cannot afford to pay for a middle class house to raise their kids in, so start looking around for some manslave to pay for it for them.

Such fluffie crappers in their teenage years are considered criminals by masculists, as immoral, parasitic, irresponsible, manslaving vermin, despised by masculists and MGTOWs, who choose to have nothing to do with them. Manslavery is slavery and slavery rouses passions amongst men. Masculists look upon fluffie crappers as a category of females to be wiped out, and that means that the focus of attention of the masculist/MGTOW campaign against fluffie crappers needs to be focused on the high schools.

But high schools are not universities. Universities are very filtered places, i.e. intellectually filtered. Dumb people don’t have the IQ to get a place at a university. Universities are the usual focus of idea spread amongst young people, so in practice, masculist/MGTOW consciousness raising needs to begin at the universities, and then spread to the high schools, where the real fluffie crapper damage is done.

This is what will very probably happen in reality. As MGTOW/masculist ideas spread and spread, they will be taken up first in large numbers by men at the universities, who then need to give masculist/MGTOW talks at the high schools, to motivate/teach young male high schoolers to put powerful moral pressure on fluffie crappers, that these women should be studying math and the sciences instead of the “soft option” (i.e. intellectually less demanding, less analytical) of a fluffie crap major, if the fluffie crapper wants any chance of attracting attention from a male.

Hopefully, the reputation of fluffies will become so bad in high schools, that real moral pressure on young fluffies will scare them into studying math and the sciences, otherwise they will not get any male attention. Men will point at such fluffies and say – “She is a fluffie. Don’t pay her any attention. She will only parasite on you later in life. She sits on her fat parasitic arse, makes no effort to become career competent, expecting some man slave in her 30s to pay for her to live in a middle class house to raise her kids in. Such women are manslavers. They are immoral, parasitic, career incompetent, irresponsible, non adults. In short, they are vermin, to be avoided. Don’t go near her. She is nothing but trouble. Hopefully a few decades from now, such women will have been wiped out.”

Getting every high school to have its own men’s lib group is step two. Step one is to have every campus on college and university have its own men’s lib group, which can then set up men’s lib groups at neighboring high schools and feed them speakers and literature, such as YouTube links etc. It is only a question of time before nearly everyone has heard of the main ideas of MGTOW/masculism, and sympathize with the plight of men facing the gender injustices of the divorce court, no Parer, manslavery, etc. Sooner or later, the paternity strike of the MGTOWs/masculists will catch the attention of the broadcast journalists who will then spread MGTOW/masculist ideas to the masses, so that university and high school men will learn of them and think about them. They will be primed for the establishment of men’s lib groups in their schools and colleges, starting with the colleges and spreading to the high schools.

Once 1000s of US high schools have their own men’s lib groups they can then put enormous moral pressure on their female class mates to become FIPs and EMOs (i.e. financially independent persons, and women who think that women should have equal moral obligations with men, i.e. they feel they have a moral duty to be FIPs and that men should have equal gender rights, especially in the divorce courts and the Parer etc. As MGTOW/masculist ideas rise and rise, moral pressure on young high school women to not study fluffie crap will be very powerful. Men’s lib members at high schools can label such women as fluffie crappers, future fluffies, future manslavers, future parasites, future “rot on the shelfers”, with no man, no love, no sex, no baby, no wealth, alone, and rejected by society. These high school MGTOWs/masculist men’s libbers will have a profound effect on the self-image of young women in their classes, and will change society, making it a FIP Society, an EMO Society.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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