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I know that most MGTOWs are in their 20s and 30s, so by definition are first halvers (i.e. under 40, living the first half of their lives.) I’m in the last decade or two of my second halver period, so from time to time I get frustrated that MGTOW-masculism is neglecting the interests and needs of second halver men, who after all make up half of the male population. In practice, when I write my flyers, I imagine that I’m writing largely to men younger than my own son, who is 40 this year.

But occasionally, I like to write about second halver men’s issues, since I’m one myself, and there may be a few second halver MGTOWs/masculists out there who might read what I write.

This flyer is devoted to the differences in the lives of first and second halver MGTOW/masculist men. The ideas it contains might be interesting for first halver MGTOWs/masculists because they may paint a picture of what their lives might be like in their second halver period.

So what are the biggest differences between the life styles of first and second halver MGTOWs/masculists? I think the biggest difference concerns women. Second halver women are infertile, so they’re not gong to be sexploiting you to have babies, and have you pay for them. They might try to get you to pay for some other man’s kids, that she has had already, but such an option is very unpopular with men in general, so tends not to happen much. A single mother is virtually undatable by male standards.

Another major difference for second halver MGTOWs/masculists, is that second halver women tend to be economically established. Most of the women I dated in the US in the 2000s (about  a dozen of them over a 5 year period) were FIPs. Of course I chose them to be FIPs. They had their own house, car, careers, often with mortgages nearly paid off, kids out the door, and wanted only companionship and orgasms from a man. They were also post menopausal, which is a huge plus for a man. He doesn’t have to put up with the hormonal craziness of a younger premenopausal woman, who flies off the handle emotionally when she is PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) i.e. moody and irrational.

So for a second halver MGTOW/masculist, he needs to makes a decision re women, on whether he likes female company enough to overcome the disadvantage of women’s negative psychology. He can always twaytwef (i.e. have a relationship with a second halver woman, who stays in her own house, and they see each other on a regular basis, mostly for sex and some regular company. As with first halver MGTOWs/masculists, twaytweffing forces the woman to remain nice to the man, otherwise he just quietly walks away.

MGTOWs/masculists in their 60s and over lose their libido for the most part, so are no longer “cunt driven” i.e. no longer give time and energy chasing down pussy. This can be truly liberating for a lot of second halver men. If they are tired of putting up with female behaviors and attitudes, then once their libido dries up, they have the realistic option to cut women out of their personal lives almost entirely.

My father, for example, had such a bitchy wife, who nagged him to death, that when she died rather young (at age 66) he chose to be MGTOW since then. He’s still alive, and at 97 in 2016, he has had almost nothing to do with women all that time, except his daughter, who is genetically closest to him. I may go the same way. In 2017 I’ll be 70, and my libido has shrunk greatly compared to a decade ago. Since I cant share my intellectual interests (pure math, math physics, philosophy) with women, women have almost no interest for me. I have a wife, but we talk only a few minutes each day together, so effectively I live alone with my intellectual interests to fill my day. In practice I’m a MGMTOW (man going mostly his own way.)

Yet, I do notice that the happiest of couples are often aged. Second halver women in their 60s and up are hormonally almost like men, so their brains are not screwed up like a first halver women’s, by her monthly hormones, making her unhuman for a few days each month. It is much easier to have a relationship with a man-like, calm, woman (whether living together, or in a twaytwef relationship) than a first halver woman.

So, the chasm between the sexes that exists for second halvers is much narrower and shallower than that for first halver MGTOWs/masculists. So some second halver MGTOWs/masculists may choose to have nothing to do with women (like my father) or choose to relate to them better than they could with first halver women, because second halver women are calmer, more reasonable, because hormonally, they are more like men, more stable, less PMS shitty-bitchy.

So, first halver MGTOWs/masculists, you should be conscious that in the second half of your lives, things will change for you. You will have a greater range of options with women. You can totally ignore them and not feel cunt-hungry, or you can relate with them more easily, because they are more manlike hormonally.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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