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To dust is to clean away the fluff. “Dusting” for a MGTOW/masculist is to “clean away” i.e. remove, wipe out, fluffies, i.e. traditional women who expect to be able to parasite on a man’s money. We men have the power to wipe out such women, by simply refusing to pay for them. A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can manage to get her financial claws into some robot male (a traditional man who expects to be parasited upon by a fluffie wife). The problem for fluffies is that the proportion of men who are robot males keeps dropping. In the US today, only about 30% of young men under 35 are robot males.

The other 70% refuse to marry and have kids because they are very conscious of the risk of being financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts where they will lose custody of their kids with 90% probability, they will lose their house, so the ex-wife can live in it to raise HER kids, he will pay child payment to kids he barely sees, and if his exwife is a fluffie he may have to pay her alimony so she can continue to parasite off his money as she did before the divorce. This is such a ROTTEN DEAL for men, that two thirds of young US men reject it by refusing to marry and have kids. This will wipe out the population within a century, since if the young generation reproduces only a third of their number, over four generations, that’s a third of a third of a third of a third, which is about 1%, i.e. the population gets wiped out.

SO its only a question of time before the male feminist, man-traitor, genocidal criminal,  gender politicians are FORCED to menfair the gender laws, but in the meantime, millions of married US men are having their lives destroyed each year, so the pressure for men to refuse marriage and fatherhood continues.

The masculist-MGTOW “Dusting Campaign” is a deliberate action to clean away the fluff, i.e. to wipe out fluffies by refusing to have relationships with them, by educating society to socialize girls not to be fluffies, both by parents, and by teachers. Masculists need to really push their ideas onto society, so that everyone is conscious of the price that fluffies will pay by being fluffies, i.e. they will not get a man. They will rot on the shelf, and be rejected not only by men, but by society in general, as the attitude that fluffies are immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin spreads and spreads.

At least a FIP female has some chance of having a relationship with a man. She can start up a twaytwef relationship with a FIP male, i.e. she can have regular sex with a FIP male. Twaytweffing is “2A2Fing” i.e. 2 apartments, 2 FIPs, i.e. a FIP male and FIP female, each with their own apartment, have a relationship, with no marriage, and no kids. The huge advantage of such a relationship for a man, is it gives him the regular sex he wants from a woman, without paying the price of being a manslave to a cursed fluffie. When the relationship dies, the two FIPs simply return to their own apartments, cost free, no divorce, because no marriage, no child support, because no kids, no alimony because the woman is a FIP, etc. Twaytweffing may be a major compromise for a woman who wants kids, but at least this way she gets a man, she has a relationship, which is better than no kids, no man. Men have the power to force such a compromise on women, because men are FIPs by tradition. Fluffies cannot exist in a world where most men twaytwef. They will rot away to extinction.

Not all women are fluffies. Before retirement 5 years ago, I was a prof of computer science teaching masters classes in China. A third of these masters students were female, who were ambitious, energetic, who very definitely had FIP (financially independent person) mentalities. They wanted to control their own lives and their own living standards, and not be a parasite on a man. They gave me hope that such women would eventually become the norm, so that so many of men’s gender problems could be solved at grass roots level, i.e. that all women become FIPs and that fluffies die out.

To help this process along, masculists particularly (I’ve given up hoping the politically passive MGTOWs will get off their bums and politically agitate) need to create a society wide ethic that to be a fluffie is to be a criminal, who will be shunned by society. To be a fluffie is to be lazy, to not bother to become career competent, to not be FIP, to become repulsive to males, because a fluffie by definition is a woman who expects to behave criminally towards a male, i.e. by exploiting him financially.

Masculists and MGTOWs should push for the “dusting” of society, so that the fluff is cleaned away, so that there is no more dust to be dusted, i.e. the fluffies are wiped out by them rotting on the shelf to extinction, by not getting a man, by young women fearing that if they don’t become FIPs they will have zero chance of having a baby, and zero chance of having a relationship with a man.

The MGTOW/masculist dusting campaign, is to create the social norm, that society is to be rid of fluff, to be rid of fluffie parasitism, the way the 1800s saw the US rid itself of negro slavery, or the 1700s rid itself of belief in witches after the rise of the enlightenment. In the 21st century, society is to be dusted by removing the attitude amongst women and society in general that it is socially acceptable to be a fluffie. Today, its still only a minority of people who think that “fluffies are immoral, fluffies are parasites, fluffies are manslavers, fluffies are vermin, to be wiped out, to be dusted.” As the proportion of women who are still fluffies dwindles to zero, it will be much easier for men to get the menfair gender laws they want, e.g. the menfairing of the divorce laws, and the creation of a legislated Parer (paternity rejection right), and a string of other legal discriminations against men.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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