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This file contains links to (mostly) flyers (i.e. 2 to 3 page essays) on the theme of MGTOW (men going their own way) and masculism that can be used for political effect. Each link is accompanied by the flyer’s title and a short description of its content.

These flyers are in chronological order (i.e. the most recent are at the BOTTOM.)


1  Title : The ABCs of MGTOW and Masculism  (link)

Descr :  A 22 slide PPt presentation on the main ideas of MGTOW and masculism.

2  Title : MGTOW-Masculism for Women  (link)

Descr : This is a 21 slide PPt presentation for women who want to understand why 70% of men in the US and Japan refuse to marry and have kids, spending their money on themselves.

3  Title : You are a Fluffie Student  (link)

Descr : A flyer aimed at fluffie students who study career incompetent subjects at university so that in their 30s they will look around for a man-slave to pay for the middle class house they want to raise their kids in.

4  Title : To the Gender Politicians : Genocidal Criminals  (link)

Descr : A flyer explaining to the gender politicians why they are indirectly wiping out the American population, by having allowed the fluffie feminists to take over the divorce courts.

5  Title : “TwayTweffing” : The “2A2F” Lifestyle for the Modern Man  (link)

Descr : A flyer presenting to  MGTOWs and masculists a lifestyle that allows men to get regular sex and that forces women to be nice to them, without any toxicity that comes from a traditional man-slaving marriage.

6  Title : Agenda for University MGTOW-Masculist Groups  (link)

Descr :  A flyer suggesting what MGTOW-masculist groups can do.

7  Title : MGTOW YouTube Channel Video Links  (link)

Descr : A file containing links to MGTOW YouTube Channel videos.

8  Title : Baby Calculus  (link)

Descr : To get a man to give a woman babies, the woman needs to be a FIP, which means she has to study a FIP major in college, which has as a prereq, 12th grade high school calculus, so “no calculus, no babies.”

9  Title : Men-Fairing the Divorce Courts  (link)

Descr : This flyer makes concrete proposals on how the gender politicians can reform the divorce courts to make them men fair, and how to address other critical masculist-MGTOW issues

10  Title :  Secondhalver FIP Women Can be Quite Nice  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how a man can get along quite well with a FIP woman over 40.

11  Title :  Primal Parasites  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how a fluffie who accuses a  MGTOW/masculist of being selfish is a hundred times more selfish by wanting a man-slave to pay HER to have kids that SHE wants.

12  Title : The FIP Society  (link)

Descr : This flyer presents the primary goal of the masculists, i.e. to create the “FIP Society” where all adults (male and female) are FIPs (financially independent persons), its advantages, and how to achieve it.

13  Title : ARCing (After Retirement Careering) , The True Focus of a MGTOW’s Masculist’s Life  (link)

Descr : This flyer describe ARCing (After Retirement Careering) which is the main focus of a MGTOW’s/Masculist’s life, free from wage-slavery to an employer, and from man-slavery to a fluffie.

14  Title : Why Masculists/MGTOWs Hate Fluffies and Gender Politicians  (link)

Descr :  This flyer gives the main reasons why masculists/MGTOWs have such hatred against fluffies and the gender politicians in the growing sex war.

15  Title : Gender Roles 2050  (link)

Descr : This flyer takes a futuristic look at how gender roles, feminism, masculism, MGTOW, etc will play out over the next few decades

16  Title : So You’re a MGTOW/Masculist High School Kid, What Can You Do?  (link)

Descr : This flyer is addressed to high school guys giving ideas on how to set up a Men’s Lib group at your high school and what it could do

17  Title : Suggested Masculist Political Actions  (link)

Descr : This flyer contains 10 suggestions for political actions that masculists and masculist MGTOWs can perform.

18  Title : MGTOW/Masculist PRESS RELEASE for Male Journalists  (link)

Descr : This 6 page flyer is a PRESS RELEASE to male journalists which explains why men are abandoning marriage and having kids, thus wiping out whole populations, the dominant issue of our time.

19  Title : The Politics of Baby Calculus, Making 12th Grade Calculus Compulsory for High School Seniors  (link)

Descr : This in your face flyer proposes making 12th grade calculus and a science compulsory for high school seniors to ensure that they can become FIPs as adults and not parasite on another person

20  Title : The SEX WAR  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows that a sex war is going on, when a third of married women are financially massacring their husbands. After the gender laws are made menfair, relations between the sexes will remain permanently soured as men realistically adopt new lifestyles to accommodate women’s parasitic nature.

21  Title : Men’s Growing Hatred of (Fluffie) Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer estimates that about ten million US divorced men have been financially massacred over the 40 year period since the divorce courts were taken over by the fluffie feminists and their male feminist gender politician stooges. This figure is far worse than any war the US has been in. It is the Sex War, so millions of men are learning to hate (fluffie) women and are going to war against them, killing them by neglect and killing fluffiedom with violent word

22  Title : Why is there no Parer (Paternity Rejection Right?)  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how society would be different if there were a Parer. Women would have to be FIPs, be responsible for their own lives and not expect to parasite on men. They would have to grow up. Women don’t want this, so they fight tooth and nail to stop the legislation of the Parer, despite its massive hypocrisy, given the existence of the Marer for women

23  Title : Masculist-MGTOW Advice to Japanese Gender Politicians  (link)

Descr :  This flyer offers advice to Japanese gender politicians on how to avoid the catastrophic decrease in the Japanese population by pushing for the creation of a “FIP Society”, advice that applies not only to Jap

24  Title : Teaching Women to Hate the Gender Politicians  (link)

Descr :  This flyer aims to persuade FIP women that they can increase the chances of persuading men to give them babies, if these FIP women join forces with the masculists to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws

25  Title : Ammunition for Heckling Fluffie Feminists  (link)

Descr : This flyer provides suggested statements that MGTOWs and masculists can use in public when fluffie feminists are dumping on men.

26  Title : Converting Male Feminists to Masculists/MGTOWs  (link)

Descr :  This flyer lists the factors that are driving male feminists to become masculists/MGTOWs, i.e. the impact of masculist/MGTOW ideas, the experience of financial slaughter in the divorce courts, and the repulsiveness of feminazi

27  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Poisoning of Men’s Minds  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes a (hetero) fluffie feminist’s conception of how poisonous MGTOW/masculist ideas are, which threaten to make her poor and childless because she wont be able to find a robot male to parasite on.

28  Title : A Tale of Two Movements : The Price of MGTOW Anonymity  (link)

Descr : This flyer reflects on which approach will be more effective in getting the MGTOW/masculist message out, the broadcast media approach of the boomer masculists, or the pseudonymed YouTube video approach of the MGTOWs in their 30

29  Title : How Will the Gender Politicians React Towards the MGTOWs/Masculists Wiping Out the Population?  (link)

Descr :  This flyer contrasts the two broad approaches to solving the MGTOW/masculist annihilation of the population problem, i.e. the feminist “manup” approach and the MGTOW/masculist “woman up” approach, i.e. creating a “FIP Society.”

30  Title :  Ideological Ammunition for MGTOW/Masculist High Schoolers  (link)

Descr : This flyer provides ideas to high school MGTOWs/masculists they can use to morally pressure their female classmates against choosing the soft option majors instead of the hard option of math and the sciences that are necessary to become FIPs as adults and hence not parasite on a man

31  Title : MGTOW/Masculism, FIP Females, Twaytweffing, and Babies  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows that there is a third option for MGTOWs/masculists besides A) marrying and risking being financially massacred in a divorce, B) being a MGTOW monk, and that is C) “twaytweffing” (i.e. 2A2Fing – see an earlier flyer on this.)

32  Title : Hypergamous Males  (link)

Descr : This flyer encourages males to be a lot more hypergamous, putting strong moral pressure on women to be FIPs so that more men can twaytwef (see above flyers) and hence get regular sex without being a manslave to a bloody fluffie.

33  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Dusting Campaign  (link)

Descr : This flyer introduces the concept of “dusting” i.e. cleaning away the fluff, i.e. wiping out fluffiedom from the earth, by forcing women to become FIPs, or they don’t get a man. Fluffiedom is to removed in the 21st century, the way negro slavery was removed in the 1800s and belief in witchcraft died out in the 1700s

34  Title : The Criminal Ethics of Gender Politicians  (link)

Descr : This flyer tries to explain why the male-feminist, man-traitor, gender politicians have been so criminal in their ethics towards men. It claims that it is largely because these gender politicians were utterly bought and selected by the banksters, which ensured that they have no conscience about destroying millions of men’s lives.

35  Title : FIPpressing the FEMALES  (link)

Descr : This flyer emphasizes the need for MGTOWs and masculists to educate society that women must be FIPs or be manless. MGTOWs and masculists need to put powerful moral pressure on women by educating parents, teachers, professors, the media etc to FIPpress young women to be FIPs so that men can be freed from fluffie manslavery

36  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Education of Parents  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests MGTOW/masculist topics that parents can teach their kids with  the intention of forming a FIP Society.

37  Title : Countering Feminist Attitudes with Masculist Attitudes  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes how young feminist-influenced princesses in the western countries can have their arrogance pricked by confrontation with MGTOWs/masculists.

38  Title :  The Evolution of Female Nagging  (link)

Descr : This flyer theorizes on how women evolved their nagging of men, and how in today’s twaytweffing world, a nagging female will probably end up living alone

39  Title : Women’s Growing Inferiority Complex  (link)

Descr : This flyer considers the idea that there will be such massive negative opinion of women’s immorality and women’s inferior performance abilities, coming from men in the next decade or two, that women will develop a severe inferiority complex.

40  Title : After the Gender Dust Settles  (link)

Descr : This flyer paints a picture of society after the MGTOWs/masculists feel that they have gotten what they wanted from society, where women accept that men outperform women, that the genii are males, and women  accept that men should have equal rights with women

41  Title : The FIPping of Females Will Not Be Enough  (link)

Descr :  This flyer explains that having most women being FIPs will not solve all men’s gender issues. FIP women are still women, so will judge men’s sexual attractiveness by male wealth, but MGTOWs and masculists are choosing to spend much less on women, so women will be forced to change their sexual attractiveness criteria towards men.

42  Title : The New Gender Politicians Will FIPpress the Fluffies  (link)

Descr :  This flyer claims as the population crash continues, caused by young men refusing to marry and have kids, due to the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system, a new batch of gender politicians will come out of the woodwork, who will FIPpress fluffies into becoming FIPS to get the birthrate back up.

43  Title : Looking Poor is an Effective Fluffie Repellent  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests that looking poor is an effective way for MGTOW/masculist men with money to repel fluffie parasites.

44 Title : Spelling It Out to Teenage Fluffies  (link)

Descr : This flyer is addressed to 16 year old girls. Its spells out clearly that if they don’t study FIP major topics (calculus, the sciences) in their final 2 years at high school they will end up being manless, loveless, babyless and poor in their 30s when they are unable to find a manslave to parasite on.

45  Title : Can Men Love Women Knowing that Women Don’t Love Men?  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that as more men are influenced by MGTOW ideas like the red pill and female hypergamy, men will fall out of love with women and protect themselves more against parasitical female nature.

46  Title : Scientizing MGTOW  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests there is a second major difference between MGTOW and masculism and that is masculism is more ethical, more moralistic, whereas MGTOW is more empirical, making psychological claims about women’s nature that now need to be scientifically tested.

47  Title : The FIPping of High-School/College Fluffies  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how high school and college males who are fed up with feminazi bitching and feminist put downs can scare women to be nice to men, by telling women about the main ideas of MGTOW and masculism, and that these women will not have a baby nor get a man.

48  Title : Smashing Feminist Arrogance  (link)

Descr : This flyer lashes out at third wave feminism that it gynocentric, arrogant, treating men as exploitable vermin. It shows how such feminists can be wiped out with a combination of science education to discredit them, and real male verbal violence based on masculist/MGTOW ideas.

49  Title : Female Laziness and its Implications  (link)

Descr : This flyer decries female greater laziness levels and their impact on males, namely greater levels of female parasitism on m

50  Title : Female Adaptation to Uncontrollable Males  (link)

Descr : This flyer discusses how women are adapting to a higher proportion of men becoming wise to genetically based female parasitism on men’s resources. Men are putting new financial and moral pressures on women to become FIPs and behave as responsible adults.

51  Title : Getting the MGTOW/Masculist Word Out  (link)

Descr : This flyer says that there is plenty of MGTOW/masculist content now, so that the next step can be taken, i.e. getting the MGTOW/masculist word out to the general public. This flyer suggests things that MGTOWs/masculists can do towards that end

52  Title : Why is the FIPping of Fluffies so Important to Masculists?  (link)

Descr : This flyer explains why masculists place such enormous importance on the FIPping of fluffies, namely because with nearly all women as FIPs, most of men’s gender role problems would be solved.

53  Title : The Childish Sadism of Divorcing Fluffies  (link)

Descr :  This flyer decries the childish sadism of divorcing fluffies and threatens women that if they do not pass the “FIPtest” i.e. learning to be FIPs and behaving as responsible adults, then men will take away women’s power to contribute to the creation of the gender laws.

54  Title : Can FIP Women Love Men?  (link)

Descr : This flyer poses the question whether FIP women under or over 40 are capable of loving men, rather than seeing men as exploitable assets. Second halver(> 40) FIP women are probably more capable of truly loving a man than a first halver (<40) fluffie.

55  Title : Fluffie Crappers  (link)

Descr : This flyer introduces the term “fluffie crapper” i.e. a young woman who studies fluffie crap (i.e. a non FIP major) at high school or college. Hopefully this humorous derogatory label will catch on, so that masculists/MGTOWs will have a new verbal weapon to help ratchet up the moral pressure against fluffie parasites.

56  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Strategies Towards the Journalists  (link)

Descr :  This flyer talks about strategies that MGTOWs/masculists can use to approach the journalists to motivate them to write/film pieces about MGTOW/masculist ideas, to spread the word to the 100s of millions.

57  Title : Femaliens and Sexbots  (link)

Descr : This flyer considers how revolutionary the sexbot industry will become in less than a decade, when men prefer to sex their bots rather than women. Women’s alien nature will create for them a deep existential crisis as men ignore them in droves, forcing women to fend for themselves by becoming FIPs.

58  Title : Promoting the “Fluffie Graveyard”  (link)

Descr :  This flyer aims to promote the concept of the “fluffie graveyard” i.e. the lifestyle that awaits 40% of women over 40, i.e. living alone, punished in many cases by men for not bothering to become FIP and abusing men financially

59  Title : Feminist Globaciders  (link)

Descr : This flyer lashes out at the third wave feminist globaciders who are wiping out the world population by having made the divorce courts toxic  to men who subsequently boycott marriage and fatherhood, crashing the world population

60  Title : Feminism as a Quasi-Religion  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that third wave feminism (3wf) has many characteristics in common with religion, so sage masculists/MGTOWs need to discredit them so that men can be liberated from the consequences of 3wf isscienate fairydom that harms men’s lives, e.g. the divorce courts.

61  Title : Masculism as Heavy Moralistic Pressure on Fluffies  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that as more MGTOW/masculist influenced men become disgusted with fluffie financial parasitism on men, they will refuse to fuck them, thus setting up a positive circle for men, as the moral pressure on fluffies forces more of them to become FIPs. Men will increasingly fuck FIP women only, pushing up the moral pressure on fluffies even more until they get wiped out, the primary political masculist goal

62  Title : What is to be done ?  (Men’s Lib)  (link)

Descr : This flyer maps out the major steps in a political program to free men from the traditional manslaving role of working for women. The initial step is education, to be followed by political action to get the gender laws made “men-fair.

63  Title : The “Fuck Only FIPs” Campaign  (link)

Descr : This flyer proposes to masculists/MGTOWs to only fuck FIPs as a tool to scare more fluffies into becoming FIPs, so that fluffie manslavery is wiped out by wiping out the fluffies.

64  Title : Converting Fluffies to FIPs  (link)

Descr : This flyer maps out ideas on how MGTOW/masculists can convert fluffies to FIPs as a vital stepping stone to liberate men

65  Title : Female Absorption of MGTOW/Masculist Ideas  (link)

Descr :  This flyer anticipates how women will behave, a few decades from now, towards a male population which has had its MGTOW/masculist consciousness raised, i.e. made aware of female hypergamous, genetically programmed, nature.

66  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Message to Fluffie Feminists  (link)

Descr : This flyer is directed at fluffie feminists, explaining why MGTOWs-masculists have such a hatred of them, refusing to be their manslaves, and forcing them to become FIPs or be manless.

67 Title : Masculist Contempt for Lazy-Bum Fluffies  (link)

Descr : This flyer lashes out a the lazy-bum, attitudes of fluffies and emphasizes that the political effort of the masculists needs to be aimed at the high schools where the real “fluffie damage” is done.

68  Title : Understanding AND Loving Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer argues that it is possible and very important that new attitudes and institutions be set up by MGTOWs and masculists, that make it possible for men to both understand the negative, inherited attitudes of women towards men, AND to love women, if populations are not to be wiped out by the man-strike.

69  Title : What Masculists/MGTOWs Expect from Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer explains what masculists/MGTOWs want women to do, to free men from manslavery, i.e. become FIPs, that parents should socialize their daughters to be FIPs, that the fluffie feminist lobby be removed from the divorce courts.

70  Title : The Masculist-MGTOW Bashing of (Fluffie) Feminists in Public  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that the time is ripe for masculists/MGTOWs to attack fluffie feminists in public, presenting an imaginary attack on the feminazi who attacked President Summers of Harvard

71  Title : FIP Boy Meets Fluffie Girl and then …  (link)

Descr : This flyer imagines a conversation between a young FIP boy and his fluffie girlfriend as the boy wakes up to the manslave role his girlfriend wants him to have.

72  Title : Twaytweffing and Kids  (link)

Descr : This flyer discusses what the impact will be on childraising when twaytweffing becomes very popular with the majority of first halver (i.e. < 40) males.

73  Title : Why Masculists Look Down on MGTOWs  (link)

Descr : This flyer explains why masculists look down on MGTOWs for their apolitical attitudes, thus greatly decreasing the efficiency with which the MGTOW/masculist ideas could be spread, to create a FIP society, with menfaired gender laws

74  Title : Modifying Females’ Hypergamous Psychology  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that as most males become masculists/MGTOWs, women will be forced to hide their true hypergamous nature and present only their FIP side to men, otherwise they will not get a man.

75  Title : ARCing WGTOWs?!  (link)

Descr : This flyer poses the question whether women could be ARCers (after retirement careerers) mimicking male ARCers. Yes, they could. They would need to be FIPs, and to have saved hard in the first half of their lives and then ARC freely in their second half.

76  Title : Allying with Female FIPs to Pressure the Gender Politicians  (link)

Descr : This flyer says that more FIP women are complaining about palimony laws that allow their fluffo (male equivalent of fluffie) ex boy-friends to rob them of their money. Masculists and FIP females thus have a common interest to get rid of unfair gender laws, so should combine forces to pressure the gender politicians

77  Title : Giving MGTOW-Masculist Talks at High Schools  (link)

Descr : This flyer argues that the “fluffie crapper” problem needs to be solved by educating high school young men not to marry and have kids, and by educating high school young women to be FIPs if they want at least to have a (twaytwef) relationship with a man.

78   Title : Twaytweffing After Gender Law Fairing  (link)

Descr : This flyer wonders what will happen to the twaytweffing lifestyle after the gender laws have been made menfair. Will it die out? I doubt it, so the population will continue to fall, forcing the gender politicians to adopt other measures to increase the birth rate.

79  Title : Were Jewish Banksters Behind the Misandrist Divorce Laws of the 70s?  (link)

Descr : This flyer expresses my suspicion that Jewish banksters were indirectly responsible for the creation of the misandrist divorce laws of the 70s that have ruined the lives of tens of millions of US  divorced fathers.

80  Title : Combatting Jewish Bankster Control of the Gender Politicians  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests how the Jewish banksters who (very probably) bribed the gender politicians to pass massively unjust divorce legislation against men, can be removed.

81  Title : The Eclipse of MGTOW-Masculism with the Collapse of the West  (link)

Descr : This flyer argues that MGTOW-masculism will become irrelevant for several decades during which time, the western countries recover from the economic crash and civil war against and removal of the Jewish banksters who ruled their countries.

82  Title : Fluffie FIPs  (link)

Descr : This flyer asserts that it is not sufficient for a woman to be a FIP for a MGTOW/masculist to consider having a relationship with her. She also needs to repress her genetically determined criterion of judging men according to men’s exploitability of their resources by women. To masculists/MGTOWs, fluffie FIPs are nearly as bad as fluffies, and just as rejectable.

83  Title : It is Critically Important that MGTOWs/Masculists Educate the Public  (link)

Descr : This flyer emphasizes how important it is for MGTOWs/masculists to educate the public about MGTOW/masculist ideas so that society is made menfair, otherwise the MGTOW/masculists will continue to wipe out whole populations by refusing to marry and have kids, thus crashing the birth rate.

84  Title : What Will Governments Do to MGTOWs/Masculists?  (link)

Descr : This flyer reflects on what governments will do to the MGTOW/Masculist movements when push really comes to shove concerning the crash in the population caused by the MGTOW/masculist utter refusal to be manslaves to fluffie parasites.

85  Title : Marxism and Masculism  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how fluffie exploitation of men’s labor is worse, i.e. has a higher exploitation rate, than the exploitation of early capitalists against their proletarian employees.

86  Title : MGTOW-Masculism and the American Pogrom  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that MGTOW-masculism will be seen as a frivolous ignorable luxury during the time of the collapse of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, that will happen soon, resulting in a pogrom by American goy sages (intellectuals) against the hated Jewish banksters and their cronies.

87  Title : Checklist for Women to Get a Man  (link)

Descr : This flyer is aimed at women, presenting 3 criteria that women need to meet to have a twaytwef relationship with a man in an increasingly MGTOW/masculist oriented society. Those women failing these 3 will increasingly be manless.

88  Title : Science’s War Against (Satanist) Judaism  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests that Satanist Judaism is one of the vilest religions ever invented by humanity, and should be wiped out by being discredited by science, thus ridding the world of the worst criminals against humanity in history, who believe in this satanist garbage.

89  Title : MGTOWs as Pawns of the Jewish Banksters  (link)

Descr : This flyer expresses my growing skepticism that the main idea of MGTOW i.e. to avoid fatherhood to crash the population to force society to be less gynocentric, will not work, if the massively unjust divorce laws against men were engineered behind the scenes by Jewish banksters to help reduce the world population to half a billion as stated on the Georgia guide stones.

90  Title : Should a Twaytweffer’s Girlfriend be a FIP?  (link)

Descr : This flyer argues that twaytweffing is superior to twapping (i.e. having a relationship with a fluffie, keeping two apartments.)

91  Title : Einstein Relationships  (link)

Descr : This flyer labels a type of borderline relationship with a woman, in which the man keeps an intellectual emotional distance from the woman due to her femalien nature and lack of interest in his intellectual existential passion(s).

92  Title : Scientizing the Jewish Bankster Satanists to Liberate Men  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests that the horrors awaiting American men when the dollar crashes, caused by the Jewish bankster Satanists, may be the price that men pay, to liberate themselves from menunfair gender laws created by these Jewish banksters. The most effective way to remove the Jewish banksters Satanist beliefs is with science, discrediting them. Without these underlying beliefs, Jewish bankster Satanists will  disappear and men will be liberated.

93  Title : MGTOW Deckchairs on the Titanic : The Coming American Holocaust  (link)

Descr : This flyer expresses a frustration with MGTOWs for not being conscious of the impending massacre of millions of Americans that will be unleashed by the Jewish bankster Shabbatean Frankist Satanists when they decide to crash the dollar.

94  Title : Being Free : The Joys and Impact of ARCing  (link)

Descr : This flyer emphasizes the joys and the societal, economic impact when millions of MGTOWs/masculists ARC (after retirement careering.)

95  Title : Post Pogrom MGTOW/Masculism  (link)

Descr : This flyer predicts that after the dollar crashes, and the hated Jewish Bankster Frankist Satanists have been pogrommed, MGTOWs/masculists will not return to the traditional male roles. Many will continue to twaytwef and to ARC in midlife, having learned of their advantages pre crash/pogrom.

96  Title : ARCing and SeRCing for MGTOWs/Masculists  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes life styles for MGTOWs/masculists who refuse to be manslaves to fluffie parasites. They can ARC (after retirement careering), or SeRC (semi retirement careering) and others.

97  Title : Helping College MGTOW/Masculist Groups  (link)

Descr : Men’s Lib groups are now starting up on American campuses. This flyer lists the main ideas of MGTOW/Masculism to help the leaders of these Men’s Lib groups to spread the word to the majority of men on campus who remain ignorant of MGTOW/masculist ideas.

98  Title : Restructuring Universities with MGTOW Principles  (link)

Descr : This flyer wonders how society would be affected if millions of MGTOW/masculist professors could work part time, spending their free time doing what they love. Society would become hugely more creative, benefitting everyone.

99  Title : Political Phases of MGTOW/Masculism  (link)

Descr : This flyer lists 5 political phases or stages that the MGTOW/Masculism movements will probably have to go through for men’s lib issues to be resolved.

100  Title : Degynocentrification Necessitates Dejudaicentrification  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that men will not be able to degynocentrify our culture without removing the MEjew (massively evil Jewish) dictators who control and bribe the gender politicians, who created viciously menunfair divorce laws, which have caused men’s lib groups (MGTOW, MRAs, Herbivores, masculists) to refuse to marry and have kids, thus wiping out whole (goy) populations, which is what the MEjew bankster Satanists want, in order to fulfill their Talmudic prophecy of ruling the world from Jerusalem, and then wiping out the goy (non Jews).

101  Title : The MGTOW-ARCer Educational Revolution  (link)

Descr :  This flyer shows how education (for the student and the professor) is being revolutionized by the MGTOW-ARCers, who can devote a substantial portion of their lives to free learning and teaching.

102  Title : MGTOW-Masculist (Bumper) Stickers  (link)

Descr : This flyer lists some slogans that could be put on stickers and placed all over town, to increase public awareness of the main MGTOW/masculist ideas.

103  Title : Science is the Greatest Enemy of the Hated Jewish Bankster Satanists  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how science might be used to undermine the Satanist beliefs of the hated Jewish bankster Frankists, who are mental slaves to these beliefs. By discrediting these beliefs, hopefully these Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists will stop trying to take over the world, with its capitol in Jerusalem, and then wiping out the goy as prophesized in their Talmud, and made worse by Frankist beliefs that Frankists should commit as much evil as possible to hasten the coming of the Jewish messiah to make the Talmudic prophecy a reality.

104  Title : Living Together Apart : A MGTOW Compromise  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes my relationship with my Chinese wife, which may be informative to MGTOWs because it shows a textbook case of female hypergamy.

105  Title : Selecting Your Woman with MGTOW/Masculist Criteria  (link)

Descr : This flyer ranks various categories of women according to their attractiveness/repulsiveness for having a relationship with, as judged by MGTOWs/masculists.

106  Title : Scaring the Fluffies/Feminists  (link)

Descr :  This flyer claims that the time is ripe for masculists/MGTOWs to get out into the streets (high schools, campuses, media, etc) to preach MGTOW/masculist ideas to change women’s attitudes, so that men can benefit from these changes, particularly when women have the moral expectation to be FIPs and not parasite on a man, and have women put moral pressure, along with men, on the gender politicians, to menfair the gender laws, that today are so biased against men, especially in the divorce courts.

107  Title : What’s the Next Step?  (link)

Descr : This flyer proposes that the next step for men is to form men’s lib groups in high schools and colleges, now that there are already a ton of MGTOW/masculist videos on YouTube. The time is ripe for the next step.

108  Title : The Nawalting of Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer explains how men can force women to behave as though they are nawalts, even though they aren’t, by forcing women to choose between twaytweffing or being manless. A woman in a twaytwef relationship HAS to behave like a nawalt, or she gets dumped, cost free for the man.

109  Title : How Many Years Before the Western Gender Politicians Panic?  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that the western gender politicians will be panicking over the MGTOW/masculist generated paternity strike within 5-10 years as their populations drop by up to 10% over that period. The threat of whole populations being wiped out due to the menunfair gender laws, will FORCE gender politicians to menfair them.

110  Title : Inferiorizing High School Females  (link)

Descr : This flyer provides arguments and facts to high school boys to prick the insufferable arrogance of high school feminists, to inferiorize them and bring some reality to their feminist minds.

111  Title : The “High from Learning” Lifestyle  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes a lifestyle for MGTOWs/masculists who are sages and love learning, getting highs from learning beautiful, powerful new stuff, and want to increase the frequency of these “oh wow!” moments.

112  Title : A Gender Political Clash with my Sister over Child “Abandonment”  (link)

Descr :  This flyer describes a gender political clash I have with my sister over who should pay  for the kids after a divorce, she with her “fluffie FIP” attitudes, and I with my masculist attitudes.

113  Title : How Red is the Red Pill?  (link)

Descr : This flyer plays devil’s advocate with MGTOW’s most famous idea, i.e. the red pill, that women don’t love men, they love men’s exploitability. It claims that a FIP woman would not be red pill, but my own experience shows that a FIP woman can still be red pill, so the suspicion is that women EVOLVED to be red pill parasites on men.

114  Title : MGTOW Avoids the Problem, Masculism Solves It  (link)

Descr : This flyer criticizes MGTOWs for their lack of a solution to men’s and society’s gender roles problems. MGTOW is seen as a component to a broader plan to free men and save humanity from wiping itself out due to the paternity strike.

115  Title : MGMTOW : Men Going Mostly Their Own Way  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes my own lifestyle, that is not fully MGTOW, nor purple pill either.

116  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Bullets for High School-College Males  (link)

Descr : This flyer summarizes the main MGTOW/Masculist ideas for high school and college males to change their lives, and to use as bullets against arrogant feminazis.

117  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Differences Between 1st and 2nd Halver Men  (link)

Descr : This flyer lists some different options that 2nd halver (>40) MGTOW/masculists have compared with 1st halver (<40) MGTOWs/masculists.

118  Title : Women’s Future Massive Inferiority Complex  (link)

Descr : This flyer predicts that as society becomes MGTOW/masculist dominated, fluffies die out, FIP women cant compete with FIP men, and the sexbots and artificial wombs are invented, then women will fall into a deep collective inferiority complex that they are genetically incapable of getting out of.

119  Title : MOB Female BOM Male, Oil and Water  (link)

Descr : This flyer talks about a type of relationship between a MOB (money over brains) woman and a BOM (brains over money) man that is intrinsically doomed, given the genetic natures of men and women.

120  Title : Women’s Hockey Stick Awareness Moment of MGTOW-Masculist Ideas  (link)

Descr : This flyer predicts how millions of women will react when they finally become conscious that they will never have babies due to millions of men having gone MGTOW/masculist, refusing marriage and paternity.

121  Title : Fluffie Criminality  (link)

Descr : This flyer gives a handful of examples of fluffie criminality, i.e. ways in which fluffies abuse men by acting criminally towards them.

122  Title : Don’t Be the Only MGTOW/Masculist on Campus  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests how a lone MGTOW/masculist on his campus can get his message off the ground amongst the 10,000s of students at his university.

123  Title : Punishing the MOB (Money over Brains) Psychology of Females  (link)

Descr : This flyer explains how the evolved/genetically determined MOB psychology of females can be punished by MGTOWs/masculists, forcing them not to look on males as cash machines and learning to suppress their MOB psychology

124  Title : Should MGTOWs/Masculists Tway with Fluffies?  (link)

Descr : This flyer discusses the question whether MGTOWs/masculists should tolerate having a “tway” (2A = two apartment) relationship with a fluffie. What are the pros and cons?

125  Title : Female Ignorance of MGTOW/Masculism  (link)

Descr : This flyer emphasizes the fact that women are almost totally ignorant of MGTOW/masculist ideas, so need to be educated, along with society in general, about MGTOW/masculist ideology, particularly the male rebellion against working for women, being manslaves to women

126  Title : How Do MGTOW and Masculism Relate?  (link)

Descr : This flyer gives my thoughts on how the two men’s lib movements MGTOW and masculism relate to each other, their agreements, their differences, their mutual influence, etc.

127  Title : MGTOWs’/Masculists’ Enemies  (link)

Descr : This flyer lists the main enemies of the MGTOWs/masculists, and explains why they are enemies – fluffie crappers, fluffies, fluffie feminists, gender politicians, and the worst, the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists, whom everyone hates (if they are informed.)

128  Title : MGTOW-Masculism Now Penetrating the Main Stream Media  (link)

Descr : This flyer gives the link to a BBC radio interview of British MGTOWs, the first of its kind, as far as I know. However I felt it lacked punch, so I put into this flyer what I would have said if I had been interviewed.


Descr :  This flyer aims to persuade MGTOWs that it is NOT a waste of time to try to persuade the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, because MGTOWs/masculists have a formidable weapon, namely the power to wipe out whole populations by continuing to refuse paternity. The MGTOWs/masculists should push this threat politically onto society, to women, to men, to journalists, to feminists, to the gender politicians, until men get gender justice.

130  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Political Agenda  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that the idea of POPULATION ANNIHILATION is so powerful (i.e. if the gender politicians don’t menfair the gender laws, and menfair society, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to wipeout whole populations by continuing to reject paternity) that it should be the lynch pin of a MGTOW/masculist political agenda to achieve MGTOW/masculist goals.

131  Title : Rejecting the Female Child Mind  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how the MGTOW/masculist rejection of child minded fluffies who don’t take responsibility for their own lives, will cause a genetic filtering of women, resulting in women who are more FIP, more responsible and better suited to MGTOWs/masculists.

132  Title : The Clashing Agendas of the Jewish Banksters and the MGTOW/Masculists  (link)

Descr : This flyer says that the agenda of the Jewish banksters to fulfill the Talmudic prophecy of Jews ruling the world, with its capitol in Jerusalem, then wiping out the goy, clashes with the MGTOW/masculist agenda of creating a FIP Society, with menfair gender laws. If the Jewish banksters succeed in creating police states ruled by them in the US, Europe and Japan, then they will continue the massive injustice against men in the divorce courts, so that MGTOWs/masculists continue to reject paternity, thus wiping out the goy, which is what the Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists want.

133  Title : The Penis as Bargaining Tool  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how men can reverse the traditional strategy of women, i.e. trading use of their vaginas for male protein, by giving women penis and attention, ONLY if they are FIPs. Fluffies are ignored by MGTOWs/masculists, as punishment for being manslavers.

134  Title : Dictatorships, East and West  (link)

Descr : This flyer is depressing. It shows that the western dictatorships by the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists is worse that the dictatorship of the Communists in China, in terms of the number of people the Jewish banksters have killed. Maybe soon, there will be no freedom of speech anywhere. With the Jewish banksters remaining in power, they will not menfair the gender laws, because the MGTOW/masculist rejection of paternity is a very efficient and cheap method of wiping out the goy, which is what the Jewish banksters want to fulfil their Talmudic prophecy.

135  Title : MGTOW-Masculism for Second Halver (> 40) Males  (link)

Descr : This flyer introduces MGTOW-Masculist ideas to second halver (> 40) men, dividing this category into two, the third quarter males and the fourth quarter males, which each have their own gender issues, as a function of their age range.

136  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Punishment of Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how women are being punished by MGTOWs/masculists for being fluffie parasites, for being feminazi bitches, for financially massacring divorcing fathers in the divorce courts, etc. Our main strategy is to force fluffies and fluffie feminists to rot on the shelf by being totally ignored by men. Men have the power to force women to be nice to men or they will be punished.

137  Title : The Core MGTOW/Masculist Problem is not the Fluffie Feminists, but the Jewish Banksters  (link)

Descr : This flyer states that the greatest enemy of the MGTOWs/masculists are the Jewish banksters who hate us and are planning to wipe out the goy, once they have taken over the world. These Jewish banksters will not allow their bribed gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, because they want to continue their divide and conquer strategy by keeping men and women in conflict, and especially having MGTOWs wipe out the goy population by rejecting paternity.

138  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Punishment of Second Halver Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer is aimed at women, claiming that if first halver women (<40) are not nicer to men, they will be punished by being ignored by men in the second half of their lives. 40% of women over 40 in the US live alone. This flyer explains some of the reasons why.

139  Title : MGTOW, MRM, Masculism : How Do They Differ?  (link)

Descr : This flyer discusses the similarities and differences between MGTOW, Men’s Rights Movement, and Masculism. It claims that masculism is a super set of MGTOW, and MRM, and a lot more political than both, putting enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs or they don’t get a man, etc.

140  Title : Gender Crimes  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes gender crimes committed by women against men, and how they can be stopped.

141  Title : The FIP Society  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes what is needed to create a FIP society, i.e. one in which all adults are FIPs who do not parasite on the money of another person. So much follows from this masculist vision, that is their main political aim.

142  Title : The Pinking of Red Piller Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that as millions of men have their MGTOW/masculist consciousness raised, those women who express openly their evolved criteria for judging men based on men’s exploitability, will be increasingly rejected and shunned by men, forcing women to suppress their true, DNA based, exploitative, nature regarding men.

143  Title : Living in the MGTOW/Masculist Generated Population Crash  (link)

Descr : This flyer portrays what life might be like during the MGTOW/masculist generated population crash. It presents various attitudes from different groups as the population tumbles.

144  Title : MGTOWs Don’t See the (Jewish Bankster) Big Picture  (link)

Descr : This flyer expresses frustration that most MGTOWs are unaware that they are being manipulated by Jewish banksters to increase strife between the sexes, to distract attention away from what the Jewish banksters are planning, i.e. the creation of the NWO, a Jewish bankster ruled world government, and then to wipe out the goy, to fulfill the Talmudic prophecy that the Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists believe in.

145  Title : Massive MGTOW/Masculist Broadcast Media Publicity  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests I might be able to do with MGTOW/masculism what I have just done for the issue of species dominance (i.e. should humanity build artilects, artificial intellects, godlike massively intelligent machines, that might decide to wipe out humans when they become a lot smarter than us). I was interviewed for half an hour on RT (Russia Today)’s “Sophie and Co.” so a billion (with a B) people will see the video, she says.

146  Title : Fluffie Divorcee Brainwashing of her Kids   (link)

Descr : This flyer hits out at fluffie divorcees who brain wash their kids about their ex-husband

147  Title : MGTOW and Loneliness  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes how a MGTOW can compromise to some extent with a woman by skype-ing her at a distance on a regular basis, thus getting a bit of female company without having a live-in nagging bitch on your butt.

148  Title : The MGTOW/Masculist Combat against Women’s Ingrained/Evolved Expectations that Men Should Pay for Them to Have Babies   (link)

Descr : This flyer lashes out at women’s ingrained/evolved attitude that men are put on this earth to pay for women to have babies. Masculists put enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs and pull their own financial weight, and not see men as cash machines to pay for them to raise kids.

149  Title : I’m More Than a Cash Machine, You Bitch!  (link)

Descr : This flyer says it is not enough for a woman to be a FIP (financially independent person) to be considered worthy by a man of having a twaytwef relationship with. She also needs to learn to suppress her evolved mono-dimensional criterion for judging a man, i.e. according to his exploitability by her. Men despise being seen as cash machines for women, and are walking away from such women in droves.

150  Title : Punishing Female Laziness  (link)

Descr : This flyer show how men suffer as a result of female laziness. MGTOWs/masculists put pressure on women to be more energetic, more FIP, etc to liberate men

151  Title : The Sexbot, Artwomb World  (link)

Descr : This flyer speculates on what the world will be like after men invent the sexbot and the artwomb (artificial womb). Women will go into deep depression as they lose their monopoly over sex control and having babies. Women will be forced to be FIPs. Men will be freed from the traditional price of being a manslave to a bloody fluffie to get sex and kids.

152  Title : Women’s Narrower Horizons Make Them Boring  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that women are boring to men, and that men only tolerate women’s much narrower horizons, if the sex is good. But the sexbots are coming, so men will sex them instead and become less tolerant of women’s narrower horizons and many other faults. The result will be that more men will walk away from women.

153  Title : MGTOW’s Biggest Mistake  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that MGTOWs should be a lot more political, by using their strongest argument, i.e. that if society and the gender politicians, do not menfair the gender laws and society in general, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to boycott paternity and wipe out whole populations – the “population annihilation argument.”

154  Title : My Growing MGTOW/Masculist Souring Towards Women  (link)

Descr : This flyer explains my growing sourness towards women, as my libido dries up as I approach 70, so I see women more as childlike prattlers whom I cant take seriously nor respect. I may spend the fourth quarter of my life being a full MGTOW, to get some peace and quiet to do what I really love, i.e. advanced math and physics

155  Title : Menfairing Manifesto for Japan  (link)

Descr : This flyer is indirectly addressed to the Japanese minister for population and gender equality, suggesting measures to persuade men to stop rejecting paternity that has already caused Japan’s population to decline. The two main measures are the push to make Japanese women FIPs and to menfair the gender laws. Then Japanese men will be more inclined to be fathers.

156  Title : Politicizing MGTOW  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that MGTOW should politicize, now that it is armed with a powerful new idea, namely the “population annihilation argument” which says that if the gender politicians don’t menfair the gender laws and society in general, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to wipe out the population by continuing to reject paternity. The gender politicians and society will be forced to listen due to the power of this argument/idea.

157  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Moral Pressure on Women to Adultify  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows how masculists particularly, put enormous moral pressure on women to behave as adults, by getting FIP educations, pulling their own financial weight, not being lazy and putting the blame for their inferior female status in society on men. Masculists morally pressure women in order to create a FIP Society, one of the fundamental goals of the masculists.

158  Title : Seeking the MGTOW/Masculist Broadcast Media Big Event  (link)

Descr : This flyer suggests that a big media event such as getting on RT’s (Russia Today’s) SophieCo with its billion views would have a major impact on getting MGTOW/masculist ideas across to the general worldwide public. It would be a big event.

159  Title : The MGTOW/Masculist Impact of the Chinese White Dragon Dejewbanksterfication  (link)

Descr : This flyer talks about Jim Willie’s claim that the ancient ultra-rich Chinese “White Dragon” families, with 150,000 tons of gold are pushing the Jewish banksters out of power and crashing the dollar as the world reserve currency. If the Jewish banksters leave the western scene, hopefully a new batch of gender politicians, uncorrupted, will menfair society and the gender laws.

160  Title : Career Brainwashing, the Paternity Strike, and China  (link)

Descr : This flyer talks about the lack of MGTOW/masculist movements (or any movements, for that matter) in China, so that Chinese men remain manslaves to lazy parasitic fluffie wives. When China democratizes, Chinese men will be shocked by western MGTOW/masculist ideas.

161  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Small Potatoes  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that the broadcast media will soon latch on to the major message of the MGTOWs/masculists that “If society is not made menfair, and the gender laws are not made menfair, then the MGTOWs/masculists will wipe out whole populations by continuing their rejection of paternity!” Once that happens the prominent MGTOW bloggers of today will have to change their strategies a bit by giving interviews on the media, especially TV, and thus blowing their anonymity.

162  Title : The MGTOWs/Masculists Go for the Broadcast Media Big Hit  (link)

Descr : This flyer shows the email sent to RT (Russia Today) suggesting Sophie&Co to make a program called “The Paternity Strike”. If the host of this interview show, Sophie Shevardnaze, the granddaughter of the famous Russian political leader agrees, then 100s of millions of people world wide would see it. It would truly launch the mens lib movements in the world.

163  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Lifestyles for Fourth Quarter Men  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that as MGTOW/masculist ideas spread to the whole community, fourth quarter males (> 65) will be influenced. Since they have much lower testosterone levels than younger men, they are freer to abandon femaliens and devote the final decades of their lives doing what they love, which will give them real satisfaction and peace of mind.

164  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Power  (link)

Descr : This flyer gives four powerful arguments the MGTOWs/masculists can use to help liberate men.

165  Title : Female STEM Field Statistics, High School and College  (link)

Descr : This flyer gives percentages of males and females in 12th grade high school and at college who study STEM related fields. Females are studying such fields at about a three quarter rate as males, which is very encouraging for masculists/MGTOWs who are pushing women to be FIPs.

166  Title : Levering Young Women’s FIPification  (link)

Descr : This flyer says that it is a good thing that young women are studying FIP majors (e.g. STEM) equally with men but that only half the battle for men’s lib has been won. This flyer concentrates on what needs to be done to win the other half.

167  Title : Using MGTOW’s Strongest Political Argument  (link)

Descr : This flyer argues that MGTOWs who have up till now been rather politically passive, should use the “population annihilation argument” to force society and the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws. This argument is the nuclear weapon of the MGTOWs/masculists and should be used to huge effect.

168  Title : My Contempt for MGTOW’s Apoliticality  (link)

Descr : This flyer expresses my contempt for MGTOW’s apolitical passivity in not getting out there to spread the MGTOW/masculist ideas to the general public, especially to women to force them to stop expecting men to be manslaves to them, to pay for them to live in middle class houses so that women can raise their kids in them. The whole gender political zeitgeist needs to be changed and that will take political action on the part of the MGTOWs/masculists.

169  Title : MGTOW-Masculism : A Decade On  (link)

Descr : This flyer imagines where the MGTOW/masculist movements will be a decade from now. It anticipates the broadcast media breakthrough, the establishment of men’s lib groups in every high school and college, the moral pressuring of young women to be FIPs, and the forcing of the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws or the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to reject paternity and hence annihilate the population.

170  Title : The Coming Civil (Sex) War  (link)

Descr :  This flyer predicts that if the massive gender injustices against men continue, there will be warfare as militant “John Brown” like MGTOWs/masculists and their disciples take the law into their own hands, since the current law does not look out for them.

171  Title : A MGTOW/Masculist Talks to a Manslave  (link)

Descr : This flyer imagines a MGTOW/masculist talking to a manslave who has regrets about locking himself into a financial cage by having a kid with a fluffie wife. It spells out the advantages to men of not being manslaves but rather being MGTOWs/masculists, i.e. men’s libbers.

172  Title : Hey Femalien! If you want a kid, you’ll have to pay for it yourself!  (link)

Descr : This flyer says that women only have themselves to blame for the paternity strike, having made the divorce courts toxic to men once the fluffie feminists took them over. Women need to not only become FIPs they also need to become EMOs (equal moral obligations) i.e. feel they have a powerful moral obligation to be FIP and NOT parasite off a man. If not, then men will continue to let them rot on the shelf to extinction, which is MGTOW/masculist punishment of women for being fluffies, for not being FIPs, for not being EMOs.

173  Title : EMOs : Women Who Accept “Equal Moral Obligations” with Men  (link)

Descr : This flyer claims that women being FIP is not enough to liberate men from fluffie feminism and the financial parasitism of fluffies. Women also need to be EMO, believing that women have the moral duty to be menfair, and not gynocentric tyrants.

174  Title :  MGTOW/Masculist Power against Fluffies, Fluffie Feminists, and Gender Politicians  (link)

Descr : This flyer describes the power MGTOWs/masculists have to counter fluffies, fluffie feminists and gender politicians, to help liberate men. We have the power to wipe out fluffies, to discredit fluffie feminists for their non EMO (equal moral obligations) hypocrisy, and forcing the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws or we will wipe out whole populations by continuing our paternity strike.

175  Title : Are Women Children or Just Lazy?  (link)

Descr : This flyer disagrees with the opinion of TFM (Turd Flinging Monkey) that women are children. As he puts it “Women are fuckable children with tits!” If women were children there would be no point to the masculist political goal of creating a FIP society, by forcing women to become FIPs or rot on the shelf. Evidence shows that women can act as responsible adults, but will have to be forced to by men.

176  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Consciousness Raising of High School Males  (link)

Descr : This flyer talks about the need to increase the level of consciousness raising of MGTOW/masculist ideas in high school males around the world, so that young men can avoid the traps set by fluffie crappers to manslave young men to pay for fluffie parasites.

177 Title : MGTOW-Masculist Anger at Women Seeing Men as Cash Machines  (link)

Descr : This flyer express my anger as a masculist against women’s evolved trait of judging men by men’s EQ (exploitability quotient) i.e. by how much can she extract from him in money terms. MGTOWs/masculists exert enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs-EMOs (financially independent persons) and having equal moral obligations with men, so that women will be forced to suppress their evolved behavior of seeing men as cash machines or be punished by being manless.

178  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Anti-Fluffie Campaign at High Schools  (link)

Descr : This flyer pushes for a MGTOW/masculist anti-fluffie campaign in high schools to force young women to become FIPs-EMOs, otherwise they will face enormous moral pressure from their male class mates, who refuse to become manslaves, parasited upon by fluffie crapper females.

179  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Alternative Life Styles for Men  (link)

Descr : This flyer concentrates on MGTOW-masculist alternative lifestyles for men, who reject being manslaves to fluffie parasites and spend their money on themselves, living life styles of their own choice, being free, doing what they love, rather than being manslaves to immoral, parasitic, manslaving fluffie vermin.

180  Title : Why MGTOWs/Masculists Despise Fluffies  (link)

Descr : This flyer explains why MGTOW/masculists have such a contempt for fluffie parasites, who exploit men as manslaves. The primary political goal of the masculists is to wipe out fluffies by refusing to have anything to do with them, twaytweffing only with FIP women. Fluffies are doomed to die out through moral pressure from men.

181  Title : MGTOW/Masculism, BABY Farms, and Eugenics  (link)

Descr : This flyer discusses what governments can do in those modern countries whose populations are dropping due to the influence of MGTOW/masculist ideas on motiving men to reject marriage, paternity, and spending their money on themselves. One idea is the baby farm, where governments give women subsidies to have babies via artificial insemination from quality male donors, thus having a eugenic effect on their populations.

182  Title : The Hypocrisy of Fluffie-Feminists  (link)

Descr : This flyer emphasizes the hypocrisy of the fluffie-feminists, who want equal rights with men, but reject equal obligations with men, i.e. sharing equally the burden of earning the living. Most feminists are still fluffies in their expectations of men, seeing men as cash machines. The divorce courts have been taken over by the fluffie feminists, and are now financially massacring roughly one in four married fathers, which is a massive injustice against men. This flier maps out a political program to FORCE women to be FIPs and to men-fair the gender laws.

183  Title : Hypergamy is Inherently Parasitic  (link)

Descr :  This flyer makes the claim that female hypergamy (i.e. women always looking out for a male spouse with higher socio-economic status) is inherently parasitic. Masculists have as their main political goal, the creation of a FIP society, in which all adults are FIPs (financially independent persons) and not parasitic on another person. But women evolved to be hypergamous, to be fluffies (traditional women who expect to parasite off the money of a man), to be prostitutes to men, bargaining access to vagina for male protein. Women are being FORCED by the masculists to reject their evolved hypergamy and to become FIPs, as a matter of moral principle, or be left poor and manless.

184  Title :  De-Princessing  (link)

Descr : Young feminazis behave like princesses, expecting men to cater to their every whim. These princesses are imbibed with feminist rhetoric and treat young men like shit. This flyer gives men a counter ideology, namely MGTOW/masculism, that men can use to lash out against feminazi princesses, deflating their inflated egos and putting fear into their souls of not getting a man to give them babies.

185  Title :  The Feminazis Have Become Genociders : They Have to be Stopped  (link)

Descr : The fluffie feminazis have taken over the divorce courts and imposed their hypocritical fluffie feminist standards onto them, treating men as cash machines, who are the enemy to be abused. With one married father in four being financially massacred in these courts today, 2/3 of young men in the major countries refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves. They are MGTOWs. Thus indirectly, the fluffie feminazi bitches have become genociders because they are causing young men to reject paternity, thus wiping out whole populations.  This flyer pushes men to express their hatred of the fluffie feminazi genocide of whole populations. These feminazis have to be stopped!

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