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This file contains links to MGTOW YouTube Channel videos.

Sandman (an anti-doxing pseudonym, as are most of the MGTOWs in this list) a Canadian, in his mid 30s, is the most prolific YouTube MGTOW on the internet, churning out a daily 10 minute YouTube video on a MGTOW theme suggested by MGTOWs who give him a donation to make a video. He has made hundreds, so I will not list them here. Instead I give a link to his YouTube channel which contains an ordered catalog of his videos (which I will do for all the people in this list.) A Sandman video contains his voice reading out a pre-written essay, plus colorful images, mostly of beautiful women, for visual male appeal. Sandman has had literally millions of hits on his MGTOW videos. His YouTube channel can be viewed (here).

Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) is a lot more intellectual than Sandman (who aims more at the masses) whereas TFM and (Thinking Ape, to be mentioned next) present scientifically sound and tested judgements, as compared to Sandman’s unscientific (but interesting) hypothesis making. His YouTube channel can be viewed (here).

Thinking-Ape (formerly “Stardusk”) is a reflective MGTOW, a wise thoughtful person, who appeals more to sages (intellectuals) than to peakers (average Joes). His depth and breadth of analysis is impressive, but not for the masses. His YouTube channel can be viewed (here).

Dark Knight is a MGTOW (biological) scientist who presents a more scientifically based view of the MGTOW phenomenon. His favorite expression is “show me the data.” He is a young man in his 30s (as are most MGTOWs I suspect), American. His YouTube channel is (here).

Sargon of Arkkad  (here)

Niko Choski (here)

Spetsnaz (here)

Bar Bar (a.k.a. Barbarossa) is the father of MGTOW, the intellectual pioneer who really got the MGTOW movement going, so deserves real respect. His YouTube channel is (here)

Karen Straughan (formerly “Girl Writes What”) is the only female in this list. She’s Canadian, in her 30s, divorced,  looks like a butch lesbian, which is perhaps what she is (?) who gives the impression that she has a male mind. She is highly intelligent, well informed, and presents a case that is as logically coherent as the best of the men, so my suspicion is that she was androgenized as a foetus, making her  “an honorary male” rather in the same way I think as Emmy Noether, the only world class female mathematician, whom her German colleagues referred to half jokingly as “der Noether”. Her YouTube channel is (here).

RazorBladeKandy2  His YouTube channel is (here)

Johntheother  (here)

Raging Golden Eagle  RGE presents his case in a logical reasoned manner, simply put, which is quite appealing to a lot of men. His YouTube channel is (here)

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