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MGTOW/Masculism, BABY Farms and Eugenics

MGTOW/Masculism, BABY Farms and Eugenics

A revolution is underway, in the form of rejection of paternity in a string of major countries. For example, in the US, Japan, and Germany, two thirds of young men under 35 have chosen the MGTOW life style, i.e. they refuse to marry, they refuse to have kids, and they spend their money on themselves. This is the essence of the MGTOW (men going their own way) philosophy. They do this primarily because they are fed up with being financially massacred in the fluffy feminist dominated divorce courts. Fluffie feminists are fluffies when it comes to their expectations of men, which since they know nothing of masculist (men’s lib) ideas, they have, by default, traditional female values, i.e. they think that men are put on this earth to pay for women to have babies. The MGTOWs and masculists are killing off this expectation, saying to women – “Hey femalien, if you want to have a kid, you will have to pay for it yourself, because we men are so angry at the hypocrisy of the fluffie feminists and their control of the divorce courts, which financially massacre roughly one married father in four, having no guilt feelings at having destroyed tens of millions of men’s lives.”
Divorced fathers typically lose their kids (with 90% probability), they lose their house, which goes to the fluffie ex-wife, for her to raise HER kids in it, they will pay child support to kids they are barely allowed legally to see, and often forced to pay alimony to fluffie ex-wives, with no moral or legal obligation on them to get off their fat fluffie arses and become FIPs (financially independent persons), so they continue to parasite off the money and labor of the ex-husband after the divorce, the way they did before the divorce.
These fluffie parasites are hated by the masculists. The primary political goal of the masculists (who are a lot more political and in your face with women than the politically passive MGTOWs, who just quietly walk away from marriage and paternity) is to wipe out manslavery, by wiping out the fluffies, by simply ignoring them to death, i.e. by having nothing to do with them (MGTOW style) so that they rot on the shelf to extinction.
Fast forward now a few decades, and imagine that governments have become fully conscious that their populations are falling due to the paternity rejection. Women are scared shitless that they will not have a kid, because too few men are prepared to risk being financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts (in all their hypocrisy of pushing for equal women’s rights, but rejecting equal women’s obligations, i.e. the moral duty to stop being fluffie crappers, studying fluffie crap at high school, and hence more fluffie crap at college, so that by the time these fluffies feel their biological clocks ticking, they will realize they cannot afford a middle class house, with their crappy fluffie salaries, so they look around for some man slave to parasite upon, who will pay for her to have HER kids in HIS paid for house. All women need to be socialized by parents and teachers to be FIPs, or be punished, by not getting a man to pay any interest in them.
Masculists spit at fluffies and fluffie feminists, as immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, to be wiped out, and that is what is beginning to happen. The populations of the major countries are starting to fall. Men are rejecting the traditional man slave role of being parasited upon by a bloody fluffie, and are taking up new life styles, such as saving and investing hard in their first halver years, and retiring to do what they love, in their second halver years, and not being exploited by a fluffie parasite.
Now, what will governments do when nearly all men in the modern countries reject fluffies, reject marriage, reject paternity, and go their own way, spending their money on themselves. What can governments do to stop their populations from dying out?
They can create “baby farms” i.e. a system in which women who want kids can “marry the government.” The government gives them money so that they can more afford to have kids, and be given artificial insemination from quality male sperm, hence the eugenic aspect of baby farming. The government can keep increasing the baby subsidy so that women reason, that with the little money they earn themselves plus government money, they can afford to have a kid and pay for a nanny. The government will have to set up extensive crèches and child minder centers, so that single mothers, who will be the majority, until the gender laws (particularly regarding divorce, and the lack of a Parer (paternity rejection right)) are made men-fair by the gender politicians.
Sperm donors will need to be given the legal right not to face any form of paternity suit from mothers who took their sperm. Otherwise no man will donate.
Those eugenicists in the government will now have a wonderful opportunity to practice their philosophy, by choosing sperm donors who have little or no genetic defects, who are quite a bit smarter than people of average IQ. Dumb people, research shows, are much more likely to become alcoholics, commit crimes, have abortions, get pregnant as teenagers, go on welfare, etc, so that many of society’s problems could be lessened by raising the average IQ of a country, by having eugenic “baby farms.”
Who will pay for all this? Both sexes. MGTOWs/masculists will continue putting enormous moral pressure on fluffies to “FIP up” or rot on the shelf. The best that women who do not use the baby farm, can do, is to twaytwef, i.e. have a 2A2F (2 apartments, 2 FIPs) relationship with a man, where both have their own apartment and both are FIPs. The man will refuse to have kids, so when the relationship fails, he walks away to his apartment, cost free to him.
With most women now FIPs, they will be paying higher taxes, so governments can afford the baby subsidies. Of course, men will continue to pay taxes. If the governments are stupid enough to force men to pay excessive “bachelor taxes” then these MGTOWs/masculists will simply walk, i.e. walk right out of the country, which is not difficult for a single man.
Baby farms are just an interim step. What is really needed is to make the gender laws men-fair, e.g. divorce needs to be stripped of its toxicity for males, by throwing out the fluffie feminists from the divorce courts and replacing the current divorce laws with all their heavy bias in favor of fluffie ex-wives, with gender neutral laws, e.g. throwing out alimony, giving joint custody of the kids by default, putting real pressure on fluffie mothers to FIP up, or face the indignant wrath of society against their parasitism, bring in the Parer (paternity rejection right) so that a man has the right not to pay for an unwanted kid, so that if the mother goes ahead with the pregnancy, the financial costs of the kid are entirely hers, by law.)
With a eugenic baby farm system, the average IQ of populations could be raised by 50 points, utterly revolutionizing societies. Crime would go right down, people would be happier, better psychologically adjusted, people would be richer, travel more, be much better educated etc. There would be multiple benefits across the board.
Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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